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Ewloe Green Primary School

Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Class 9

Homework: 5.7.19

Your homework this weekend is to completely finish your Aztec project. You will need to make sure you have included all the sections listed below.

Front cover

Enquiry Page










Interesting facts

Glossary (choose 10 words, find their meanings and write them out alphabetically)

Bibliography (this is the list of books, websites and any other resources you have used throughout your project)

Have a lovely weekend!smiley


Homework: 1.7.19

Your homework today is to continue working on your Aztec project. Make sure you have included all the sections (see the list on Friday's homework). We will complete the contents page, glossary and bibliography in school this week. You have until next Monday to complete your work. Don't leave it until Sunday evening ~ use your time wisely!

Homework: 28.6.19

Please continue to work on any sections of your project which are unfinished. Next week, we will complete the contents page, glossary and bibliography in school. Your finished project should be handed in on Monday, 8th July so you have until them to make sure everything is completed and included in your folder. Below is a list of the pages you should have so far:

Front cover

Enquiry page ~ this is the one with the question 'How did the Aztecs live?'


Aztec food



Schools and education


If you still have lots of work to finish, use your time wisely and work on it throughout the next 9 nine days.

Everyone's projects are looking great and I look forward to reading them.

Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Homework - 24/06/19

Your homework this week is to continue your research on the Aztecs. We would like you to focus on gathering information about -

  1. Aztec Clothes & Jewellery (Men, Woman, Children, Rich/Poor, Uniforms,etc)
  2. Aztec School & Education

Remember you are not completing your project at home, just gathering the relevant information.

Please return your homework to school on Wednesday 26th June.

Homework: 21.6.19

Your homework this weekend is:

  1. to research Aztec Gods and religion. Find information about how they worshipped the gods and how it affected their lives.
  2. Draw a map of Mexico to show where the Aztecs lived. Remember to colour it and write places on it. Include the seas/oceans around Mexico. Here are a couple of examples from previous years:

Homework: 17th June

Your homework today is to research Aztec Homes. Find information about the style of homes and what was inside. Find out how they prepared and cooked food, heated the home and what sort of rooms were in the house etc.

Bring your research into school for Wednesday 19th June.

Aztec Project

Over the next 3 weeks you will be working on an Aztec project both in school and at home. Each week you will be given an area to research at home. You will then use this research to help you to complete your project work in class.


Your first homework task is to design and create a front cover for your project on A4 paper/card. You should also research and make notes about the Aztecs.

Who were they?

Where did they come from?

When were they alive?


You should bring both of these pieces of work into school on Monday, 17th June.

Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Homework - 10/06/19 - Sir Francis Drake 

Using your DCF skills, create an interesting fact file about Sir Francis Drake. You may want to include facts about his life, his voyage, his ships, what he is famous for, etc.

You can either present your work on a computer or on a decorative sheet.

Please complete your work by Thursday 13th June.


Maths Homework:

Please learn your 7 times table this weekend. Make sure you know it fluently and can recall it quickly.

Also use TT Rockstars to help you.

Please go on Spellodrome and do some reading too.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Homework: Half Term

Your homework over half term:

  • continue to practise your spellings on Spellodrome
  • continue to use TT Rockstars to practise your times tables.
  • reading


Have a lovely holiday and a good rest, ready to start your last half term in year 4! smiley

Llandudno Trip: Thursday, 16th May

Our trip to Llandudno takes place this Thursday. Here are a few details about the day:

  • Please wear your school uniform and sensible shoes for walking on the Great Orme and going into the Copper Mines.
  • Bring a coat ~ although the weather forecast looks good, it can get cold and windy on the Orme.
  • You may like to put some sunscreen on to protect you from the sun.
  • Bring a packed lunch ~ this can be placed in a plastic bag or in a small rucksack. No glass bottles please.
  • Bring two drinks ~ one for lunch time and one for on the way home.
  • You can bring spending money ~ up to £5.00 is enough.
  • The bus will be leaving by 9 a.m. and should return between 4.15 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. A text will be sent out to update our time of arrival back at school.

