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10.07.20- What is sustainability?


This lesson has been created by Oakfield academy. Follow the link below.

There is an opening quiz, followed by a video with activities to complete all about recycling and sustainability.

Thursday 25th June-travel to your favourite destination


Morning🤩yesterday you wrote a poem about your surroundings and where you might dream about going.Locate that place again in your mind,your favourite place and persuade me its amazing! Writing to persuade uses lots of sensory words including sights,sounds and smells.The example is India.Have a read and then write your own travel brochure,looking to convince me to go there.Obviously it needs to sound exciting......👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌈 We have done this before during our topic on you choose anywhere in the world for a holiday.Present it with pictures please in the format of your choice. You may need to research the attractions of your place first.What is there to see,do,eat etc? Good luck!I’ll look forward to seeing where you’ve been or would like to go🌎🌎🌎☀️

Wednesday 24th June-Bringing you to your senses!

Morning everyone.Today I’d like you to go outside and take in your surroundings.Be quiet in yourself and open your ears.What can you see?Hear?Touch?Smell?Taste?Focus and breathe in the shapes and colours,sounds and smells. Now please read the City Cafe poem and write one in the same way as the example. Use I like to look at....(add a simile-something is like something) I like to listen to....i like to touch and so on until you’ve done,smell,taste and dream too. Think carefully about making your words paint a picture in the mind of the reader.You’re painting a vision of your space with words.Be selective about the words you choose. I look forward to seeing you paint me a colourful picture for my mind.....with words!🌈🌻🐝

Monday 22nd June-Rosa Parks


Morning campers😂We’re returning to a topical subject today with a comprehension about the life of Rosa Parks. You’ve probably seen a lot of news coverage about the ‘black lives matter’ movement.This special lady kick started the American civil rights movement in the 1950s....🌈There’s 2 levels of difficulty and there’s 9 questions. Full sentences please!🌻🐠

Tuesday 16th June-The warning

Read The Warning and choose a well known rhyme yourself to work with.Pretend you are the main character who is fed up with someone over an event that happens in the tale ie Jack’s mother complaining that he’s been to the market and come back with beans.🙄😂🌻 Have a good read of the examples and follow the instructions.I’d like the same amount as the example if you can please.Have fun with it!🌈

Monday 15th June-From a Railway Carriage.Read and speak aloud this famous poem by Robert Lois Stevenson and answer the Do you remember’,’more to think about’ and ‘now try these’ questions.Enjoy and have a great day.Don’t forget to have a go on Spellodrome.

World Oceans day comprehension-Wednesday 10th June


Learn some more about oceans and how we can care for them.There’s 2 levels.1 star,2 star to suit your reading ability.Choose the one you feel is best.🦈🐳🐠🐡🦑🐙1 star has 7 questions and the 2 star has 9.Thursday’s topic work will look at the current technology to sustain the beauty of our oceans🌈🌎☀️

Tuesday 9th June - Egyptian story of Creation


Morning!Please read the story and answer the questions. Straight forward today!Have a look afterwards for any other creation stories from different cultures!

Monday 8th June-Adverbs and adverb phrases


Morning all.Hope you had a lovely weekend😀we’re extending our knowledge of adverbs today but learning about adverb phrases. Read the instructions and complete the focus and practice sections,A&B.An example of A1 From time to time I like to dance in the rain! There’s an extension if you’re feeling busy🐝🐝🐝

Tuesday 2nd June-Dragon’s Egg Happy Forest School Day.There’s lots of activities to complete on google classroom.Try and answer all the questions on this comprehension but do enjoy the sunshine and bug hunts!

Wednesday 20th May-Earth comprehension and vocabulary


Morning!You thought of some imaginative ideas using the picture yesterday.Hold onto that for story writing after the comprehension.

Today can you complete section A and B on the comprehension first.Read the poem carefully then fill in the missing words and answer the questions using the poem.

Now please write me an exciting opening to your story using your think sheet from yesterday.The character will need a name i.e.Dr.Faustus.Then think about describing the setting,what time of day it is,how the character is feeling and lay a plot for the rest of the story.Use lots of description-adjectives,adverbs.Is there any sound?

Remember your story openings like ‘once upon a time in a dimly lit workshop’ etc

Fill your intro with suspense and intrigue.....GO!

