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Monday, 4th May

Bore da Pawb!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Thank you for all your photos of your baking. There has been lots of cooking and baking going on and I'm sure they all tasted as good as they looked! Keep sending your baking photos in.


As this is the week we celebrate VE Day, we have put together work linked to it. On Friday it will be 75 years since the end of World War Two and as it is a bank holiday, we will post fun activities for you do if you wish.


Many homes around the country will be decorating their homes with bunting (flags) and posters. I have uploaded a template for bunting, both colour and black and white which you may like to use to decorate your home. If you do decorate your house, take a photograph and send it to us and we'll put it on the gallery.






(Please use to use the Spellodrome program throughout the week. Quite a few children have not been on it.) Well done to those of you who have been using it. 


Your new spelling list is now on Spellodrome.

  1. Copy your new list into your spelling book.
  2. Draw 4 lines down the page in your home learning book.
  3. Write your list in the first column and then practise with the look, cover, Write and check method.
  4. Use the program to practise your spellings.

Well done to all those using Spellodrome. If you haven't been on it, please try this week and remember to use it a few times throughout the week.


Handwriting - capital S

Copy the card into your home learning book.


Picture 1


Hello hello, below is a normal shopping list of a household during World War II. Your challenge today is to use the shopping list for your family. You will need to have one Of each item for each member of your family e.g. if you have four members in your family you will need for eggs. You will then need to work out how much it will cost for four eggs. You are allowed to use a calculator for this! The reason for this is it is a skill you need to learn. This is also a fantastic lesson as it is teaching you a skill you will need later in life e.g. Shopping for your friends and family! Please make sure to read your sheet carefully so you understand the task at hand. Please completed one of the three differentiated levels.

If you feel you need a little bit more maths.😁

If you feel you need a little bit more maths.😁 1

A Little Extra!

In your book, write the title 'Facts about VE Day'

Find two interesting facts today and write them in your book.


Each day you can find two more facts.

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