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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Nursery Mrs Hughes

                                            Our Outdoor play.


This week we have been playing outside with Mrs Hughes, here are some of our photographs. 

Our favourite activity was playing with the dinosaurs, we are definitely playing with them again as we need to teach Mrs Hughes all the dinosaur names! 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Week beginning 14-10-19.


On Monday afternoon in Nursery, a group of children came over to the 'Busy jobs' table, they started chatting and moved the chairs so they could interact with each other. Slowly a lovely game started...

The children put the chair into a line, with one chair at the front.

Next, we had a driver, with a steering wheel ( a piece of wooden train track) 

"We are on the bus!" shouted one boy.

"No, we are on a plane, we are flying to America! We will go for 5 hours and then come back!"


There started a lovely game that lasted for the afternoon, seats were shared, the 'driver' was changed and all had a lovely time.


Our plane.

Our plane. 1

Week beginning - 30-9-19


This week in Nursery we started our week by doing P.E outside with Mrs Pritchard, we practised walking, running and stopping. Picking up blocks and walking along a balance beam and jumping off and landing.  We all really enjoyed the activities, so we decided to continue doing some of the activities during our outdoor play sessions.


Inside the classroom we have been playing and choosing in the house and with the construction toys. In the water, sand and play dough we have been investigating 2D shapes.We have talked about the names of the shapes, we have counted the sides and corners and we have sorted them into groups. 


With Mrs Hughes we have been doing our first piece of work in our 'Busy Books' (work books) We drew a picture and then told Mrs Hughes all about it. 


For our class lessons we have been counting leaves on our display, we have made patterns with our teddy bears. We used our 'Busy Board ' to count the number date - we have counted forward and backwards. 

Picture 1

Welcome to Nursery.


Welcome to Ewloe Green Nursery class page 2019 -2020. We hope that you have had a relaxing summer and we very much look forward to getting to know your children and yourselves over the coming weeks.


Our first week was spent doing 'Home visits', may we thank all the parents that welcomed us to your homes, it is such a lovely and valuable way of starting our time in Nursery together.


The second week was our staggered entry, this worked very well this year with the children enjoying the opportunity of getting to know the Nursery environment and the supporting adults. The structure of the sessions are held in the same way as a normal Nursery day. 


Our day - 


8.30-8.40 am / 12.30-12.40 pm - We start the session by putting our coats and bags on our pegs and then sitting on the carpet to look at books.


8.40- 9 am / 12.40-1 pm - We sing our 'Bore da' or 'Prynhawn da' song and then we do the register, we answer 'Yma' Next we do the 'Busy board' - this is where we discuss the days of the week, the number date and the month of the year. We finish by discussing the playing and choosing that we are going to do next.


9-10.15 am / 1-2.15 pm - This is our playing and choosing time / Amser dewis a chwarae. We choose inside and outside and Mrs Hughes asks us to do a directed activity with her.

To end this part of the session  Mrs Hughes rings the bell, we all do a 'Super stop' (we stop what we are doing, stand up and make a shape) and we all say 'Amser tacluso' 'Tidy up time.'


10.15-10.30 / 2.25-2.30 pm - We do our class activity, this varies each day, sometimes we do a number activity, sometimes a language, welsh activity.etc


10.30-1045 am /2.30-2.45 pm - Snack time - We have our fruit  and milk /water and have a lovely chat about the busy jobs that we have been doing.


10.45-11 am /2.45-3 pm - We end our day with Story time ,Nursery Rhymes and counting songs.


Thank you for your continued and valued support.




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