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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Dydd Mawrth 23rd June

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Class 3 -

Class 4 -

Task 1

In the story yesterday, the children all had very different experiences whilst school was closed. Let's see who has a good memory! Can you decide whether the statements below are TRUE or FALSE.


Oskar has been learning at home with his grandmother.

Mathew has been learning at home.

Priya loved spending all day with her cat.

Oskar has been playing basketball.

Priya plays the guitar on Thursdays.


Challenge - What did you learn from the story?

Task 2


Can you estimate how long objects in your house or garden are? How many centimetres do you think it is? 


Then can you check, using a ruler or tape measure.


You could record your measurements in a table.


Were you close?


Challenge - If you have an apple device you can use the ‘measure’ app to measure items - have a little experiment with this

Our sounds of the day are ‘ow’ (Blow the Snow),
‘o-e’ (Phone Home), ‘oa’ (Goat in a Boat).


Task – Can you think of 4 words with each of these sounds and put them into sentences? Remember to use your beautiful cursive writing. (Every lowercase letter starts on the line!)

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