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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 12th June

Have a bit of fun today and play 'guess the animal' using the link below!

Guess the animal

Handwriting challenge  SNAP!


Today we would like you to think about the 'ow' sound and form the letters super carefully! Can you ask someone at home to cut out some pieces of paper the same size! Think of as many 'ow' words as you can and write each word on a piece of paper using our pre-cursive writing.  Now can you write all of the words out again on pieces of paper!

 You have made your own SNAP! game - now play the game with someone at home!

Language challenge 


Zoos are good.            Zoos are bad.


Can you talk about both of these statements. Now write sentences to support each argument and then write which statement you agree with. Remember it is important to give a reason for your thought!

Data handling challenge

Today we would like you to pretend that you are a zoo keeper at Chester Zoo. Can you pretend you are in charge of these animals - 






Think about how many of each animal you would have in your and show me using either a pictogram or a block chart. I would like you to show me your learning using your hwb account today. Please see below for instructions how to access the activity. Feel free to email with any problems. Remember to save your work on your hwb account too!


Step 1 - sign into your hwb account, scroll down and click 'just2easy' - with a yellow box around it!
Step 2 - click 'j2data', circled
Step 3 - click pictogram or chart
Today’s fantastic work...........
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