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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 24th April

Bore da pawb. It’s Friday. Yeaahhhhh 😀😀. What a busy week. You are all working so hard. Da iawn pawb (well done everyone). Please keep sending us your e mails and photos.



Today our sound of the day is “ea”

(as in cup of tea). Design a cup or mug for your teacher to drink their cup of tea out of. Then draw lots of tea bags around the cup/mug and on each tea bag write a word with “ea” in it.




Great Fire of London comprehension. (See pack)

Read the information and answer the questions in full sentences. Can you draw a fantastic picture to go with your work. Remember capital letters, full stops, cursive writing and letters on the line. Try to make your writing as neat as you can. 



Procedural Maths Sheet 7

Find lots of coins with different values. Choose 4 coins and add them to find the total. Do it again with 4 different coins and again and again and again. Then ask someone in your family to have a go and check to see if their answer is correct. 😀

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