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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd


Week Beginning - 18-6-18


We started our week by visiting the Forest school area at the bottom of the school field. We had a good look everywhere and decided where we could explore and play, which areas are safe to play in and what activities we would like to do in the future. 

As you can see we had lots of fun exploring and ended our session by sharing a story around the fire pit.

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Week beginning 11-6-18


We started our week by visiting the Reception class, we went out to play on the big yard. "It was great, we ran and ran'" said Sophia. Everyone enjoyed the experience and investigated the area, we will visit again next week.


This week we have started to play in our new role play area, it is a seaside shop. We all sat down and thought of lots of ideas for the shop, we have really enjoyed it - especially dressing up! As part of our work this half term, we will be learning all about money. We have started by looking at different coins and telling each other what we already know about money.

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Week beginning 4-6-18


Welcome back, we hope that you all had a lovely half term holiday.

Our theme for this half term is 'Summer days' We are hoping that the sun continues to shine.


We started our week by practising for our sports day, the Nursery children have been super listeners! On Wednesday it was Sports day, what a fantastic day it was. Everyone tried very hard and sat beautifully throughout, we are very proud. Well done! We hope everybody watching enjoyed our sports day and you like our photographs.

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Week beginning 21 -5-18


This week in Nursery, in our topic of 'Growing' we will be thinking about 'Ourselves'. Thank you for the lovely baby photographs that have all ready come in, we look forward to looking at them during the week.


We will also be building a 'Bug house' in our Nursery garden this week, today (Monday) we will be looking at examples of Bug houses and getting ideas of what we can include in ours. Any contributions will be gratefully excepted. I will update this section with the childrens ideas later today.

*UPDATE* After discussing and researching with morning and afternoon Nursery we would like to include the following in our bug hotel -

  • small twigs /sticks
  • wood (small)
  • plastic bottles
  • plant pots
  • leaves
  • stones (small)
  • tubes e.g. - drian pipe
  • newspaper.

If you are able to help us please can your child bring in a maximum of 3 of the above items. Thank you for your help, we will post photographs at the end of the week.


We have been busy practising our sports day races once again today, our version of the egg and spoon race is interesting! The children all listened beautifully and we are feeling very proud of them.


Week beginning - 14/5/18


We have continued to learn all about insects this week, we really like looking at and talking about bugs! We started our week with our Forest school session, we walked down to the field and onto the forest school area and discussed where we could look for insects and what we might find. We really enjoyed going down to the bottom of the field and would have liked to spend the whole of the session there! We continued our forest school work throughout the week as one of 'Directed activities'. With Miss. Prydderch we went on an insect hunt and produced a tally chart of the insects that we found. We took out the magnifying glasses and looked high and low.


Each day this week at the start of the session we have been practising for school sports day, we began with the running race - we walked down to the field (Very quietly and holding hands with our friends) we sat down in our working groups and listened very carefully to all the instructions. We found it a little tricky to run in the lanes at first, but by the end of the week we were super! Mrs. Hughes is very proud of each and every one of you.


We hope that you enjoy the school fair and have lots of fun.


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Week beginning - 7 /5/18.


Welcome back, we hope that you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend? This week in Nursery we are continuing to learn all about 'Growing' with a focus on Insects. We have been making insects in the play dough area, colouring and drawing insect pictures on the easel, looking for insect pictures in the sand with letters on the back.


Each day in the block play area, we have had free choice - we can choose an activity basket to enhance the area and play with it throughout the session.


We have been singing Mrs. Hughes' favourite song - "I'm a wriggly caterpillar on a leaf!" There has been lots of wriggling in Nursery this week!


Our Busy jobs with the adults have been in the role play area with Miss. Prydderch. We have been looking at and using real money in our shop. With Mrs. Pritchard we have been planting in our Nursery garden. We have used our large building blocks to mark the areas.

Week beginning - 30/4/18


Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely weekend? Our focus for this week is 'Insects'.


We have started our week with our Forest school session, this week we all went into our Nursery garden and had a good look to see what jobs needed to be done. We think that we are going to be busy!


First, we talked about what we thought we needed to be done - "We can dig the soil," said Niamh. Oliver said that "We need to dig up the weeds," and Lucy thought that we would need to put on our wellington boots for this busy job!


Next, we thought about what we might like to plant in our garden - "Peas," shouted Thomas, "Pink flowers," said Annalise and Connie said that see would like to plant violets like her sister.


I think we are going to have a busy week, let's hope the sun in shining! 

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Week beginning - 23/4/18


Our focus for this week has been 'Caterpillars to Butterfly'. We have been learning all about how a caterpillar grows and changes into a butterfly. We have been very lucky and have been given four caterpillars to look after and watch them grow. So far they have wriggled and grown lots and lots.


