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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 18th May

Friday 15th May pics and a few more from throughout the week 😊

Numeracy - The Welsh dragon has some adding questions for you today! Listen carefully to his questions, write them down and see if you can find the answer - remember it is up to you whether you want to use resources to help, your fingers or try to count on in your head! Pob lwc - good luck! (There is a crib sheet attached below of an English version of what is being said if you find it a bit tricky).

Can you complete the Welsh dragon challenge?

Still image for this video

Canu yn gymraeg (sing in Welsh)


Each day we will put up a video of a Welsh song - some we will have sung in school, some will be brand new! Our first song is our counting song (you should ALL know this one smiley) see if you can have a sing along with me and my little duet partner. If you want to send us videos of you singing along (or even better by yourself) throughout the week, we would love to see them - we will even try and put them all together for you to watch at the end of the week!

Un dau tri

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Literacy - Earlier on in the year we celebrated a Welsh Myths and legends week where we learnt about some of Wales' most famous stories. One of our favourites was the story of our 'Draig Goch' and how the famous Red Dragon earnt his place on the flag of Wales. See if you can remember the story to re-tell to you family, you will find it below if you need a little help remembering.


Task - We would like you to use lots of adjectives to describe our 'Red Dragon'. Create a list of words that describe the dragon and if you are feeling like the extra challenge then have a go at writing some super sentences. 


Challenge - Can you create an acrostic poem using words to describe the Welsh Dragon? Each word will begin with the lettters that spell the word DRAGON, for example, D - dangerous. 

Phonics - Our sound of the day is




Start the car.

Task - Can you print out an outline of a car / or draw your own car. Then write as many words with the sound 'ar' all over the car!

For some inspiration watch the video below...or watch it when you have finished and see how many you had the same!

Extra challenge - We will give you some Welsh themes for art which you may wish to carry out over the course of the week. Today we are suggesting the theme of the Welsh dragon; if you would like to follow this theme then take a look at the link below...lots of ideas or can you come up with something of your own?
If you would prefer not to work to our theme, then here is a link to the Welsh craft home page of the 'Activity Village' website - there are lots of good ideas on here!
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