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Maths HW

HW 2 as explained in class

Ongoing Temp HW- copy and complete the table each night using the link to the MetOffice website.

1/2/19- complete the chosen section. Show workings out in your books...

25/1/19- Money- Complete either The Beatles, Elvis Presley or The Rolling Stones- complete both the addition and subtraction sections.

18/1/19- Solving Equations- Green complete one section- Amber complete two sections- Red complete three (merit for each)...Good Luck :)

11/1/19 Algebra HW- show your workings. Green- choose three tasks from HW 1; Amber- choose two tasks from HW 1 and one task from HW 2; Red- complete all four tasks on HW 2.

Volume HW- complete the table and show your workings in your book underneath- due Monday

Maths HW- choose at least four shapes- draw in your books and show your workings out. Highlight or underline your final answer.

Maths HW- 19/10/18

Maths HW- 12/10/18

You should have already drawn the four, two or one quadrant grid in your books.

Add eight different shapes to the grid- place them randomly.

On the next page draw the grid again- leave it blank.

Underneath write the co-ordinates for each shape- label them shape 1, shape 2 etc.

Your talking partner will plot them on Monday in class.

Have a nice weekend.

Maths HW- use long or short division

Maths HW- 28/9/18 Please email to your class teacher...

HW 21/9/18- Multiplication

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