To start our week we went on an adventure to the junior yard, we had a look in the pond to for frogs and tadpoles, said a quick 'Hello' to the chickens (they were very pleased to see us!) and then we went to play on the large play ground equipment. We all listened very well and had lots of fun climbing and balancing. 

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Week beginning - 16-4-18.


Our focus this week has been 'Flowers', we have been drawing and colouring flowers inside the classroom. Outside in the construction area we have been working together in our groups to plant sunflower seeds. We hope to see them growing over the next few weeks.


With Mrs. Pritchard we have been practising writing our names at the writing table, we are all trying very hard.


Our topic in Collective worship this week has been 'Working together'. We had a talk about how we help each other in Nursery. "We do team work," said Finn "The helpers count the fruit," said Anna and George said "We help people". We read the story "The Loaves and the Fishes" from the Bible and we learnt how Jesus and his special friends worked together to help feed all of the people.


Please can you help? Next week for one of our activities we need gardening magazines or catalogues etc for photographs of flowers and plants for our cutting and sticking table. Any donations would be gratefully recieved.


We wish you a happy weekend, with best wishes from Nursery.



Week beginning 9-4-18.


Welcome back! We hope that you all had a lovely Easter holiday and are looking forward the the next half term.


Our topic for this half term is 'What's Growing?". To start our  week we all shared our ideas on this topic, Mrs. Hughes wrote them all down and we are going to start finding out all about growing plants, frogs, caterpillars and lots more.


We started by learning all about frogs, we walked down the pond area to look for tadpoles and frogs. We didn't see any this week so we sang '5 little speckled frogs' and we hope to see them all soon.


Thank you for your continued and valued support.

Week Beginning 5-3-18


After our long weekend we returned to school. This week we have been learning all about zoo animals. 


In the block area we have been building a zoo. On the easel we have been painting zoo animals to display on the wall in our 'Vets' (we have made lots of animals better our vets!), we have used animal cutters in the play dough and in the sand we've been playing with 2D and 3D shapes.


As a class we have been thinking about 'Fair-trade Fortnight' We have chatted about what being fair means to us, we've looked at products with the Fair-trade logo on. Then we had an even bigger discussion about what to do with the Fair-trade chocolate raisins we had left over!


With Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Hughes we have been making cards for Mothering Sunday, we hope you like the kind thoughts and wishes written inside.

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Week Beginning 19-2-18


Welcome back to Nursery, we hope that you had a lovely half term holiday. Our topic for this half term is 'Animals and Springtime'.


In Nursery this week, we have been looking at shapes with Mrs. Lloyd. We looked at triangles, circles, squares and rectangles. "We tried to match them," said Evie.


With Mrs. Pritchard we set up a vets role play area, "To make pets better," said George. At the cutting and sticking table with Mrs. Hughes, we drew a picture of a welsh lady. We used shapes to draw our pictures.


We have spent lots of time playing outside, we played on the slide, in the play house, on the chalk board, the stepping stones and the balance beam.


We are getting ready for next week, we will be learning all about St David's Day. We wish you all a very happy weekend. 



Week Beginning - 5-2-18

Science and Technology week.


This week in Nursery we have been busy working on our science and technology week. We have been thinking about and looking at water. At the start of the week we poured water into 3 containers, we talked about what we thought would happen to the water in the water if we kept it in different conditions.

We chose 3 different locations to put the containers - the sink in our classroom, the fridge and the freezer. As a class we decided we would have a look at them the next day. Before we started our 'Busy Jobs' we wrote down what we thought would happen. These are our thoughts -

In the freezer - "It will freeze like the snow," said Thea.  "Ice and freeze," said Klara.

In the fridge - "Get colder," said Oliver. "It might cover with ice," said Lucy

On the sink - "I think......I think it's going to melt," said Evie.


The next day we went to find out! We looked at and felt the water.

In the freezer -"That one's icy," said Mia

In the fridge - "It's cold," said Nia

On the sink - "Mine's still watery," said Leo "It looks just the same," said Theo.

We played outside in the snow and the rain to see how we felt in the cold weather, we had lots of fun and didn't want to come back inside.

We would like to wish you all a very happy half term holiday.


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Week beginning 29-1-18


Another busy week in Nursery this week. With Mrs. Hughes we have been learning our letter sounds and working in the quiet room. At the writing table, we have been working on our Valentines Day cards. We wrote our names and told Mrs. Pritchard our message to write inside. We have worked independently at the cutting /sticking table and the easel making hearts to go on the front of our cards.


On Friday, 2nd February we had our 'Wear Red' for school day, we have all enjoyed an informative talk from Kayden this week and we have learnt lots about our hearts. We all sat very still for Mrs. Hughes to take a only took a few attempts! We hope you like our smiling faces.


We wish you all a very happy weekend.

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Week beginning - 15-1-18.

Forest school - Winter Hunt.


