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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 10th July

If you need to contact Mrs Lincoln-Jones or Miss Hughes please contact us on:

Class 3 -

Class 4 -

What a wonderful two weeks it has been with our little stars! Both Mrs Lincoln-Jones and Miss Hughes are going to miss our classes next week during transition!! 
Remember, you will still be coming into class and going home at the same times next week but your new teachers will be collecting you in the mornings.
Mrs Lincoln-Jones and Miss Hughes will pop our heads in to say hello each day - we will miss you too much not too!! 

We will still be available via email if you need us next week whilst at home! Have a super weekend and enjoy your week in Year 2!!! 


Hugs, Mrs L-J and Miss Hughes xxx

Task 1

Using a dice (or make one) can you create sentences using the storyboard provided. You must include a keyword, setting, character and prop in your story. 


Challenge - Can you create a different sequence of numbers with your dice and create a different story?

Task 2 

Can you write your odd and even numbers as far as you possibly can?




True or false?

If you add 2 even numbers together, the answer is always even.


If you add an odd number and an odd number together the answer is always even.


If you add an odd and even number together the answer is always even.

Task 3

The pirates need some help finding the treasure! What you need to do is help them write the words out 3 times to get across to the treasure. Can you help the pirates? Remember your letters should start on the line. (Refer to year 1 homepage for precursive guidance)

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