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Focus Week

Friday 21st May-Welsh artists and Castles


Morning everyone!The good have a week to have a go at this,or do it today and enjoy a rest next week as technically,it's half term :)See it as a mini project but you can choose between castles or artists :)

Castles:-choose a welsh castle.There's quite a few to choose from!Write a fact file and add pictures about its history.Below is a link to Harlech that will help you to navigate what to include.Its up to you how you present it.

Artists:- I'd like you to have a look at 3 welsh artists. Martyn Evans, Rhiannon Williams and Gwen John.
Here's a link to a powerpoint about Gwen John.

Choose one artist and produce a painting in their style and then write a biography about the person of your choice.Choose images for your painting from our local area i.e.Hawarden-Gladstone Library,or Hawarden/Ewloe Castle,the schools,pubs,playing fields.Or choose your favourite place to recreate.We've had a little explore of Rhiannon Williams already but I love her art so much,I didn't want to exclude her from the choice.Use pencils,oil pastels,watercolours,felts-whatever you've got!This is a competition,so take your time and do your best!

Welsh sports extras


These are a few extra ideas I had for tasks based around sports in Wales. 
They have a bit less guidance than the main tasks.


If you would prefer to do any of these instead of the main tasks that is absolutely fine. If you want to try any of them as well as the main tasks, that is fine too.


You could also try some of these ideas during half term if you would like to.


If you have any of your own ideas for tasks relating to Welsh culture that would be great too. Try to make sure they include a skill that we have practised in school.

Thursday 21st May- Welsh Sporting Personalities

LO: To present information.


I would like you to prepare, and give a presentation all about famous Sports personalities of Wales.


Open the attached documents for step by step instructions and an example of a presentation with a Welsh sports person.


There is another example on the following link which looks at 3 sporting personalities.



These examples have both used a digital presentation, but paper could be just as good.


I would like you to actually present your information to a family member if possible. If you can, try to speak clearly, and try not to just read off your slides.


Any questions, please ask.

21.5.20- Rugby Score problem solving

Rugby Union is the national sport of Wales. This activity will help you to learn how the scoring system works.


Read through the instructions and the example in the attached document.

This problem requires you to use addition skills.

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