On Monday we started off our week with an outdoor  winter hunt, we walked down to the junior yard and looked all around for signs of winter. We spotted some trees that had no leaves on and some that were green. We looked for up to 4 objects that we would like to bring back to Nursery with us, we found leaves, twigs, bark, stones and pine cones.


We walked back to the classroom and started to stick our finds onto our sheets. We counted and wrote down the number of objects that we had stuck on to it. Mrs Pritchard displayed all of our lovely work onto the board in the corridor.


Week beginning - 15-1-18


Happy New Year.


Welcome back, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New year. We hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and a lovely holiday. May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind wishes, cards and lovely gifts, we very much appreciate it.


In Nursery this week we have been writing thank you letters to Santa to go into our 'Busy Books', we have been looking at toys and discussing what materials they are made of and sorting out all of our jigsaws.


On Monday we are going to go outside for our Forest schools session, so wrap up warm!

Week beginning 11 - 12 - 17


After a long and snowy weekend, we returned to school on Tuesday. Both Nursery classes went into the school hall and we spent the morning with the Reception classes practising our Nativity play. Mrs Hughes, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Pritchard were very proud of everybody. All the children listened well, sang beautifully and did all the actions. Well done! We are looking forward to the performance in Church next Monday.


We started to make our Christmas cards with Mrs Pritchard this week, so far we have done a handprint, a thumb print and we have been for a walk in our Christmas jumpers to collect some sticks - What will be on the front of your card? 


We really enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers, we hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you in Church on Monday morning.

With kind regards, Nursery staff.

Week beginning - 20-11-17


Our week started with a busy Forest school and P.E session, we had a chat about houses and then set off for a walk to look at different houses that we could see from our school playground. We noticed all sorts of exciting things - windows, doors, bricks, aerials, satellite dishes, two birds sitting on a chimney and even a window in the roof!


We continued onto the junior playground and said a quick hello to the chickens and then spent some tiime investigating the play equipment. We all took turns, climbing, balancing and swinging. We didn't really want to return to the Nursery classroom for snack time.


Each day this week we have been practising our Nativity songs and actions. We are listening well and learning all the words.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.



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Week Beginning - 6/11/17


Welcome back! We hope that you all had a lovely half term holiday and are ready for the busy half term ahead.


We have been learning all about Remembrance Sunday in Nursery this week, we all listened to and watched a powerpoint  about 'Remembering' and why we wear a poppy. The children all listened carefully and asked interesting questions.


With Mrs. Pritchard this week, we worked at the Writing table and made a poppy and discussed our work. In the number area with Mrs. Hughes we did lots of counting - we counted fireworks and looked for the relevant numbers.

Week Beginning 16/10/17.


We started our week with our Forest school session. In small groups we went out for a walk with Mrs. Lloyd and collected natural materials in a basket, next we came into the classroom and made an Autumn crown with Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Hughes. After we had finished our crowns we wore them for the rest of the session. We had lots of Queens, Kings, princes and princesses (and a spiderman or two)


In the classroom this week we have been thinking about fruit and vegetables for harvest and outdoors we have been busy preparing the garden ready for planting and creating our dinosaur world.

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Week beginning - 9-10-17


We had a very exciting week in Nursery - Tom and Jerry, our school guinea pigs returned to Nursery. They will be living with us for the rest of the year, everyone has been very kind and we will all be taking it in turns to help to look after them.


With Mrs Hughes, we have been playing in the role play area, making cups of tea and preparing dinner. Mrs. Pritchard has been working in the quiet room with her groups, looking at and reading story books. And finally Mrs. Lefley has been outside all week working with the children in the construction area, playing on the bikes and doing a number hunt. What a busy week!


Have a lovely weekend, from all in Nursery.

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Week beginning - 2/10/17


Forest school session.

On Monday we had our first Forest school session, we started off by going for a walk down to the junior yard, looking for signs of Autumn on our way.


We collected leaves and twigs in our basket on our way down. We stopped for a chat with the chickens, they were very pleased to meet us!


We have used the twigs and leaves to make pictures with Mrs. Lloyd, we have lovely displays in our class and the infant corridor. We have made a mud creature, spiderman and a Minion amongst other creations.



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Week beginning - 25/9/17 - Humanities Week- Wales.


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about Wales, we have looked at a map and found Wales on it, we have looked at and talked about things that are important in Wales. On Wednesday we read the story of St. David and today we have all dressed up in Welsh theamed clothing. We all looked wonderful and had a lovely day.


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Welcome to Nursery.


Welcome to Ewloe Green Nursery, we have had a lovely three weeks settling into Nursery life. We enjoyed our 'Home visits' and starting our journey together.


We have all been busy inside and outside the classroom, investigating all the learning areas. We have taken  a few photographs to show you how hard we are working.


Thank you all for your continued and valued support.

Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Lloyd.

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