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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Friday 12th June

Numeracy - Yesterday we found out that the winning animal at Chester Zoo was the penguin! So today we have set a very special penguin challenge - do you think you can save them?


The iceberg the penguins live on is melting and there is not enough room for them all! Can you answer the following questions to divide the penguins equally among new icebergs so they have enough room? Use the pictures in the document to cut out and cut your own icebergs out of paper (you will need four) - if you don’t have a printer you can use anything you have on hand to represent the penguins e.g. buttons, counters, coins, pasta pieces etc.


Now - you might be thinking 'what on earth does 'divide' mean? It is a brand new word, but when I tell you a little bit more, you'll realise we did something very similar before when we looked at halving. Watch the video below, then have a go at the questions - good luck, we hope you can save the penguins!

Divide demonstration

Still image for this video

Literacy - As you chose Penguins as your favourite zoo animal (Mrs Jones' too!) we would like you to find out a fact about them. Where do they live? What do the eat?  How may different species are there? You might like to find out the life cycle of a penguin, design a home for them to live in or even imagine what you would do if you had a penguin for a pet!  


Phonics - Todays sound is 'ow' - Blow the snow


A big well done for your phonics work this week! You might like to create a 'phonics book' with all of the words you have made this week, make a sounds trail around your house and play 'the floor is lava' or even play bingo with this weeks sounds - ee / ay / oo/ igh / ow


We had a go at writing in glitter, we are going to try making words out of playdough today. 

Bonus afternoon activity -  We've had a few visitors to our house! Go onto Google search, type in an animal and find 'see it in 3D' option to see it come to life in your house! 
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