Homework - 13/05/19


Your homework this week is to research at least 2 different tourist attractions in Llandudno

Examples could include -

Venue Cymru, Home Font Experience, The Great Orme Tramway, Llandudno Cable Car, Llandudno Ski & Snowboard Centre, Great Orme Family Golf; Great Orme Ancient Mine; Great Orme Summit Complex, etc.


Please make notes with as many details on these tourist attractions as you can find (Prices; offers; addresses; descriptions of activities, etc) This will help you in the coming week when planning and making your own leaflets advertising Llandudno.


Please complete your homework by Thursday 16th May.

Homework: 10.5.19

Your maths homework this weekend is about perimeter. Your task is to measure each shape and find the perimeter. Write the calculation next to each shape.



Please collect any leaflets advertising attractions or places to go. This will be in preparation for your English and Topic work next week. (If you are shopping at Broughton Park, there is a stand with leaflets near Costa Coffee.)


Have a lovely weekend and a good rest after completing your tests this week! smiley

English Homework - 07/05/2019


You have been working so hard preparing for your tests recently and impressed us with your efforts. Well done everyone!

Your homework this week is to -

1 - Achieve 1000 points on Spellodrome

2 - Read at home

Please complete by Friday 10th May 

English Homework: 29.4.19

You have been given a reading paper from 2017 to complete at home. There are 3 parts to the paper. You can choose to complete it in one go or perhaps split the sections and complete it over 3 nights. It is up to you how you complete it. Read each section thoroughly and then read each question carefully. Follow the instructions carefully too!


You have an extra night to complete this work ~ it needs to be back in school by THURSDAY.


You also need to complete at least 10 minutes of Spellodrome each night. Your new list has been updated.

Forest School w/c 8th April

Homework: 11.4.19

You have been sent home with two pieces of homework to complete during the holidays.

1. Reading test ~ read the text carefully and then answer the questions on the paper. Keep looking back at the text to find the answers.

2. Maths Paper ~ complete the work on the sheet. We have covered all the areas in our maths lessons and you will probably notice it is very like the paper you worked on during lessons this week. Show any workings out on the sheet.


Remember to read during the holidays too!



Have a lovely holiday but don't eat too many Easter eggs!wink

I would just like to say a huge 'thank you' to Class 9 for such a lovely term!

It has been a pleasure to teach you and I wish you the best of luck for the rest of Year 4. 

Thank you for all of my lovely presents! heartblush

From Miss Gill 

Diolch Class 9

Homework 08.04.2019


Your Literacy homework this week is to write a diary entry about a good day - the best day ever! Use your imagination - it can be about anything you like!

Be sure to describe the events in detail, talk about how they made you feel and use the past tense. 

We look forward to reading some very imaginative diary entries by Thursday please! angel

Homework: 1.4.19

The junior department has set up a competition to see which class can score the  most on Spellodrome between today and next Monday.


Your homework today and throughout the week is to use Spellodrome for at least 10 minutes each day. The winning class will receive the Spellodrome trophy to be kept in class for the week.

Homework: 29th March

There is no set homework this weekend. Please ensure you read your book and get it signed. Remember to keep using TT Rockstars. We will set a challenge next week against both year 4 classes.


There are a number of lost property items from Nant BH in class 10. Please feel free to have a look if any of them belong to you.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Homework: 22.3.19

Following on from our assembly about children in Uganda, the ICE team are running a competition to raise awareness about the children not having a pair of shoes. 


You will need to create a poster to advertise our aim of collecting shoes to donate to the children in Uganda.


Your poster will need:

  • a title ~  EWLOE GREEN SHOE DRIVE (just a suggestion)
  • images/bright colours
  • bossy verbs!
  • a brief explanation as to why we are doing this
  • dates ~ from April 1st to April 5th


Bring your poster into school on Monday. 


The shoe collection will begin on April 1st (International Schools Week) but more information will soon follow.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley



Homework: 18.3.19

Your homework is to change tenses from present to past.  DO NOT write on the sheet. Write it out into your homework book,

eg grow - grew

Remember to write the date and a title, 'Changing Tenses'.


Remember to learn your new spellings and have a go on

TT Rockstars. See if you can beat your best personal time!

