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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 12th June

As always, please stay in touch....

Class 3 -

Class 4 -


This week we would like you to dance along to the song

'Can y Sw!' 

When you see the different animals on the screen, can you dance like those animals! We would love to see clips of your animal dancing! 

Remember to ask Mummy or Daddy to send the videos to your teacher by Friday lunch time at the latest! 


Best of luck for your bike ride this weekend Molly, Finn and Oliver! We can't wait to hear how you got on.

Cân y Sŵ | The Zoo Song

Mae llwyth o ganeuon i'w canu, gemau i'w chwarae a rhaglenni i'w gwylio ar wefan Cyw! There are lots more songs to sing, games to play a...

Task 1 


Family debate time!


Animals have some AMAZING abilities. Which ability or animal feature would you most like to have?


Would you rather be strong like a jaguar or fast like a cheetah? 


Would you rather be TALL like a giraffe or fly like an owl? 



Challenge - Can you draw yourself as an animal, what animal would you be? Can you label your abilities? Can you fly? Are you fast?

Task 2 


Using HWB: ( Can you collect data, using a bar chart? 


(if you cannot access HWB, you can draw your own bar chart)


If you need reminding of your log in, please email your class teacher.


Please follow Hwb Guidance below.


Choose 4 animals.


Once your graph is set up, ask your family and friends which animal they would choose to adopt, out of the 4 animals on your graph?


Record your data on the graph.


Challenge - Can you write a conclusion paragraph about the data you have collected?

Which was the most popular?

Which was the least popular?

What was the total amount of people you asked?

Would you change anything next time? If so, why?

Task 3


Our sounds of the day are ‘o-e’ (Phone home), ‘ow’ (blow the snow) and ‘oa’ (Goat in a boat).


Can you think of words with these sounds and then sort them out into the correct groups? Which sound has the most words?

A week of super work! Da iawn pawb!!!

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