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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Spellodrome Super Spellers

Well done to the following people who have worked really hard on Spellodrome for the week ending 28.6.20 

4000+ points

Isla (5000+)     Oliver    Max (7000+)   Joshua   Sam D. (5000+) Owen (4000) Aimee (5000+)    



1000+ points     

Rhian  Charlotte   Amelia B.   Catrin    Hannah  Sofia   Cai   Sam C.


Ethan b, Emma, Mayah, Mikey, Leandre, Ethan, Jack, Isabella, Millie, Evie, Amber, Sophie. 



Please note, class 7's list was uploaded at 3pm (Sunday). If anyone gains 1000+ during Sunday afternoon,let me know and I will update the list. smiley

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