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Today we would like you to do your own research about the monasteries and why they were closed. You will need to use the methods you were taught last term - finding key words, skimming and scanning, note taking etc.

You will need to include the 5 ws - what, who, where, when, why and also the how.

Please do this work on paper as you will need to bring it to school tomorrow as we will be using it in class. Can you guess what we will be doing?

25/11/20 - Closing the Monasteries


Please watch the video below, read the extract and answers the questions in full sentences.

Monasteries Comprehension

24/11/20 - Henry's Wives Quiz

Last week in school we completed a fact file on each of Henry VIII's wives. We would like to test your knowledge and memory to see how many questions you can get correct on the quiz attached below.

If you can not remember any of the answers, feel free to do some extra research.

Henry's Wives Quiz