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Star of the Week!

12th July 2019

Mayah is our final year two star of the week! This week Mayah has received 12 fabulous dojos! I am super proud of Mayah as it is not the first time she has been star of the week. Mayah is just a delightful, well mannered little girl who is always first to help someone in need. She has been such a super helper this year - thank you Mayah, Mrs Marten and Mrs Tariq will certainly miss you!

5th July 2019


This week our super star of the week is Amber! Amber is ALWAYS very kind and she is such a lovely member of our class! Amber always follows our classroom rules and helps people when they are sad or hurt! Amber has really impressed Mrs Marten this week and made her so proud as she has forgiven people which we all know is tricky to do! Amber always comes into school on time with a bright smile on her face and a spring in her step!

28th June 2019

This week Ethan is our star of the week! Ethan is an absolute super star in all he does and ALWAYS follows our classroom rules. Ethan is super helpful and has worked so hard the past couple of weeks to keep our castle tidy!

Well done Ethan, you should be very proud of yourself as Mrs Marten is of you!

21st June 2019


Mrs Marten is just over the moon with her super star this week. Finlay has been simply amazing, following our classroom rules at all times and being such a wonderful listener and contributor when visiting Chirk Castle. Finlay always sits nicely and a great friend to have. He is so full of F-U-N and always makes us smile! Finlay always helps his friends and tried his very best at all times. 

This week Finlay has tried super hard to become our star of the week and he is proof that with determination you can succeed!


14th June 2019


This week we have two of the most amazing little girls as star of the week. Aimee was awarded 15 DoJos and Sophie 14 DoJos, Aimee has kindly asked to share it with her sister - they are both so very close and love each other dearly! Sophie is such a kind hearted little girl who always tries so very hard in all she does. She is so kind to all around her! Aimee constantly entertains us with all of her fabulous jokes and she never fails to bring a smile to our class. Both girls have performed little dances and shows this week with their friends and have made some fabulous creations with their model making work and storywriting! I am so super proud of them!


7th June 2019

This week we have two very special star of the weeks! Mikey and Isabella have both worked exceptionally hard this week, giving their absolute best in all they have done! They are both just wonderful children who always use their manners and are great friends to everyone around them. 

This week they have really made Mrs Marten smile as they have agreed to share the trophy too! Well done my champions!


24th May 2019

This week it was a close call for star of the week! Sammy is our star of the week again! Sammy really makes Mrs Marten smile as he is CONSTANTLY praising and encouraging his friends when they succeed, I wish everyone was as motivating as you Sammy! Sammy has also worked really hard improving his music creativity this week and has created simple scores which he has followed when playing a keyboard and xylophone! He has also been exploring new words and finding out what they mean!

Da iawn Sammy, Mrs Marten will miss you more than you can imagine when you become a junior!

16th May 2019 - Harrison and Aimee's reasons for Daniel being our star of the week!


Daniel always sits nicely. He is always trying his best 

He is never naughty he is alway nice.

Daniel is helpful and he always looks smart. Daniel has wonderful writing and is a super reader too!


Thank you Daniel for being such a lovely friend to us all - we are so please you're in our class!


10th May 2019


Megan always has a super smile on her face and never fails to make us smile and giggle. Evie says that Megan deserves to be our star of the week because she is super smart! Amber thinks that Megan is so kind and thoughtful as she helps people and plays with people when they are sad and lonely!

Kaylee thinks that Megan ALWAYS tries her very best and that's what makes her special. Sammy has noticed that Megan tries really hard to listen and sit nicely on the carpet.

We are all so lucky to have such a wonderful friend in Megan, thank you for being such an important part of our class and school family!

3rd May 2019


Natasha is our star of the week and wow what an amazing little girl she is! Natasha has only been part of our class for a few weeks and has settled in so well. She is very sensible and has become a VERY popular member of our class and with other classes too! Natasha is such a determined little girl and always happy to try new things! Da iawn Natasha!

