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Literacy homework 18th March


This week we would like you to retell the story of the sighting of the UFO in Broadhaven as a newspaper report.You can call it the Broadhaven Mystery or think of your own title.It was in 1977.If you click on the link below it will take you to an article about it to help you.Please hand it in on Monday 9th March.You can type it if you like or write it in your book.Your choice.Enjoy your research!  

25.2.20-Play script comprehension. Hand in on Friday 28th please :)



For homework this week we would like you to prepare a 2-5 minute recount on your favourite welsh myth so far.You could choose Rhiannon and Pwyll, Ceridwen and the giant Tegid Foel, Blodeuwydd or choose one that you would like to talk about that we haven't covered yet.Please remember that you need to be able to say the story off by heart and you won't be able to read from a script.


Think about:how are you going to make the story sound exciting.Come alive?Actions?If you would like to bring in any props to support your story telling,please do !Remember you are entertaining the class.Have fun!We will be filming you on thursday and friday.


ps please can you bring in a 500ml bottle of coke,a cereal box and some newspaper for weds.We are making volcanoes!Many thanks :)

Homework 4/2/2020


Today we were visited by Emma from the Fire service. She gave us lots of tips on how to keep our homes safe from Fire.

Your homework is to create a poster to raise awareness of fire risks in the home, and simple steps we can take to protect ourselves.


You should include information about:


  • Charging
  • Closing doors
  • What number to call
  • What to do if your clothes catch fire (Stop, Drop and Roll)
  • How often to check your fire alarm
  • Where to get fire alarms
  • How quickly the fire brigade will be there

You can complete your poster on a page in your homework book, or on a piece of A4 paper. Homeworks in for Friday please.



Literacy homework 28/01/2020

Literacy homework 21/01/2020

Literacy homework 10/12/19

Literacy homework-Tuesday 3rd December


Hi.Literacy homework this week is Spellodrome and reading please.Class 12 are currently 7th in the world!Awesome work!Back to normal after entrepreneurial week.Many thanks :)


Last week we were learning lines for our service on the Dickin Medal.(class 12)


This week we are looking at autobiographies.Please ask your parent or carer for a funny story about when you were little and write it in your English book.Keep it a secret!We want to see if we can detect the toddler character traits in the person now and whether they have shaped who you are.If you can bring in a baby photo for class guess who please do.Many thanks.

12/11/19- Literacy Homework

English homework-5.11.19


Make notes for a biography about a class mate without revealing who it is.

Can we guess from the description?

Use sub-headings to organise your notes.

  • personality
  • likes/dislikes
  • known for....
  • compliments.
  • What do you think they will have achieved by the time they are older?Or what job do you think they will do based on their characteristics?


If you find it tricky to think of enough info on a class mate, you can make notes on yourself for a classmate to use on a biography about you.

Literacy homework 22/10/19

Literacy homework 08/10/19

Literacy homework 23/09/19 Conjunctions

Literacy homework 10.9.19


All Spellodrome accounts should be up and running now. I've started the lists and the children will practice these in class during the week.Homework is conjunctions.Please click on the link to access.


We are baking on Tuesday of this week.Mr.White and I will provide ingredients but we have asked the children to bring in a fruit of their choice that can be absorbed into scones.If anyone can lend us some scales,we would appreciate it.We need 6 sets each and will return them in tact!Many thanks.