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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Dydd Llun 18th May


Wow, week 9 already! You're all doing a brilliant job. Keep it up year 1! We are so proud of you.


This week is all about Welsh Culture!


This week we have decided to do something a little bit different. Instead of a Welsh song, we are going to learn a Welsh story! If you would like to read the story, please send your teacher a video of you reading the book by FRIDAY LUNCHTIME - diolch!


Here is a Welsh story read by Mrs Lincoln-Jones:

Ga i....(Can I have?)

Still image for this video

We would like you to have a try at reading the story below.

Please note the word 'y' is pronounced as 'uh'.

We look forward to hearing your super Welsh!

Ar y... (On the...)

Still image for this video

Task 1 - Miss Hughes and Mrs Lincoln-Jones need your help! We have mixed up all of the Welsh months of the year, they are all in the wrong order! Can you help us put them in the right order again? You could write them down, sing them, whatever you like! You all know a special song to help you! 















Extension - This week can you keep a diary for each day in Welsh. Can you write down something you liked about each day using Dw i’n hoffi... (I like...) 

The children have begun to use google translate in school, they could use this with support.

Task 2 - Can you answer some of these welsh number sentences?


Extension - Can you write your own number sentences using Welsh number words?


un + tri = ?

tri + saith = ?

naw + naw = ?

deg - un = ?

wyth - dau = ?

saith - tri = ? 

un deg tri + un = ?

un deg pedwar + tri = ?

un deg un + pump = ?

un dag naw - naw = ?

un deg saith - wyth = ? 

un deg pedwar - pump = ?

Task 3 - Our sounds of the day are ‘ow’ (Blow the snow) and ‘oa’ (Goat in a boat).


Can you write as many words as you can on a piece of paper, then scrunch them up into snow balls! See how many you can throw in the air and catch. Can you write a sentence using the word you caught? 

George singing the months of the year song! (Cymraeg)

Still image for this video

Finn singing the months of the year!

Still image for this video

Eira singing the months of the year!

Still image for this video
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