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Friday 1st May

Numeracy - it's Snake’s turn to take centre stage today!


Last week we had a look at repeating patterns when you made your crowns. This week we would like you to make a snake using a pattern. There are three options you can choose from:


1. A paper chain snake. Cut strips of three (or four if you fancy a challenge) different colours of paper. Loop them together in a repeating pattern, and give your snake a face at the front.


2. Taking a paper plate or a big circle drawn on paper/card, draw a spiral from one edge that ends up in the centre and use spots or stripes to colour or paint your repeating pattern. Cut along the spiral you originally drew to make a springy snake!


3. Use your imagination to create your own snake - can you decorate it with a repeating pattern?


Use three colours to make your pattern, or four if you fancy a challenge. 

Feel good Friday!


Today, we would like you to do something kind for one of the grown ups who have been looking after you and helping you this week - it has seemed a long week and we know that some days have been trickier than others. Could you make your bed, tidy up your toys without being asked, help with the dishes or making a meal or do something else that will make your grown ups smile and make their day a little bit easier? Could you take them to lie down on the sofa or put their feet up, then bring them a snack and a drink and say a big thank you for everything they do for you - you are all very lucky to have your grown ups looking after you and helping you with your learning! A big thank you from both of us teachers for all the effort you are putting into the activities with the children - we are really missing being in school with them all and it makes our day to see what you have all been up to.


And here are a couple of bonus challenges you may choose to take part in...

Build yourself a Gruffalo den - where could the Gruffalo go and hide from the mouse?! As a special Friday treat you may even wish to hide in your Gruffalo den and watch the Gruffalo movie! Available on BBC iPlayer at the following link:

(P.S The Gruffalo's Child is also on the iPlayer should your child fancy an extended stay in their den! laugh)
Play the 'quiet as a mouse' game - think of something to do nice and quietly, so quietly that your grown ups don't even realise you are there!

Here are a couple of examples of work that children have made using the Chatterpix apps - today can you make something come to life? You could pick a toy, a drawing or even a pet and make them talk!

Still image for this video

The Gruffalo

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Literacy - We have seen some brilliant work this week and have been really impressed with your writing and how hard you are trying with the cursive style. Your task todays is we would like you to think about what you would say to the Gruffalo if you met him. Would you trick him like the mouse did?

Write about it using the sentence: 'If I met the Gruffalo...…'

Phonics - You have all done a great job with your blend sounds and we have seen some super blend books! Today we would like you to practice the next set of high frequency words. First practice writing each word out by covering and checking. If you want to challenge yourself further have a go at writing some of you own sentences using each word. 

We will take a break from the Lego challenge next week - hope you enjoy your last one for a while!

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