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Friday 5th June- Food in Space


Good morning everyone! Happy Friday :) A big well done to you for continuing to work hard and access your online classroom. We're proud of you :) Last effort today before a rest over the weekend.


Activity 1

Today we're returning to Space. I would like you to research what the 'eatwell plate' looks like and create your own plate based on the foods you eat. I would then like you to research what astronauts eat in space and create an 'eatwell plate' based on the meals available to them in space using the links supplied.There's a blank eatwell plate included. You could then compare the astronaut meal to your own and see what food groups you have more of and what food groups astronauts eat more of.Present your information in your chosen format.


Activity 2

Use your weekly food diary to draw a bar chart showing the amount of foods you eaten each day in each food group and see which group is prominent in your diet.


-Draw a tally first of fats,sugars,carbs,proteins and fruits and veg mon-fri or mon-sunday down the LEFT side and food groups across the top.
-Count the foods and tally them up for each day putting a mark for each part of the meal
- use this information to create a bar chart.Give it a title ie graph to show the food groups eaten over 5 days/7days


Write a summary of which food groups you have eaten most this week and whether your diet has been balanced. We've created tally charts followed by bar charts lots of times,so think hard. You can do it :)


Have fun and an enjoyable weekend :) See you all Monday morning xx

Finished your work for today?


Time to get moving!


Have a go at Miss Roberts' Dance Along videos for Sports Day- links below.


As we learned yesterday exercise is great for our body and minds and can also be really fun!

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