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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 30th March

Bore da! We hope you have had a great weekend relaxing and are ready for another week of busy jobs! Remember we would love to see what you are getting up to - please send us pictures and we will put them on the website so your friends can see what you have been up to as well!

We know that lots of you have been busy colouring, drawing and painting rainbows to put up in your windows. An extra challenge for you today if you would like is to create a 'silly face' piece of art and put it in your window for all your neighbours to see!

Numeracy - Split a page into two columns down by the middle - see the page below to give you an example. Choose a thin item (like a pencil or a pen) to use as a ruler. Use your ‘ruler’ to measure things around the house. Can you put a tick for shorter items on one side of your line, and cross for longer items on the other? Make sure you always line up the end of your 'ruler' with the end of the item you are measuring. 


Challenge - can you try to write the names of some of the longer and shorter things you find?

- If you would like to use a real ruler or tape measure to have a go of measuring with then that is fine too; when using a real ruler we measure in centimetres (cm).


When you have finished, count up the amount of ticks and crosses you recorded - what did you find the most of, longer or shorter items? Did you find anything the same length as your 'ruler'?

Have a go of this comparing game - play the animal version to practice using the words 'tallest' and 'shortest', and the beach version to use the words 'biggest' and 'smallest'.


Over the next few weeks, we will set you different lego building challenges . If you would prefer to use something instead of lego feel free - let your imagination run wild! We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Literacy - A new week means a new story , this week we would like you to read the story of 'Brenda's Boring Egg'. When you have read the story use the 'Talk Cards' as a prompt to discuss the story and the true meaning behind it, maybe you can tell us what you think the moral of the story is. Once you have talked about the story we would like you to design your own 'Amazing Egg' and describe your egg; what your egg would look like and what you think the duckling inside would be like. You might even like to decorate a real eggs and hide them around your garden for your family to find. So many "egg"citing things to do :-p 


Still image for this video

Phonics - The sound of the day is 'ng'. Thing on a string.

Task - can you create your own ‘thing on a string’?


Go through the PowerPoint to introduce you to the sound and play some of games below. There is a bingo game that you can print and play together or you could make your own bingo cards using the sound 'ng'. You could create your own flash cards with 'ng' words and hide them around the house for your family to find. 



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