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03.04.20- Maths activities


For Mental Maths today, I have scheduled a Battle of the Bands on TT rockstars for 1 -1.30pm.  Be there! 
You can play in any game mode and score as many points as you can for your class.


Your main activities today are all based around problem solving.

I am attaching 3 documents to this. Each one has 3 sections;

square- easier questions
circle- trickier questions
triangle- trickiest questions.

If you wanted to you could do the squares for each one.
Or you could try and work through the whole of one page- up to you.

I am happy for you to use a calculator if you need one today, because the main objective is to read and understand the problems.

The topics are;

Birth and Life of animals
The nutritional value of food
The Ancient Greek war machine

Pick one that you are interested in. Read the problems carefully, and do your best.

I will put the answers on at around 11.30 for you to self-assess your work.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

02.04.20- Mental Maths Challenge


Using the following numbers and any operations try and get as close to the target number as you can.
You may only use each number once.
Leave your best answer in the comments :)

Numbers: 2, 5, 7, 8, 30

Target: 683

02.04.20- Long Multiplication


Okay everyone, this is going to be our last day on multiplication (for a little while).

Some of the tasks today are the same as yesterday's- if you tried them yesterday- you'll have to challenge yourself even more today!

Today I would really like you to try long multiplication. This is multiplication where both numbers have more than one digit.

We have tried this in class before and it follows the same pattern as short multiplication. I have attached a video below to remind you.

Remember your second answer line must start with a zero, as you are multiplying by a tens number.
There is also a help poster attached (scroll down past the short multiplication poster)

If you are really not confident with this method I have also put the 3 digit x 1 digit task back on here- so you can have a bit more practise on short multiplication.

So the options for today are;

2 digit x 2 digit
3 digit x 2 digit
4 digit x 2 digit

3 digit x 1 digit (short multiplication)

Answers should be on the sheets for you to self-assess your work

01.04.20-Mental Maths

01.04.20-Mental Maths 1


01.04.20- Short Multiplication


Today we are moving on to using short multiplication.
I have attached 2 videos for you to have a look at if you need to remind yourself of how to use this method. I have also attached a poster showing the method in steps.

Options for your task are to work on;

2 digit x 1 digit
3 digit x 1 digit
3 digit x 2 digit

Within each file there are three levels of work; the trickier ones work with bigger times tables and have more carries.
The answers are also attached so you can self-assess your work.
Give your work a title to say which level you are working at.

I would suggest you complete at least one page. However if you whizz through one, try another :)

31.03.20- Multiplication

Mental Maths- I have scheduled a "Battle of the Bands" between Class 11 and Class 12 for 11.00 AM- 11.30 AM today.

30 minutes of times table practice- You can play in any game type.

Main tasks.


Your main tasks today continue to focus on multiplication. In these tasks you will be partitioning numbers to multiply them.

For example.
375 x 3=

300 x 3=900
70 x 3= 210
5 x 3 = 15

900 + 210 + 15= 1125

Picture 1- Magical Mental methods- This focuses on 2 digit numbers.

Picture 2- Written multiplication 13 a- This focuses on 3 digit numbers and uses the grid method.

Picture 3 and 4- Answers

30/03/20-Mental maths- The answer is 8.


The answer is 8. Think of 5 possible questions. Try to challenge yourself.

Can you use + - x divide?
Can you use 2 operations in one question?
Could you use the property of shape?

30/03/20- Maths- Multiplication


For the next few days we will be revising our use of multiplication. I have attached 2 pictures today.

1- These pages are focusing on using partitioning to multiply by 2.

2- These pages are focusing on using times tables to multiply by 10s and 100s.

Read the instructions carefully for each.

Picture 1
Picture 2

27.03.20- Problem Solving

All of today's tasks will involve you applying the addition and subtraction skills you have been applying all week. Read the problems carefully, and solve the problems. Don't forget to check your workings.

Task 1- Money problems. Here there are 3 levels of work all involving money.

Task 2- Decimal towers. Again there are three levels of work here. This task gives you a "decimal tower". Within each tower each block is the total of the two below it. You have to use reasoning skills to find the values of this missing blocks. Personally, I quite like this one.

Task 3- 2 step problems. These are problems which require you to do more than one sum. Read them carefully to figure out what you need to do.

Try one, or try all three- it's up to you!

All of today's work has the answers on the final sheet. You can use these to self-assess your work.

26.03.20- mental maths- Can you find pairs of divisions that have the same answer?

26.03.20- mental maths- Can you find pairs of divisions that have the same answer? 1

26.03.20- subtraction with decimals Today You are going to be practising subtraction with decimals. Like usual we have a few choices. 1. Subtraction with decimals: The first document has three levels of work, with the answer sheet provided for each one for you to self-check. The first level looks quite tricky, but actually there is very little "borrowing" needed. The second and third level have more "borrowing" For this activity, I would like you to estimate your answer first. Look at the two numbers and see if you can get as close to the real answer as possible. 2. Dice subtractions: The second attachment has a similar activity to the one you did with addition on Tuesday. it gives instructions on how you can create your own subtraction problems. If you try this one, remember to put the bigger number on top of your sum. Tomorrow we will be applying all of your work on addition and subtraction to problem solving.

Math - 25/03/2020- Today we would like you to practise column subtraction. I have attached 3 levels of work. Sub1- Complete both pages. This task begins by asking you to subtract 2 digit numbers (no borrowing needed), then moves on to questions that require you to borrow from the ten. Sub2: Complete the page - these questions involve 3 digit numbers, and you will need to borrow for each question. Sub3- Subtractions involving 4 digit numbers, followed by word problems. The final section asks you to check additions using subtraction.


Mental Maths    25/03/2020


Using the following numbers and any operations (add, takeaway, multiplication or divide), you must try and get as close as you can to the target number. Comment on here to say your closest effort.

Target: 348

Numbers: 3, 5, 6, 8, 60

24.3.2020- I am uploading 2 documents today. The first document is all about adding money. It has three levels of difficulty (scroll down for the trickier ones). The top sheet is smaller numbers with fewer carries. The trickier sheets have bigger numbers and more carries. Choose the level you want to work at. The answers for these sheets are at the very bottom. So once you have completed your work, you can scroll down and self-assess. The second document is a challenge involving dice. Follow the instructions on the sheet to create your own addition problems. If you would like to make it trickier roll the dice more times. Self-assess your answers with a calculator once you are done. TOP TIP: Always keep your sums aligned. The decimal point should be in the same place on each row.

Mental maths starter 24.2.2020 Open the picture and find pairs of numbers that total 100. How many can you find?

Mental maths starter 24.2.2020 Open the picture and find pairs of numbers that total 100.  How many can you find? 1

Monday 23rd March- This morning we are going to be practicing column addition. The first page focuses on adding 2 digits, moving on to adding 3 digits; The second page focuses on adding 3 digits, moving on to adding 4 digits, The third page page focuses on adding 4 digits. You should aim to complete at least one page. Don't forget to try the Owls- They are a hoot!

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