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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 8th June

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you have had a great weekend and that your batteries are recharged for the week ahead!

Phonics/handwriting activity


Today we would like you to think about the 'nk' sound and work on forming the letters very carefully.  When Mrs Marten was young I loved to watch and play the game 'Mallett's Mallet' (some of your parents may remember this). Watch the video below for an example of this. Can you play this game with someone at home, thinking of as many 'nk' words as possible, taking it in turns to say an 'nk' word each as quickly as you can. 


Now can your write some of these words, remembering to form the letters very carefully!

Mallett's Mallet


Literacy/topic activity


You have probably heard that Chester Zoo need to raise a lot of money to help them care for all of their amazing animals. Your challenge today is to create a poster to help them raise money and stay open. 

Remember the best posters...

  • are bright and colourful
  •  include exciting pictures
  • have a catchy caption which may rhyme
  • don't include too much writing

Watch the video below to inspire you with some ideas!

Time activity - Feeding times at zoo


Chester Zoo usually opens from 10am to 5pm. Can you pretend you a the main zoo keeper and need to plan when the animals are fed between these times. Draw the animal and underneath draw an analogue clock and digital clock showing the feeding time of as many animals you wish. Remember in year two we work on o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past!

Tip for parents, in regard to digital time we only explore the 12 hour clock, e.g. half past 2 would read 2:30pm NOT 14:30


Explore the powerpoint below - this will really help you with the analogue times of half past, quarter to and quarter past.

There is also a lovely online time game right at the bottom of this page which you may like to explore!

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