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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 24th April

Bore da pawb. It’s Friday. Yeaahhhhh 😀😀. What a busy week. You are all working so hard. Da iawn pawb (well done everyone). Please keep sending us your e mails and photos.



Today our sound of the day is “ea”

(as in cup of tea). Design a cup or mug for your teacher to drink their cup of tea out of. Then draw lots of tea bags around the cup/mug and on each tea bag write a word with “ea” in it.


Picture 1



Great Fire of London comprehension. (See pack)

Read the information and answer the questions in full sentences. Can you draw a fantastic picture to go with your work. Remember capital letters, full stops, cursive writing and letters on the line. Try to make your writing as neat as you can. 

Picture 1



Procedural Maths Sheet 7

Find lots of coins with different values. Choose 4 coins and add them to find the total. Do it again with 4 different coins and again and again and again. Then ask someone in your family to have a go and check to see if their answer is correct. 😀

Picture 1
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