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Each week a Seren Yr Wythnos (Star of the Week) is chosen - this is determined by which child has been awarded the most dojos for that particular week. Dojo's are reset on a Monday morning to ensure that each child is given a fair chance. The children work super hard to gain dojos throughout the week. The child with the most dojos is given the Seren Yr Wythnos trophy to take home for the weekend. Can I kindly ask that the trophy is kept safe and is returned to school the following Monday.


The child in the class with the second most amount of dojos is given our class draeg (dragon) to take home. This year our draeg is called Gwyn. If your child is given Gwyn for the weekend, we would like you to record in the red book what Gwyn gets up to in Welsh - there are words in the book to help you. You can add pictures if you wish or drawings.  We will discuss this in circle time on Monday morning.



Autumn week 1 - 06/09/19

Our first Seren Yr Wythnos of the year is Molly! She has worked extremely hard this week and settled in to year one perfectly. Molly has been given lots of dojos for being a super helper at all times and always trying her best with her work. Da iawn Molly!

Autumn week 2 - 13/09/19

Our Seren Yr Wythnos this week is Joshua! He has worked so hard this week and I am so proud of how well he has settled into year 1. Joshua is always kind to every body and will always offer to help both staff and children. Well done Joshua!

Autumn week 3 - 20/09/19

This week's Seren Yr Wythnos is Jenson! I am extremely proud of Jenson this week for settling so well into our routine and trying his very best in everything he does. He has been given lots of dojos for his amazing work and for being such a fantastic helper to the other children in our class - especially helping his friends when getting changed for PE.


Autumn week 4 - 27/09/10

This week our Seren Yr Wythnos is Noah! This week Noah has worked extremely hard and offered to help other children who were struggling with some of the activities. He is such a kind-hearted young boy who always tries his best in everything he does! Fantastic Noah, well done!

Autumn week 5 - 04/10/19

This week our Seren Yr Wythnos is Theo! He has tried so hard all week to achieve this and has been an outstanding member of class 4. In every piece of work, Theo has tried his absolute best and has even been practising his writing and spellings in his spare time - well done Theo! Well deserved.

Autumn week 6 - 11/10/19 

This week our Seren Yr Wythnos is Anna! She has been determined this week to achieve her best in everything she sets her mind to. She has been so motivated to complete tasks to the best of her ability. Above all, Anna has achieved the most dojos due to her kind nature - she has been so helpful and kind to the other children in our class this week! Da iawn Anna.


Autumn week 7 - 18/10/19

This week our fabulous Seren Yr Wythnos is Oliver! He has been such a credit to class 4 every single week and has made me so proud this week especially. He has been such a kind friend to everyone in our class and other classes. He always offers to help wherever he can and is always so polite. Oliver has earned lots of dojo's this week for trying his very best with every piece of work - da iawn Oliver!

Autumn 2 week 1 - 08/11/19

This week our Seren Yr Wythnos is Verity! She has been an absolute super star all week. Not only has Verity tried so hard and has a can-do attitude to any challenging work she has faced... she has also been such a good friend. When children have been upset, Verity has offered to be a good friend and has looked after children who needed her. She has been so kind and caring and just generally a pleasure to have in the class. Thank you Verity! You definitely worked hard to earn all your dojo's this week.

Autumn 2 week 3 22/11/19 -

Everett is our seren yr wythnos this week! He has been an absolute super star this week. When he has found tasks difficult or slightly challenging he has stuck at it and had the right mind set, well done Everett. You have tried very hard this week, well deserved.

Autumn 2 week 4 - 29/11/19

This week our fabulous star of the week is Ava. Ava has been such a kind helper to me all week, I never need to ask Ava to help. Before I can even ask if I need a special helper, Ava is tidying up, sharpening our pencils and always keeping our classroom looking lovely. Also, Ava always offers to help children who may be struggling with a task. What a kind girl!

Autumn 2 week 6 - 13/12/19

Evie is our Seren Yr Wythnos this week! Evie has worked incredibly hard this week and has been a fantastic friend within class 4. She has worked so hard during activities and been motivated to try her very best even when she finds things challenging. Da iawn Evie!

Week 1 - spring (10/01/20)

Jocelyn is our Seren Yr Wythnos this week! She has been such a fantastic helper this week to not only the staff but also to all of her friends. Jocelyn goes above and beyond to help anyone she can - she is just so kind and caring! She tries her very best with every single piece of work she is given, including homework too! Da iawn Jocelyn, very well earned.

Spring - week 2 17/01/20

Adrianna is our fantastic star of the week this week! She has worked incredibly hard this week to do her absolute best in every single task she has been given. Not only has she worked hard, she has been a great friend to the children in class 4 too. Fantastic effort with everything, well done Adrianna!

Spring week 3 - 24/01/20

What a fantastic seren yr wythnos we have this week! Leo has been and always is an absolute star of class 4. He listens well all of the time, and is a fantastic helper to all of the children too. He is so kind and caring and always wants the to try his absolute best, even when things are challenging. Well deserved Leo! 

Spring week 4 - 31/01/20

Bendigedig Riley! I could not be more proud of Riley this week. He has tried beyond his hardest this week to be the best he possibly can be. He has been an excellent role model to the rest of the class with his everlasting enthusiasm and motivation to do his best with every single piece of work. Not only has Riley tried extremely hard, he has also spoken so much welsh and has been so eager to learn more welsh.

Spring week 5 - 07/02/20

What a brilliant week Finn has had! He has been an excellent member of class four and has tried incredibly hard with his handwriting. You should see his handwriting, it is absolutely beautiful! Finn has been a fantastic team member this week whilst making our three little pigs houses and made sure that everyone played a part, fantastic work Finn!

Spring 2 - week 1 28/02/20

Coby, what a star! He has tried so very hard with every challenge this week. We have learnt a brand new skill, focussing on nouns and adjectives and he has been a super helper, even explaining to other children when they are stuck. Coby is such a great friend to class 4, always has the right attitude and most certainly never gives up. Well done Coby! 

Spring 2 week 2 - 06/03/20

Eira has been trying so very hard this week! She has tried her very best with all pieces of work and with everything she sets her mind to. Even on her birthday she was the best helper to myself and the children. Eira is so helpful, whenever she sees someone struggling she offers to help them! Super work Eira, you make me so proud! 

Spring 2 week 3 - 13/03/20

Harry has been an example to all this week! Although Harry was a little nervous to get his glasses this week, he has shown his spiderman glasses to everyone and shown how proud he is to have glasses! We are convinced Harry’s glasses have given him super powers too! His handwriting has turned into absolutely beautiful handwriting, he runs like a superhero and he has even tried new foods and drink. I’m so proud of the progress you have made in just a week Harry, you have amazed me with your fantastic attitude to learning! Well deserved.