Homework: 15.3.19

Your homework this weekend is to use Spellodrome. Remember! 1000 points earns one merit and over 4000 will earn you 2 merits.


TT Rockstars

Yesterday you were given your password again so please make sure you also have a go on the program. Try to beat your personal best time!


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

English Homework: 11.3.19

Your homework this week is to learn your spelling list for a spelling test on Friday. Please make sure you learn them thoroughly as well as spending time on Spellodrome. You should aim to go on it at least 4 times for 10 minutes each time.

Fairtrade Week

Use the internet to research Fairtrade.

What is it?

Find 10 facts about Fairtrade. You may type them out and decorate your sheet.


Rugby: Tuesday 12th March

For the next 4 weeks we will be having rugby lessons with Shotton Steel Ladies Club. If you have football style boots with studs bring them to school but also bring trainers in case we have to train on the yard. Don't worry if you don't have football boots, just wear your trainers.

HOMEWORK w/c 4th March 2019

This half term we are going to  be writing diary entries.

Your English homework for this week is to have a go at writing a diary entry all about your half term holiday! Try to include as many details as possible and describe how each situation made you feel!

A few photographs from our Eisteddfod

Jacob and Zyrus taking part in the individual recitation.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Homework: Half Term

Your homework over half term is to read as much as you can. Please remember to ask your adult to sign your reading log. 


You also need to keep going on Spellodrome. Please note your spellings will NOT change next Monday so you will have the same list for two weeks. Please ensure you learn your list as you will have a spelling test on it on the first Friday back in school.


Have a fantastic holiday. Have lots of fun but please stay safe!smiley

Homework: 15.2.19

Your maths homework today is all about ordering decimal numbers. Write your answers on the sheet making sure you order them from smallest number to largest number.

Please stick your sheet into your book with either glue or selotape. Also remember to write a date and underline it.


Welsh Poem

Please continue to learn the Welsh poem (a copy of it can be found lower down this page.) The whole year group will be reciting this poem in our Eisteddfod being held on Friday next week and you will all need to know the whole poem.


If you would like to audition for taking part in the individual recitation, you will only recite verses 1, 3 & 5. Auditions will take place on Tuesday afternoon. You are all welcome to audition.


Don't forget to go on Spellodrome and continue reading.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Below is a copy of the Welsh poem we are learning for the Eisteddfod held at school on February 22nd.

English Homework: 11.2.19

Your homework today is using adjectives to make your sentences more interesting.

Complete the work from the sheet into your book (DO NOT write on the sheet). Remember to use capital letters and full stops where necessary.

Your work should have a date and a title and both should be underlined.

Return to school on Wednesday, 13th Feb.

Maths Homework: 8.2.19

Today's homework is about finding the fractions of amounts. Please set your work out in the same way as last week's work ~ show the question, then the bar model and finally the calculation and answer (see picture below).


Remember to go on Spellodrome and continue to read.


Have a lovely weekend smiley


English Homework - 4.2.19


Next week we will be studying the famous artist 'Picasso' and looking at some of his beautiful artwork. For your homework this week you are to research Picasso. Here are a few things that you can find out:

  • Name:
  • Date of Birth/death:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Childhood
  • What he is most famous for
  • Any interesting facts

Homework: 1.2.19

Your maths homework today is all about finding the fractions of amounts which we have been learning about in our maths lessons this week.

Complete the work on the sheet and then glue it into your book. Complete the last 3 questions at the bottom of the sheet in your homework book. Remember to show the bar model and the calculation. Take care with question c as the numerator is greater than 1.

Return your work to school on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend smiley

Homework: 28.1.19

English homework will sent out tomorrow and be returned to school on Thursday. Please continue to read and go on Spellodrome where you will find your new words for this week.

Homework: 25.1.19

Your maths homework this weekend is all about fractions which we have been learning about in school this week.

Please complete the sheet by colouring the fraction of the 8 shapes and then stick it into your maths homework book. If your homework has an extra 6 questions on the bottom, please complete these shapes neatly in your homework book. Remember to write the date.

Return to school on Monday 28th January.


