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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 19th June

Phonics  - our sound of the day is:



toy for a boy



Can you read the pirate story below and spot all the 'oy' words? Write them in a list (you should find 9!)


Challenge - can you write your own sentences containing the 'oy' words from your list?


Numeracy - today we are going to look at number bonds to 10. Watch the video below for all the ways you can do it (we have looked at this song before). Can you draw your own boats and write ways to make 10 with one number on each sail? Look at the picture for inspiration - you will need to draw 6 boats to do all the bonds!


Challenge - can you cut your boats up like in the picture, shuffle them up then try and put them back together? Can you think of your own rules to play a game with them?

What makes Ten?

Literacy - The seaside provides lots of different habitats where you will find a wide variety of creatures. Today we are going to look at Rockpools. Watch the video below about life in a Rockpool. Use the Rockpool Life Spotter as a checklist whilst you're watching the video. There are lots more short videos on YouTube about Rockpools if you enjoy this video and want to find out more. 


Task - We would like you to design your own Rockpool. Use the Rockpool Life Spotter checklist to help you to decide what creatures you would like to put in your rock pool. You can draw your rockpool or even create one on your computer/iPad using Bookcreator or Paint.  Can you label you rockpool? 

Springwatch - Wildlie Story 1: Rockpool

Deep down in a rockpool a hermit crab fancies some prawns for dinner.

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