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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Monday 15th June

Barnaby Bear has been on his travels again! So far we have followed him on his adventures to Chester, around Wales and to Ireland. Watch the video below and see where he is off to next.....

BBC Schools: Barnaby Bear - Episode 1 'Seaside'

Uploaded for the fans, please contact me if you have any issue with this being uploaded.

That's right! Barnaby Bear has been to the Seaside and it looks like he had so much fun! he met Chloe and Claire who shown him how to build a sandcastle and taught him the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun, they called it 'Slip, Slap, Slop'. He also met a lifeguard who explained how Barnaby needed stay safe during his time on the beach. He even helped with the rescue of two stranded children in the sea by calling the coastguard! What an adventure!!!! 

Literacy - At the beginning of the video we saw all of the items that Barnaby Bear needed to pack for his adventure to the seaside. For your task today we would like you to think about the things that you would pack for a visit to the beach. Think about what you could take to play with, to protect yourselves with or what you would eat/drink.


You could use the sentence 'I would pack...…' and draw some pictures. If you have the items at home you could even take a picture of them and make a photo collage.

Phonics - our sound of the day is




Watch the video below. Can you write some of the 'ar' words on pieces of paper? Hide your 'treasure' (words) around a room or the whole house, then create a pirate map so someone else can find them all - remember, x marks the spot!


Challenge - once you've found them all, can you choose two of them and arrange them into alphabetical order? (This is a tricky skill! Try singing the alphabet song or using the mat below to help you figure out which comes first) Repeat as many times as you like!

Pirates Say AR! (song for kids about the "ar" sound)

Numeracy - now you have packed for the beach, let's imagine you are there! Can you think of ten different animals you may find at the beach or in the sea? Write a list and number each one 1 - 10. Now here comes the fun part...we're going to make a magnetic fishing game!


- On a piece of card (or paper if you have no card), draw each of your animals, colour in and write its number clearly.

- Take something magnetic, such as a small screw, a paper clip, or a coin, and tape one to each animal (please check before doing this that each item is magnetic - when Miss Roberts was testing coins she found that some 2ps were magnetic and others were not! Most of the 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps she tested were magnetic but there were a few rogue ones that weren't.)

- Now take a magnet (maybe off your fridge or a number/letter magnet) and tie it to some string. Tie the other end to a 'rod' (maybe a pencil or ruler).

- Your fishing game is now ready!


Keep your fishing game handy - we will be using it throughout the week to practice some different number skills! A few challenges you can try today if you like:


- Can you catch all the even animals? Or all the odd animals?

- Can you catch an animal and say what is one more/less, or maybe two more/less?

- Can you catch the animals in order from one to ten? Can you catch them in reverse?


Have fun!


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