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Monday 6th July

[Special Effects] The Rainbow Fish | Read Aloud Books for Children

Literacy - If you have the story at home read the story of ‘ The Rainbow Fish’ or watch the video above. This was one of my favourite stories when I was little. 


Oh no! Mr Whoops has written sentences about the Rainbow Fish, but he has made some mistakes! Can you help Mr Whoops to fix the sentences? Use your sounds to help. 



Phonics -  Can you read the high frequency words and colour the rainbow fish’s scales? If you can't print a copy then draw your own rainbow fish and make some scales with high frequency words written on them - the, I, up, had, not, all, put, her, they, was, can, I'm, out - just a few for example. 
Numeracy - The Rainbow Fish was very kind, giving away so many of his scales to his friends. His friends took them that’s what we’re going to look at today! Have a look at the questions and see if you can complete all the takeaways - feel free to use counters or other resources to help with your takeaways, or if you’d like a challenge try to count backwards in your head or using your fingers.

1) 5 - 3 =

2) 7 - 4 =

3) 8 - 2 =

4) 9 - 5 =

5) 10 - 4 =

6) 9 - 7 =

7) 6 - 5 =

8) 10 - 7 =

Challenge - rather than reading the questions, listen to the Rainbow Fish telling you the questions in the form of a word problem in the video below. Can you listen very carefully and figure out what each take away question is and write it down yourself? (The questions are the same as the written down ones). Pause it after each question as he says them pretty quickly! smiley

The Rainbow Fish take aways

Still image for this video
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