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Our star of the week this week is Tom! 

Tom has tried very hard with his Welsh this week. He has been busy collecting data asking the question - 'Pa liw wyt ti'n hoffi?' Tom always reads at home and has completed some lovely pieces of homework! 
"Tom has been working hard." said Kaden.
"I have seen Tom playing with his friends really nicely." said Nia.




Our star of the week is Connie! 

Connie always comes into class in the morning and gives Mrs Lincoln-Jones the biggest cuddle! 

Connie was brilliant in the amphitheatre this week acting out the story of Dewi Sant! 

"Connie has been working hard on her handwriting." said Thea.

"I think Connie tries really hard with her reading." said Zachary. 



Our star of the week is Willow! 

Every morning Willow comes into class and gives the teachers a big hug and says 'Bore da!'

Willow has worked super hard and has tried to be super speedy when completing her written work! 

"I have seen Willow playing really nicely with her friends." said Ash!

"Willow has been working very hard." said Georgia.




Ein seren yr wythnos ydy Sophia! 

Sophia this week completed a wonderful homework project! Her house for the little pigs was super! She has worked really hard on her handwriting and has made the teachers smile lots this week.

"Sophia was playing kindly with me." said Klara.

"I have seen Sophia sitting really quietly on the carpet." said Evie!



This week our Star of the Week is Klara! 

She has settled in so well to Class 3 and has worked super hard too! 
"She has been working hard!" said Evie W.

"We are so glad she has come back!" said Sophia A.
"She has been kind." said Noah.



Our star of the week is Noah!

Noah has worked super hard this week. He brought in some brilliant homework and made Mrs L-J smile lots! Noah has also been working hard in RWI and has read wonderfully with Miss Maloney.

'I have seen Noah working really hard and trying to make lots of friends.' said Jessica.

'Noah has helped me build lots of things in the building area this week.' said Tyler.

Da iawn! 


Our star of the week is Kaden!

Kaden this week has worked incredibly hard! He has been doing lots of busy jobs and has been challenging himself in the different areas!

"Kaden sorted the blocks by measuring them and then putting them from smallest to biggest!" said Isla.
"I have seen Kaden do excellent handwriting." said Sophia A.



Our star of the week this week is Sofia! 

Sofia this week has blown Mrs L-J away with her creative ideas in the challenge areas! Lots of other children thought they were brilliant too and enjoyed working with her to make similar creations! 

"I saw Sofia painting her hand and then writing the numbers of each finger!" said Annalise! 

"I saw Sofia do lots of brilliant work." said Tyler. 



Our star of the week this week is Annalise!

Over the holidays Annalise has been working super hard on her handwriting and can now write her name beautifully! 
"Annalise has tried really hard with her writing this week." said Jessica! 
"Annalise practised her numbers with me and they were big numbers! said Noah.


Our star of the week this week is George! 

George is a super star! This week he wrote an amazing piece of Welsh writing! 

George ALWAYS makes Mrs L-J gwenu! 
"George let me play with his games today!" said Matthew.

"George has been playing nice games." said Thomas!

"I have seen him working hard." said Noah.

Da iawn!


Thomas won his trophy this week too because he has been a kind friend and played with lots of children. Thomas also did lots of busy jobs! Diolch for being super Thomas! 


Our star of the week this week is Sofia!
Sofia has been working super hard! She reads every night which is why she is flying through her reading books! Sofia wrote a wonderful letter to Sion Corn and I am sure he will love reading it! 

"Sofia always plays tag with me!" said Noah.

"I have seen Sofia working really hard on her writing." said Evie P.



Our star of the week is Thea!

Thea has wrote some amazing instructions on how to make reindeer poop!

She has worked really hard on her spellings and has been using her RWI sounds!

"Thea is a really good friend." said Sofia.

"We worked together in a challenge area." said Annalise.

Da iawn!


Our star of the week this week is Georgia!

Georgia has tried so, so, so, so hard with her writing this week! When she was working with Mrs Lincoln-Jones she didn't need any help with her spellings and remembered to use full stops and finger spaces!

"She always plays with me, Evie and Thea!" said Connie.

"When we go outside she always helps me." said Evie.




Our star of the week this week is Evie!
Evie has wrote a super story this week and we are so proud as she remembered all of her capital letters and full stops without being reminded! WOW!

'Evie has drawn beautiful pictures for me!' said Niamh




This week Nia  is our star of the week! She has been a brilliant helper and has found the mystery mess lots! Nia has worked really hard in maths and she is making Mrs L-J smile lots with the progress she is making in her reading!

"Nia has been really kind and has let me play with her!" - Isla.



Our star of the week is Niamh!

Niamh has been working super hard this week. She is very proud of her Guy Fawkes work and has been working hard with her maths!

Isla said, 'She always plays with me at lunch time!' and Thea said, 'Niamh is super kind!'

Niamh has created some great stories with the small world animals this week and has been making everyone laugh!



Our star of the week this week is Matthew!

Matthew has won an amazing amount of Dojos this week! He has been working extra hard with his writing activities and without fail is always ready and focused on the carpet.

'Matthew is fantastic at helping us all.' Said Jessica.



Our star of the week this week is Zachary!

Zachary has been a superstar this week, trying really hard with his sounds and key words. He always listens on the carpet and makes Mrs Lincoln-Jones super proud! Da iawn Zachary!


Our star of the week is Isla!

Isla has been super kind to her friends this week and has thought of some brilliant ways to challenge herself during free flow. Isla performed wonderfully in our class assembly and is always eager to answer questions on the carpet. 



Our star of the week with an amazing 14 dojos is Tyler!

Tyler has become a pro at using SeeSaw! He is always challenging himself and I love seeing what he has uploaded! He especially made us smile when he had his photo taken in the role play area as a dinosaur! Tom is super proud of Tyler too as he helped him make a volcano this week in the sand!



Our star of the week is Jessica!

Jessica is such a beautiful little girl inside and out! She has worked super hard this week and made me proud! 

Zachary wanted to give Jess a dojo too because she helped him with his writing! What a kind friend she is!


Our star of the week is Tom!

This week, Tom has blown Mrs L-J away with how hard he has worked! He has tried extra hard with his handwriting and his reading is getting better and better each week!

A big well done!



Our star of the week is Evie!

Evie is always the first to sit on the carpet when asked and she tries her best in everything she is asked to do! Mrs L-J is super proud of Evie and loves having her in my class!


Thomas has earned his star of the week trophy this week too! Thomas has done lots of busy jobs and has been working super hard! Well done Thomas you are settling into Year 1 brilliantly!


Our star of the week for the first time in Year 1 is Ash!

Ash has been super kind to his friends this week. He has worked hard on his numbers and has even practised writing our letter of the week 'i' in pre-cursive! Mrs L-J is super proud of Ash!

Da iawn Ash!