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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 27th April

Bore da Pawb!

We hope you had a super weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather we have been having.

Thank you for the super photos sent to us. It really is lovely to see you again. We are missing you so keep sending them in. smiley

We're now onto week 6 on learning from home and hopefully you have got into a bit of a routine. We hope you enjoy this week's activities.



Your new spelling list is now on Spellodrome.

  1. Copy your new list into your spelling book.
  2. Draw 4 lines down the page in your home learning book.
  3. Write your list in the first column and then practise with the look, cover, Write and check method.
  4. Use the program to practise your spellings.

Well done to all those using Spellodrome. If you haven't been on it, please try this week and remember to use it a few times throughout the week.smiley


Handwriting - capital capital R

Copy the card into your home learning book.



Hello all, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Todays work shows a mental maths followed by three differentiated levels based on perimeter. There is a video below which explains perimeter and how we would like it presented. Please remember to add the correct measurement to the end of your answer. 


Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle Video For Kids, 2nd to 5th Grades

In this video children will learn how to Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. This math activity is for children 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades. The formula...

Perimeter video

Perimeter instructions

A Little Art Activity

Follow the step by step instructions to draw an elephant (this is a different one to the one you have already drawn)

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