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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 5th June

Thursday’s pictures - hope you all followed your bed time routines and got a good nights sleep last night!

Here are some of your cool moves from the week!

Still image for this video

We had originally planned a 'sun safety' day but seeing as the sun has disappeared for now we have instead decided to have a...


Rain and water day!

-x- Health Activity -x-


Learn the water cycle song and now perform it to your family.


- Can you add actions to your song? 

Can you create your own rainstorm sounds using only body percussion? 


Watch the video to give you some ideas:

Rain storm- Using the body to make sounds

Here are your song words and even a backing track!

-x- Physical Activity -x-


Choose however many of our physical activities you like:


If the sun is out…


Play shadow tag - The idea of the game is to try to "tag" the other player by stepping on their shadow. 


The floor is lava - but the shade is safe! Can you find a way to get from one point of the garden to another but only stepping in the shade? 


Create your very own assault course - watch the videos below for ideas of what to do or come up with one yourself!


If it’s raining:


Go on a puddle jump exploration! How many puddles can you find to jump in? (Make sure you have your wellies on!) Can you measure how deep they are?


Can you leave an empty bottle outside and see how much it rains between 10am and 2pm? 


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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