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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 27th April

Phonics challenge


Our sounds of the day are ‘or’ (Shut the door), and ‘aw’ (Yawn at dawn!). 


Can you create a flap page by folding a piece of landscape A4 paper in half or perhaps folding a page of your book in half. Draw a picture of something with the sound ‘or’ / ‘aw’ in it. Then place a paper flap over it and write the word. 

Topic/creative challenge


Have a little walk around your garden or on your street. Collect as many natural materials as possible (remember to check with a grown up before you pick anything up). Now can you create a beautiful piece of artwork? Perhaps tie items together, layer them or create some familiar objects using pieces of nature. Can you take a picture and email it to your teacher. 

Numeracy challenge


Can you measure objects around your house using your handspan as a measuring tool? Now create a table showing the object and the number of handspans? Now measure using centimetres and record in your table too. Which object was the longest/tallest? Which object was the shortest? 

Well done to these children in Class 5 and 6 for getting over 1000 points on Spellodrome last week.


Olly      Scarlett      Noah      Jac         Harri       Sorcha

Lily       Lyla-Brooke      Amelia       Emma       Thomas     Katelyn

Isaac     Isabelle       Charlotte      Conner      Paige


Oliver B.      Farrah.     Jessica.     Oliver H.     Hollie.     Eva.     Elsie.     Oscar.     Emma.     Gwyneth.     Amelia.      Holly B.     Thomas.     Max.     Jadyn.     Aadhu.     Arjun.    Harry 


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