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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Mon 11th May

Literacy - After Reading the story ‘Stick Man’ talk about how many sticks were in the Stick Mans family. For today’s task we would like you to create your own stick family, first you will need to go outside and collect the right amount of sticks for your family members. Before you do this talk about your family, you might want to ask questions such as; how many people are in your family? How many adults/ children are in your family? What makes you part of the same family? How are you all different/similar? What is good about your family? 


When you have collected your sticks take them in and have a good look at them. How are they different/similar? Choose choose a stick to represent each person in your family - you might choose shorter sticks for children, or a tall one for a daddy or big brother etc. If you have ribbon or string you can bind your sticks together bringing them together to make a family. Add a tag to your stick family reading “This is the……….family, we’re bound together you and me, we’re all a part of the family tree”. 


Challenge: Can you write some sentences to describe your family? Who is in your family? What makes your family special?


Still image for this video

Phonics - Our sound of the day is ‘ee’ - What can you see? 


Task - How many different words can you find in the story ‘Stick Man’ or any other book that you are reading today that have the sound ‘ee’?


If you have collected enough sticks you could break them into smaller pieces and make the words that you find using the sticks. 

Numeracy - for today's challenge we are going to practice our number formation but with a difference! When you go to collect your family sticks for your literacy task, we would also like you to collect some extra sticks and/or natural resources. Can you make the numbers 1-10 using sticks or other natural items and take a picture of each one? Use the document below as inspiration. If you have a tablet with the 'Pic Collage' app (which is free to download) you may even wish to make a collage of all your numbers. Watch the video below to help you remember how to form your numbers, or can you remember some of the funny things we say or sing to help us form our numbers correctly when we're in school?

(if the weather is not nice enough to go out then you can use things you may have around the house - spaghetti, lollipop sticks, strips of card, blocks/lego, other pasta shapes etc)


Challenge - try to form numbers 11-20, or even numbers bigger than 20!

Number Formation Rhymes

Extra challenge - watch the video below. Could you have a go at drawing one of the secret numbers hidden in the animals? If you want to really impress us you could try and draw a character from Stick Man using a number as a starting point (such as number 1 for Stickman, number 2 for the swan, number 8 for a snowman or Santa). How many characters can you create using numbers?

Drawing 10 cartoon animals from numbers - Learn numbers for children

As part of our 'Outdoor Explorers' topic, we have come across an opportunity to participate in learning activities with the WWF throughout the week. There are daily activities exploring different parts of the world and the animals that live there. Some require joining a Facebook group - please click on the link below to find more information. There is also lots of information on the website that you may enjoy looking at. We will not be setting any 'work' as such around this; this is just something you may wish to explore (and we would love to hear if you do or see anything you create as a result of this!)


Something that siblings may also enjoy exploring too.

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