11th April 2019


This week we have an extra sparkly super star of the week - James! James consistently works hard in all he does! He is also one of the most thoughtful and kind 7 year old Mrs Marten has ever met, thank you James! James ALWAYS completes his homework challenges all on his own and his smile never fails to brighten up our class and school!

Bendigedig James!!!

5th April


This week we have such a brave warrior as our star of the week! Martin has been nursing an arm injury this week! Despite this he has completed all of his writing challenges with exceptional care and concentration. He never complains and is always so kind and helpful to his teachers and friends. Da iawn Martin, I am so very proud of you!

29th March


What a fabulous day! Ethan has worked exceptionally hard to earn the star of the week over the last few weeks! Ethan is an absolutely delightful little boy who always does his very best, he has made wonderful reading and writing progress over the last half term. Ethan is so helpful and kind to all his friends and he is a delight to have in our class and school Da iawn Ethan :-)

22nd March


What a wonderful girl Aimee is! Aimee has worked hard all week and has even completed extra homework about Samuel Pepys! We are so proud of Aimee and grateful to have such a kind little girl as part of our class family! Aimee is very enthusiastic in all she does and has such an infectious laugh! Thank you for being simply AMAZING Aimee!



15th March 2019


Today is a VERY special day in class 5 as a little boy who has worked so hard is our super star! His name is Sammy and he has gained a MASSIVE 22 dojos this week. Sammy is an amazing friend because he helps everyone around him and he is so kind to everyone, especially helping children when they are sad. I know Mummy and Daddy are proud of Sammy too! Good boy Sammy and thank you for being such a special part of our ultra sparkly class!

                         8th March 2019


This week Ethan is our super star! Ethan has worked hard all week and has excelled in his maths addition work. He always reads and completes his spellodrome homework. Ethan has a bright smile at all times and an infectious laugh which we all love! Well done Ethan, we are all so lucky to have you in our class and Mrs Marten is so proud of you!

22nd February 2019


This week our super star is Daniel (again)! Daniel has worked super hard as always and continues to make AMAZING reading progress! He is always so well behaved and has the most fabulous manners, making Mrs Marten so happy!

He has been writing a wonderful retell of the story of Saint David and remembered to use super punctuation, ordering words and connectives!


Thank you Daniel for being simply amazing, enjoy your week off!

15th February 2019


This week our wonderful star of the week is Alfie! Alfie is just simply amazing and is the best helper any teacher could ever wish for! He works hard at all times and he has the most amazing smile. Alfie's friends think that he is important because he shares all the time, cares for our classroom and always makes people smile! Alfie has worked really hard with his number work the last few weeks and has made super progress! Thank you Alfie for being such a key player in our class!



8th February 2019


Bradley is our super star this week! He always helps his friends whenever they are hurt! Bradley sits on the carpet beautifully and he always uses a super sensible quiet hand! He always shares toys and takes turns too. Bradley is such a great class member because he always tidies up quickly and quietly at tidy up time. He is always kind and caring and we are super lucky to have him in our class! 

1st February 2019


Out super special star of the week this week is Amber, who had a massive 9 dojos this week! Amber is always so kind and helpful to all staff and friends and always has the most amazing beaming smile! Amber always puts 100% in all she does and takes her time with her work. She always completes her challenges and makes things more tricky for herself too - Mrs Marten loves this!

Thank you Amber, you should be so proud of yourself and your family and friends should be too!


25th January 2019


This week our star of the week is Aimee and she is super sparkly! She is always kind and helpful and is always first to help if someone is hurt!

Aimee is a great member of our class because she always tries her very best and remembers to do her homework too! Aimee always sits perfectly on the carpet and uses a quite hand all of the time. 

Thank you lovely little lady for being our wonderful nurse and all round great friend! We are lucky to have you!

18th January 2019

Our star of the week this week with a massive 13 DoJo's is Ethan! Ethan has been so determined to win the trophy this week. He has completed his homework challenges to a very high standard and given so much extra, completing more challenges than expected! He has worked really had with his handwriting and has been such a fabulous friend! I'm mega proud of you Ethan!

