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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 24th April

Wahoo it's Friday - we hope you've enjoyed the activities this week! It has been great to see you having lots of fun in the sun. Here are your challenges for today...


Numeracy - In part of the story, Jake and Holly visit space. Today we would like you to create your own space theme picture but here is the has to be made completely from 2D shapes! It is up to you if you want to draw the shapes, or cut them out from paper and stick them down to make your picture. You could make a rocket picture or create your own alien. Can you label some of your shapes, or you may wish to make a key so all types of the same shape are one colour, e.g. all the circles are red, triangles are blue, rectangles are green etc.


Challenge - can you use some of the following shapes in your picture - pentagon, hexagon, oval?


You can pretend the monsters in the game below are aliens to have a try at matching the shapes:

In school we have focused on recognising circle, triangle, rectangle and square; please consolidate these first. Here are some more shapes though that you are welcome to have a look at.

Follow this link to find an activity which can be played online or downloaded as an app. Explore the board and see what shapes you can make. Can someone else name the shapes you’ve made, or can you name the shapes that they make? Can you choose one shape and see how many different ones you can make on the board?

Literacy - It has been so nice to receive so much positive feedback about the tasks set this week. It makes us so happy to know that you are enjoying all of the work set for you and it puts a huge smile on our faces to see such lovely pictures of you all, we miss you very much! For today’s task we would like you to simply draw a picture of your favourite activity this week and write a little sentence describing why e.g. I liked going on a treasure hunt because it was so much fun finding lots of treasure. We look forward to seeing what you have all enjoyed the most 😊 thank you again for all of your hard work this week. 

Phonics and reading - Our sound of the day is: 




thing on a string


Can you create some ‘alien’ words with the sound ‘ng’?


fung / ling / ming / heng


You could draw some aliens and write your alien words in its tummy or along its arms and legs!

We're heard that quite a few of you have been enjoying the yoga challenges this is a final one. Prepare to blast off into space today!

Forest School - If you’re out in th garden and fancy a challenge you could make a shape (could be a 2d shape) out of natural materials or you could challenge yourself further and make a dragon like the one in the picture below. These are just ideas for you, not a set task 😊

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