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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 3rd July

Thursday’s work

Geraldine learns Double Letters

Phonics - Can you go for a hunt around your house like Geraldine and see what double letter things you can find? Look below for some examples - can you find all of these and draw and label them? What else can you find?







fluffy teddy

Literacy - Fruity Friday!!! Can you read and follow the instructions to make a fruity pirate ship?

Challenge – Can you think of other foods you could use to create a pirate or pirate ship?

Numeracy - Today we are going to have a look at coordinates! These are important on a map as they help you to explain where things are. When reading coordinates we go along the corridor and up the stairs, so we write the letter first then the number.


Can you make your own large scale coordinate grid? If it is a nice day, you may choose to do this outside and draw your grid with chalk or twigs/sticks; if it isn’t nice enough, you could use masking tape, string or wool on the floor to create your grid (or pipe cleaners/strips of paper placed end to end etc.) When you have made your grid, label along the bottom with letters and up the side with numbers.


Choose 6 of your toys and place them in different squares in the grid – can you say the coordinates of each square they are in?

Challenge - you can see that for Peter Rabbit, you go along the corridor to C then up the stairs to 2, so his coordinate is C2. What are the coordinates of the other toys?
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