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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 22nd May

Can you believe we have made it to half term - you have done a whole half terms worth of work at home! Da iawn! An even bigger 'da iawn' needs to go to all of your wonderful grown ups who have looked after you and helped you with your learning! You can all have a well earned rest next week; however, if you would like some challenges to do we are going to pop a half term bingo (similar to Easter) and a list of 'virtual day trips' on the reception home page of the website over the weekend; you may not be able to visit places in person but you might fancy a nosey at some of them via the wonders of the internet! A big thank you for all your messages and updates over the past five weeks; we appreciate how challenging and difficult these times are, and we mean it when we say YOU'RE AMAZING! If you would like to send us an update we will upload any pictures to the website at the start of the next half term (1st June). As a little heads up our first week back will be 'Health and Well-Being week' with a variety of activities around this theme, and there will even be a 'solo sports day' - so get training! Have a wonderful week everyone! Lots of love and we are still missing you all lots, from Miss Roberts and Mrs Jones xxx

Thursday 21st May - lots of you were busy in the kitchen yesterday!

Our sound of the day is 




Toy for a boy.


Task – Can you create 5 different monsters and draw them each a toy? Can you then name each monster by creating an alien word which has the ‘oy’ sound.

e.g. ploy, shoy, voy 

Numeracy - today, we would like you to have a game of bingo! Here’s the twist though - can you play it yn Gymraeg? (in Welsh?) Take a page and split it into 4 or 6. Write a number in each section and cross them off as they get called out in Welsh. First one to cross off all the numbers can shout ‘Cymru!’ (Wales)


Challenge - can the bingo caller give you ‘adio’ (add) or ‘tynnu’ (take away) questions for you to cross off the answer?


un (een) - one 

dau (die) - two

tri (tree) - three

pedwar (ped-waa) - four

pump (pimp) - five

chwech (I have no idea how to write this phonetically sorry!! 😂) - six

saith (s-eye-th) - seven

wyth (oy-th) - eight

naw (now) - nine

deg (d-air-g) - ten


beth ydy (beth uh-dee) - what is

adio (add-eey-o) - add
tynnu (tunny) - take away


Literacy - As we are coming to the end of our Welsh Cultural week, we thought it would be nice to show how proud and patriotic we are to live in our wonderful country. We would like you to create a poster/picture using Welsh symbols to show what a wonderful country we live in. You might like to add some words to describe Wales or even do it in the form of an acrostic poem, you can be as creative as you want. There is a PowerPoint below with lots of information about Wales and why our culture is so special. 

Penblywdd hapus to our lovely little Alice who is five today! We hope you have a lovely day celebrating and hope the sun is out for you!

Penblywdd hapus to our lovely little Alice who is five today! We hope you have a lovely day celebrating and hope the sun is out for you! 1

Lliwiau'r Enfys

It is also our last day of canu cymraeg - we have enjoyed hearing you sing along! Have a try of this one - quite apt as one of the symbols of lockdown!

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