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Bore da Pawb!

It's Friday! Last day of home learning for this week. We hope you are all well.

Thank you for all your lovely emails with photographs of you and your work. We have set up a gallery of some of the photographs you have sent this week. We would love to fill it with more of your selfies so get snapping and send them to us and we'll upload them into the gallery. We're missing your lovely smiley faces!


Mr Swede has also set up a TT Rockstar Challenge between both classes which will last throughout the weekend. So get your brains in gear and see how many points you can earn for your class.

Have a lovely weekend!smiley


LO: Alphabet Game

This is just a bit of fun to end the week. To play the game, you need to find a word which fits all the groups starting with the letter in the first column. The first one has been done for you.

There is room on the sheet for you to add your own letters.

You may need to do a little research to find the answers, especially the names of flowers!

Good luck and have fun!


Placing values in the correct order. Show answers through adding (see top right hand corner of the picture)


LO: to draw a self portrait

Watch the powerpoint below about how to draw a portrait.

Follow the instructions to draw your own portrait. Colour it using felts or coloured pencils. 

Send us your finished pieces of art if you want it to go in the gallery.