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Reception classes learning activities for long distance learning at home.


Please find below a range of fun ideas you can complete with your child during the Easter break should you wish to keep them busy!  These activities are optional only so please do as little or as much as you feel (you do not have to complete any at all). 

We would love to receive pictures of your Easter activities so please feel free to send them in. We will update the website with them each Friday during the Easter break. Please be aware that during the next two weeks your emails may not be responded to. Back to 'school' officially will begin on Monday 20th April with the structured tasks being reset and dialogue returning. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break, building memories and of course staying safe!

Here are two bingo boards full of Easter challenges - how many can you cross off over the Easter holidays?

Here are some craft ideas for you - links can be found in the document below.

Scavenger Hunt

Friday 3rd April - ‘Friday Funday’. Just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all of your lovely emails and pictures this week showing us all of the hard work that the children have been doing but most of all it makes us so happy to see you all having lots of fun!

Reception classes learning activities for long distance learning at home.

Activities below are for children who are not currently attending school and will echo what the children are learning about in class.

Remember that even though you may not be attending school, we would still love to know what you are up to every day! Please feel free to email us pictures of what you have been up to; or if you have any questions please contact us on the following email addresses:

We will be available between the hours of 8.30 and 4.30 every school day.

Whilst it is important to try and help your child with their learning, we appreciate that this is an exceptionally difficult time for everybody, so our main priority is that your child is safe and happy at home. We encourage child led learning as part of our curriculum, so would love you to give your children some time each day to use the toys, art materials, blocks, puzzles and games they have at home as they see fit! We will upload daily literacy, phonics and numeracy activities for children to complete. We will also give ideas for creative activities, and encourage you where possible to support your children in learning ‘life skills’ and developing independence, whether that be helping prepare meals, doing the dishes, helping with chores and cleaning, gardening, washing the car...the list is endless!


As said above, if there’s anything you need, please send us a message.



Daily activities:
- Reading (your school book or a book of your choice from home)
- Practicing your letter sounds and high frequency words in your learning log - if you can read them all can you spell them?
- Counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. (if you really want to impress your grown ups you can practice counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s!)
- Planting and looking after your sunflower seed (these were put in report envelopes), you can even draw a picture once a week of what you can see!
- Playing in the garden (when the weather permits!) and getting out of the house for a little walk around the block (if and when grown ups working hours allow this!)
- Daily PE sessions at 9am with ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks (Joe will be broadcasting daily 30 minute sessions from his YouTube channel - search and subscribe to ‘The Body Coach TV’ on YouTube to take part!)

- Daily Read Write Inc sessions at 9.30 am (repeated at 12.30) with Ruth Miskin training - search and subscribe to Ruth Miskin Training on YouTube for live streaming.

- Oti Mabuse (dancer on Strictly and judge on Got To Dance) is doing Facebook live dance classes for kids daily at 11.30 (she is also doing beginner adult ones at 19.30 if grown ups are interested!), like her page on Facebook - Oti Mabuse - for more information. 

Picture 1

TTS have released a free activity booklet to help you with your home schooling. Here is the booklet for Early Years.

Thursday 2nd April - You are all working hard but also having fun too! A big ‘penblwydd hapus’ to Sebastian too - hope you’ve had a lovely day. Also a big ‘da iawn’ to George who has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers this week!

Wednesday 1st April! Happy April Fools Day! Your jokes have had us in stitches today and put so many smiles on our faces, thank you 😁

Tuesday 31st March - You are all getting very creative with your eggs and building some fantastic rockets!

Monday 30th March - You have all been busy bees today! Lots of you enjoying the story of Brenda’s Boring Egg and building some fantastic roller coasters!

27th March - Fabulous Friday - thank you everyone for all your hard work this week! It has kept us going and lovely to see so much super work going on at home. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Here is some of the amazing work that you have been up to this week - keep sending us pictures please it’s lovely to see!


Class activities 17th March.


Literacy - can you draw your own monster and add some labels to describe it? What adjectives can you use? Adjectives are words that tell us a bit more and describe - your monster may be hairy, it may be slimy, it may have scaly skin or a wriggly is up to you!


Numeracy - can you find items in your house and compare their weight? Choose two objects, and talk about which of the two is heavier and which is lighter.


Class Activities 18th March:


Literacy - We have been writing monster poems! We have used and adjective to describe the monster and then used a verb to describe how it moves. Here is one that we wrote together:

The scary monster stomps

The slimy monster slithers.

The happy monster tip toes


Can you write your own monster poem? use the sentence: The _____ monster ____. 


Numeracy - Read through the Heavier/Lighter PowerPoint and decide which objects are the heaviest or the lightest. You may want to go and find some of these items around the house to help you decide. 




Class activities 19th March


Literacy task 

Can you create a mind map about a monster? What do you think it has (eyes, claws, horns etc) and can you add any adjectives? When you have made your mind map, you can even have a go at drawing a monster with all the things on your mind map!


Numeracy task

Can you roll a monster? To begin with, draw a big body in the middle of a blank piece of paper. Roll a dice and draw that body part on your monster. Keep going until you have a monster with all sorts of body parts! See the tables in the documents below for more information:

- The first table you will only need to roll once,

- The second table is a challenge - can you roll twice and add the two numbers together to choose the body part?

Friday 20th March:


Literacy: You have been busy drawing and describing monsters. Can you draw and describe the members of your family? It could be family who live in your house or members of family that don’t live with you. Draw and picture and write some adjectives to describe them e.g blue eyes, brown hair. 


Numeracy: This term we have looking at measuring in a range of contexts. We have learnt about Capacity, Legnth, Time and Weight. We have learnt so many key words such as; heavier, lighter, smaller, taller, longer and shorter. Play the interactive game where you have to sort and compare items into the right category. 



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