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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 1st June

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We hope you had a brilliant half term and had lots of well deserved rest. Miss Hughes and Mrs Lincoln-Jones are so proud of you all, you're all trying so hard with your home learning, keep it up!


This week is health and well being week! Your health and well being is very important for keeping physically and mentally healthy. This week we will have lots of activities for you to enjoy all about keeping healthy! We hope you enjoy them.


Today, we will look at different ways to keep healthy. First of all... how do you think you keep yourself healthy? Have a little think.



For the first day of our Health and Well-Being week, we are going to think about our mental health. Lots of people find it therapeutic to keep a journal, recording how they feel each day. For your first challenge this week, we would like you to create a mood tracker. We would like you to complete it every day this week; but ideally, we would like you to do it every day this month! This will help you to see how your feelings have changed over the space of the month. It will also help you see that, even though you may have the occasional hard day, you also have good days!


Please see the attached link below for further details/information.

Your next task is to listen to a relaxing piece of music and write about it. What do you think it was about? How did it make you feel?


Now play a very lively piece of music (Maybe heavy metal?) Move to the music. How do you feel in comparison to the first piece of music?


You can listen to these examples or please feel free to choose your own!


Relaxing music

Lively music


Fancy a challenge?


Take a look at this super health and well-being scavenger hunt below!



We really did not want you all to miss sports day as it is such a great day of the year. With this in mind, we have decided to do our very own solo sports day. We have put a list of challenges together to complete if you wish. It would be brilliant if you could send one or two of your solo sports day videos to your class teacher, so that we could put a video together of our sports day this year.



To make it even better, we have put together a video of the teachers modelling the challenges we have set for you! If you would like to see our demonstrations, you will need to visit Ewloe TV. (Click on the children tab, then Ewloe TV) or click the link below.


There is also an opening dance video, on Ewloe TV, kindly put together by Miss Roberts. Feel free to learn the dance and send us your videos! 


To see both videos, click the link below.

Lovely to see your smiley faces today and some great work too!

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