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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 29th June

Numeracy - Shiver me timbers! Now, everybody knows that a pirate’s favourite thing is treasure!! Today, we are going to make our own pirate treasure playdough! Can you follow the recipe below to make your playdough? (if you don't have cream of tartar you can skip that step - it just makes the dough a bit more stretchy and last longer). When you have finished, see what treasure or pirate objects you can make!


Challenge - can you make some repeating patterns with the treasure you have made? If you made different colour batches you can make a colourful repeating pattern - e.g. blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow, red - or you may make a shape/object repeating pattern - e.g. shell, jewel, fish, shell, jewel, fish.

Literacy - Our theme in school this week is Pirates! Arrgghh! In school we will be reading the story  ‘Pirates love underpants’. 

Read the story about ‘Jake's First Day’. Jake feels nervous about meeting his new teacher and moving into a new classroom. Use the ‘Talk Cards’ after you have read the story to discuss Jake's feelings and how his new teacher helped him to overcome them. 


We all feel a little worried when we go through a big change and that is ok! In the story Jake is worried about who he will play with, who will help him, if the work is hard, if he will have to go into the big playground. He is also worried about the big children in the dinner hall. Even though Jake had these worries he was brave and gave it a try and he ended up having a great day and couldn't wait to go back the next day. 


Task - Create a ‘worry message in a bottle’ Cut/tear  a piece of paper to look like a tatty scroll, you could even tea stain your paper first to make it look old. Write all of you worries onto the paper, roll it up and tie some string/ribbon around it. If you have a bottle place your worry letter into the bottle.

Phonics - This week we will be looking at double letters. Our sound of the day is:



Now, you may notice that there are two letters the same - some words use the same letter twice but it still makes the same sound as one letter… so ‘ll’ and ‘l’ make the same sound! 


Today, will you draw a big shell and fill it with 'll' words? How many can you think of?


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