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We have been exploring the story of Guy Fawkes and talking about Parliament. Watch the video below to find out more about Parliament. We have been 'debating' in class too! Can you think about the question - 

All children should have to go to school!


Think about your ideas  'for' or 'against' the statement and decide whether you agree or disagree, remember to give reasons for your thinking! 


Now...think of another statement you could debate at home too!




Inside Parliament: House of Commons (Episode 2)

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We have been looking at the five fingered prayer this week! Can you create your own five fingered prayer thinking about what is important to you?
Can you listen to the song 'firework' and create your own firework dance? Remember to think about how fireworks move - I would love to see a video of your super dance!

Katy Perry - Firework (Official Music Video)

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Can you read the Welsh poem Gwyn fel yr eira. Now try to change some of the words to make your own! Remember to use the internet to help you with new Welsh words!

Look at the word 




How many words can you make using the letters? Remember you can only use each letter once. My word is ...