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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 10th July

In school we have read the story of the 'Cautious Caterpillar'. Mrs Jones has been telling the children all about the swarm of caterpillars that she found in her back garden. Here is a picture of them, look closely and see how many you can count. This was just one little section of the plant, the whole thing was covered!

Numeracy - we are going to do some estimating today! Remember when we estimate we have a careful think before checking (it doesn’t matter if you are wrong, as long as you check is the important thing!)


Can you estimate how many mermaids are in each pool? Have a quick look, then write your estimate down, before clicking again and checking.

Literacy/Science - Materials investigation - Oh no! The mermaid has lost some of her scales! This means her tail is no longer waterproof. Can you help her? Find some materials around your house e.g. foil, cloth and drop a little bit of water on it. What happens? Is the water being soaked up (absorbed) or is it running off (being repelled by) the fabric?


Which materials are waterproof? What material will make the best scales?

Phonics - Yesterday you made some fantastic picture and word cards for words with the double sounds ' ll, ss, ff'. 


Your task today is to play some games with your cards. You could play a game of snap, bingo or a matching pairs game. If you have your own ideas then please feel free to share! Enjoy!

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