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In language we would like you to think of a character from the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. You can choose either the wolf, the pig that build his house from straw, the pig that built his house from sticks or the pig that build his house from bricks. 

Can you draw a picture of the character and then write a character description about them? 

Start by writing the characters name and then use adjectives to describe them. What do they look like? What type of character are they? What do they do in the story? 




Character: The pig that build his house from bricks.


Description: The pig is small and pink with a short curly tail. The pig is very sweet and kind because he takes care of his brothers. In the story the pig builds his house from bricks and it doesn't get knocked down. 



As a challenge can you find the adjectives and underline them?


You have had lots of practise this week with adding three numbers together. Can you follow the story of what the Three Little Pigs got up to and solve the maths problems?


In topic we would like you to think of your favourite character from the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. Can you imagine what the character would have been thinking and feeling during the story? 

Can you get into character and do some 'hot seating' as that character?

Ask a grown up to ask you some questions and then see if you can think of an answer back. Remember there is no write or wrong answer, as it is your imagination! 


You can make a mask of the character first and if you would like a challenge you could write the questions for your grown up to ask. 




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