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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 20th April

Numeracy - Before Easter, we began to learn about odd and even numbers. You can watch the rap on the Friday 3rd April link to remind you which numbers are odd and even. Look at the Easter eggs you made and sort them into odd and even piles to help with today’s task.


Today, we would like you to play your favourite game that involves moving with a dice (e.g. snakes and ladders, frustration). Decide which person is going to be the ‘odd’ team and which is going to be the ‘even’ team. Take it in turns to roll the dice, but here is the tricky part - the ‘odd’ person will only move if an odd number is rolled and the ‘even’ person will only move if an even number is rolled - so if you are the ‘odd’ team and roll a 4 the other person will move because 4 is an even number. If you want to use bigger numbers, you can use the virtual dice below and choose what numbers you want to play with. Remember that if the number ends in an even number, it is even, and if it ends in an odd number, it is odd.


Phonics - today we are going to look at sounds containing 'it'. Some examples are 'hit', 'bit', 'split'. Can you think of a list of your own words?


Write your words using 'invisible ink' - choose one of the methods on the link below. Ask a grown up to help you to reveal your words.

Back to it builders! Hope you’re ready for a week of building challenges!

Literacy - Our new theme for learning is 'Outdoor Explorers'. We love to introduce our new topics through a story and the story of 'Treasures in the Garden' is a perfect way to get you excited about taking your learning outside. In this story Jake and Holly go on an adventure full of magic and wonder and collect some treasure along the way.

First read the story and with a grown up use the talk cards to discuss what happened and your favourite part. Then, we would like you to go on your own treasure hunt around your garden or a local park/daily exercise, take a box or a bag with you to collect some of your own treasure. Can you find any 'wand sticks' like Jake and Holly? You could take a picture of the treasures that you find. Below is also some picture cards with all of the treasure that Jake and Holly found, you could print these and hide them around your garden to go and find or you could use items from around your house to make your own treasure. 


Challenge - Make a list of the things that you have found. Try sounding out the words carefully, you could draw pictures of the different things you see too!

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