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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Fri 15th May

Atticus’ briliant ebook for his own Stick Man story.

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A little message to you all from Sebastian

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A little message from William!

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Numeracy - today, we are going to be doing a bit of measuring mixed with a little bit of problem solving. You will need a ‘Stickman’ (a longer stick) and one of his children (a shorter stick). Your challenge is to find up to 10 things which are taller than the child (short stick) but also shorter than your ‘Stickman’ (long stick). Can you write a list of all the things you find? You may find things in your house or things outside depending on the weather. Remember, when we measure we have to line up the start of our measuring tool with the start of what we are measuring. 

Challenge - can you measure the things that you find with a ruler or a tape measure and say how long they are in centimetres?
Literacy - Today we are going to look at woodland creatures. Play the ‘What am I?’ game below and see if you can guess the woodland creature by listening to the description. 

Task - Create your own ‘what am I?’ description for an animal of your choice. See if your family members and us all at home can guess what animal you are describing.


Challenge - Create a fact file about a woodland creature.


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Phonics -  Our sound of the day is ‘oo’. – Look at a book!


Task – Can you make your own picture book with a different ‘oo’ word on each page?

Afternoon challenge - If the weather is nice, we would love you to spend some time outside this afternoon! You may wish to play one of the stick games that one of your friends shared earlier in the week - these include:


- Sebastian's 'Hot or Cold' game,

- Sophie's 'Pick up Sticks' game,

- Eddie and Evie's relay race game,

- Phoebe's 'Fetch' game,

- Cameron or William's 'Hide the Stick' game. 


You may even want to make a marble run out of sticks similar to Thomas! For more information on these games please look at yesterday's page for videos and photos of the children's ideas.


You may choose to do some more estimating with the sticks under the towel, or you may choose to do something completely different entirely.


You could even hold your own 'Stick Olympics' against other members of your family; play all the games and see who wins the most before crowning them the 'Master of Sticks' laughbonus points if you can make a crown for the winner! 

Another idea is to watch the 'Stickman' film and create a poster to advertise it for the cinema, or write a review - tell us what you thought, what was your favourite part and what you would score it out of 5 stars!
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