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Literacy Homework

30.6.17 This weekend we would like you to create a comic strip based around the story plan that your friends make you. Use the template we have provided - there is a suggested way to complete the comic strip below. Include a sentence in each section explaining what is happening - you may wish to use speech bubbles to add more detail. Due in 3.7.17.

27.6.17 Please use the game we played in literacy today to practice your fronted adverbials. Remember, a fronted adverbial can be a word or a phrase, and include a comma after it! If you don't have a dice use or use a deck of cards up to six. Mr G's class to complete 10, Miss R's to complete 15. Due in on Thursday 29th June.

21.6.17. Talk homework - talk through your ideas for two possible plot lines to share with your group tomorrow morning ready to plan, write and shoot your Sci-Fi trailer! Think about what problems could arise and how they will be solved. You will be shooting your trailers in the Forest Schools area so think about where you could film and what you could use props/set wise. If you have anything at home which you think may be useful feel free to bring in! You do not need to write anything down - however, if you think it would help to jot notes/ideas down then please do. Looking forward to hearing all about your ideas!

16.6.17 Information to help with your literacy homework this weekend. Due in on Monday 19th, have a lovely weekend!

29.3.17 Easter poem competition...entries due in no later than Monday 29th March - good luck!

27.3.17 Have a talk through your ideas about your myth story at home with someone tonight. We will be planning our stories on Tuesday 28th March.

14.3.17 Please complete this punctuation task based around Pompeii...due in Friday 17th March.

8.3.17 Bedd Gelert letter writing task due in Friday 10th March.

1.3.17 Choose one of the stories that we saw in the Tales of Wales performance today and write a theatre review. Use the template below to give you an idea of what to write. Due in Friday 3rd March.

Sentence starters which may be useful...

3.2.17 Video to watch as inspiration for your literacy homework... Please hand in by Thursday 9th February

WWF-UK Christmas advert 2016 🐯 An ordinary family wake up one day to find a huge tiger in their home. What magical world has it come from, and how will it ever get back? You can be a Tiger Protector too. Here's how: #iProtectTigers

Your rhyming homework is such a treat, it's really great and can't be beat! Due in to me first thing on Monday, can't wait to read it..hip hip hooray!

Mr Griffiths' class - please complete The Twits task. Miss Roberts' class - can you create your own version of a famous story (or make up your own) including is, as, was or were in every sentence? Look at The Twits below for inspiration if you are not sure. Due in on Monday 23rd.

Poster due in 12th January.

Homophones are words which/witch sound the same but have different meanings...can you use the words correctly? Bonus points if you can tell me which spelling I should have used at the start of this! Due in Friday 18th November.

Slang homework due in on Friday 11th November...make sure you do it proper innit?!

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