11th January 2019 -

This week our star of the week is 'Mikey'. Mikey is always kind and helpful to his teacher and his friends. Mikey always tries his best in all he does and has a bright smile on his face all day long! He sits and listens perfectly on the carpet and has given some fabulous answers to questions this week. Mikey plays nicely on the playground and lets all of his friends play with him. Thank you for being such an amazing boy!

This week's Star of the Week is....... SOPHIE!

Sophie always tries her best with her work, sets a high standard and has this week become another free reader for Class 5! Bendigedig Sophie!

I hope you enjoyed the fair.....! frown

Star of the Week goes to.......BRADLEY!


Bradley has had a super week in Class 5 - helping with Christmas decorations, helping his classmates and generally being a super helper!


Well done Bradley, keep up the good work... and enjoy your break in Hawaii! nosmiley


This week's Star of the Week goes to.............. JACK!

Jack received the most dojos this week for always setting a super example in class and always trying his absolute best!

As a reward Jack wanted to tell his favourite superhero - Spiderman!

Bendigedig Jack - keep up the great work, as always!

This week's Star of the Week is........ DANIEL! Bendigedig Daniel!

Daniel always sets a super example in class, tries his best with his work and has learned his lines for the play superbly! Daniel wanted to swim with the sharks as his reward!

Keep up the great work Daniel! indecision

Star of the week this week goes to...... SAMMY!


Sammy has been making a real effort these past few weeks, and other members of staff have noticed as well! He has been given dojos for good behaviour in the hall, as well as trying hard and working well in class. 

Sammy wanted to make sure that Father Christmas knew he should definitely be on the good list!


Super Sammy, keep up the good work!

9th November 2018


Star of the Week this week is..... ISABELLA

Isabella is always super helpful and reliable. She was awarded Star of the Week this week for trying so hard with her reading, not only in school as always but setting a great example by reading so much at home! 

Bendigedig Isabella! Enjoy the Maldives where you decided to take your trophy today! frown

26th October 2018


This week's Star of the Week is...... JAMES!

James is always super helpful  in class and goes above and beyond what it expected of him. He is a great friend to all his peers and tries his best at all times. 

As he is such a high flier, he wanted to jet off somewhere for the half term holidays with his trophy! 

Well done James!

19th October 2018

Star of the Week this week goes to..... MILLIE! Da iawn Millie! smileyheart

Millie always sets a super example in class, is kind to her friends and goes above and beyond with her work! She created her own story at home this week which she shared with the class - fantastic job Millie!

Millie has been such a superstar this week, on an intergalactic level, that she wanted to take her trophy to SPACE!


Star of the Week for this week goes to...…. MAYAH!

Mayah is always super helpful in class and is such a good friend to her peers! She goes above and beyond every day and can always be relied upon.

Thank you Mayah for being a superstar! noheart

As a result of Mayah's great week, she chose to go to Disney for a little visit today! frown(Practise on the Green Screen app is paying off!)


This week's Star of the Week goes to..... OWEN!

Owen has been trying very hard this week, receiving dojo points from his friends for setting a good example on the carpet, for being helpful and also carrying out good work with Miss Gill!

Well done Owen! Keep up the good work! 


Star of the Week this week goes to...…. EVIE!

Evie impressed right from the beginning of the week by bringing in her own story book that she had created over the weekend, all her own work which is now on display in class! I love seeing work that the children have created at home to be displayed on our wall. Evie is also very helpful and was given points today for being a kind friend. Bendigedig Evie! heart


This week's 'Star of the Week' goes to...…. Emma!

Emma has really impressed this week, not only with her independent writing but also answering questions on the carpet and super listening! Well done Emma, you always set a great example! Keep it up smiley


This week's Star of the Week goes to... KAYLEE! Kaylee received the most Dojo points in class for always putting full effort into her work and setting a wonderful example at carpet time! Well done Kaylee no

Our first 'Star of the Week' is... Harrison!

Harrison has set a super example this week and has really impressed in class!

Keep up the good work Harrison! smiley

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