Tuesday 19th May- Magic Potion

Bit of creativity today.Another 'think' sheet.Have a look at the picture carefully.Who is the man?Where is he?What can you see/hear from the image?What do you think the potion is for and what's it made from?Be creative,use your imagination :)

Monday 18th May-prefixes and suffixes


Morning everyone!Hope you all had a lovely weekend.Well done for continuing to work hard each day.We’re very impressed with the work you’re sending in,da iawn!

Please complete the missing word endings and prefixes in section A.Read the sentences carefully,they give you the clue to the word.Complete B and C next please.Write the word in section C then complete the meaning.

In section D add the suffix ‘er’ to change the verbs into nouns ie.sing becomes singer

Have a great day!

Wednesday 13th May-The Grouchosaurus!Draw an alien and the use similies to compare its body My head is bigger than a bus and my eyes shine like exploding stars.Use the sentence starters on the example to help you or do your own.You choose!

Tuesday 12th May-Recipe for Making Adults Cross-Read the funny poem and answer 2 of the shapes questions please.Triangles AND circles or squares and circles.The triangle questions are more challenging.Afterwards tell us about any mischief you got into as a toddler!

Tuesday 5th May-Design a planet.Today I would like you to imagine you are astronaut and that you have discovered a brand new planet.Design a fact file or booklet with your new planet’s main features ie. name,colour,size,surface matter,lifeforms and the general environment.Have fun with it and be creative🤩🌎🌖☄️⭐️

Monday 4th May-Moon holidays!Hope you had a lovely weekend.Please read the letter and answer the comprehension questions.You can also complete the grammar section,but not the vocabulary,thesaurus work unless you want to!More Space topic work coming up this week🤩

Weds 29th April-Silly Alphabet People-write a rhyming poem based on the alphabet.Have a look at the examples for some ideas.Enjoy!

Monday 27th/Tuesday 28th April-Complete the word mat using the vocabulary box for different synonyms (different words with the same meaning ie massive/gigantic,small /little).Then create a playscript of a conversation between the giant's foot (whoever it is) and the person in the picture.Log into google classroom and have a look at other children's work if you're stuck!


Friday 24th April

A letter to future children
NEWA is running a competition for the best ‘Letter to Future Children’ written by school-age pupils living in Denbighshire and Flintshire. 


Write a letter, to be read by children in 100 years’ time, to tell them how your life has changed since you were sent home from school.


What are you doing every day?
What is it like being at home all the time without seeing your friends and extended family?
Are you having to go to school, and, if so, is it strangely quiet?
How are your family coping with working at home or going out to do essential work
Above all, tell the future children what you are missing most and enjoying most!
Please include a drawing, showing how life looks to you at this strange time in history!
All letters will be included in the ‘Letter to Future Children’ Archive and preserved for future generations to read. The winner will receive a prize of a £20 Amazon Voucher and have their letter shared online.

E-mail your letters, with your name and address, to: for Flintshire residents.


You can hand write this by hand or do it using the computer/ tablet. I have attached a checklist and a template you can use if you wish.

Please see the official details of the competition using the link, or the picture attached. It is up to you to submit your entries via email if you wish to do so.

Thursday 24thApril-pronouns and tch spelling,ending with a quiz!Choose a pronoun to replace the underlined words in section A.Complete the spelling section A&B which focuses on the ‘tch’ spelling pattern.Have a go at the quiz too!

Tuesday 21st April-Overly nice!Change the word nice for a more interesting one.Complete section A&B on commas next.Have a read of the pink highlighted sections and you will see examples.If you get stuck,please get in touch on google classroom😊🐋

Monday 20th April-Direct speech and Indirect speech

Morning everyone.Welcome back!Have a go at this today.Answer the questions 1-6, then invent 6 of your own using direct and indirect speech.Any questions?Fire away!
Thursday 2nd April-Read all about it!

Monday 30th March-Instructions using informal/slang words


Morning everyone.Hope you had a lovely weekend.I’d like you to make a smoothie this morning!Ask a grown up to help you.Then using the words on the think/pair/share write the recipe please.Add any other words you would use.Have fun!Feel free to use this one if you wish :)

The Owl Service-25thMarch Read the passage and answer the questions.You can choose whether you want to do text,sentence or word.

Hello everyone, Apologies for late posting Wifi issues in school. Please can you plan a fun school day.The first page gives you some ideas but I know you'll have your own better ones!Page 2 are the writing instructions.Have fun!

Poets with Passion Monday 23rd March

Answer the questions please and try saying it out loud😀
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