If you have brought your designs for a Santes Dwynwen card home, please finish all 4 designs. You need to colour your chosen design ready to make it next week. Return to school on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

English Homework: 21.1.19


Create a spider web of words and similes to describe a farm yard animal.


Below is an example about a cow. Please DO NOT copy it. Think of your own similes.


You are to write at least 10 similes to describe your anim

Homework: Friday 18th January

Today we have had a day of fun and games! Everyone has had a great time! So the homework for this weekend is Spellodrome (some people have not been on it yet so please make sure you have spent sufficient time on it.)


Please read your book and continue to practise the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables. You should be able to repeat them quickly in order as well as out of order.


I hope you have enjoyed your day so have a restful weekend and be ready to return to school on Monday refreshed for the new week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Friday, January 18th

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our school's achievement in our recent inspection. Because a group of children will be swimming in the afternoon, we will be having our celebrations in the morning. The children have chosen to do the following:

Play traditional party games

Play board games

The children can bring in board games to play during the morning. Please do not send in electronic games.


PE will still go ahead during the afternoon for those children who do not go swimming.

Thank You

English Homework: 14.1.19

There will be no English homework tonight. Instead, please ensure you log onto Spellodrome for your new list.


Your English homework will be given out on Wednesday once we have covered the work in our lesson. It will need to be returned on Friday, 18th January.


Please continue to read also. (Remember, you will earn a merit if you have read at least 3 times during the week!) smiley

Homework: 11.1.19


1. Maths Homework ~ Please learn the 4 times table thoroughly.       Make sure you know it in order and out of order. You should be     able to say them quickly as well as doing them 'backwards'

   (eg 16 divided by 4 is 4)

2. Go on Spellodrome ~ you should be going on this at least 4            times during the week for a reasonable amount of time.

3. Reading ~ remember to read regularly. You will earn a merit if      you have read at least 3 times at home during the week.


Have a lovely weekend smiley

Christmas Party 20/12/2018


Still image for this video

Karaoke Somewhere Only We Know (John Lewis) - Lily Allen *

Homework: 14.12.18

Please read your reading book and go on Spellodrome this weekend. There is no set maths homework.


Don't forget to bring in any old Christmas cards for Monday as we will be making a Christmas bauble from them. If you have a stapler, please bring it in for you to staple the bauble together.


Keep practising Nadolig Llawen for next Thursday's assembly. You will find the songs below.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Huge congratulations to Jacob Parry for coming first in this year's Flintshire Christmas Card Competition!!!!

Class 9 - Multi-Sports Festival - 13/12/2018


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Nadolig Llawen i Chi Gyd

Caryl Parry Jones. 1996 Côr Plant y Gwter

Maths Homework: 7th December

This week we have been learning the expanded method for multiplying. 

Your homework is to practise this method. Remember to show all the workings out. Look at the  example on your sheet to remind you how to do it.

Please return your work to school on Monday, 10th December.


If you have any old Christmas cards, bring them into school next week for a maths activity.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Homework - Newspaper Comprehension - 03.12.18

Your English Homework this week is to read the Newspaper Report - 'Back To Earth With A Bump!'.

Please answer the Comprehension Questions using full sentences in your English Homework book. Please hand your homework in on Wednesday 5th December.

Homework: 30.11.18

Please learn the 3 times table thoroughly. You will be tested on Monday on the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.


Remember to go on Spellodrome and read some of your book.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Please note forest school is cancelled tomorrow (29.11.18)


Friday, 30th November

There will be a small group of children going swimming on Friday (they know who they are). If your child is not going swimming, they will need to bring their PE kit as the children left in school will be having a PE lesson in the afternoon.


From next week onwards until further notice, there will be no PE lesson on a Tuesday afternoon as it has been changed to a Friday.

Homework - 26/11/2018

Please answer the questions using full sentences in your English Homework books.

Hand in date - Wednesday 28th November

Maths Homework: 23.11.18

This week we have been learning how to do multiplication using the grid method.

Your homework this week is to practise this method.

Write your answers on the sheet. Fill in the grid and remember to include the addition calculation at the side. (see the example below).

 Return your homework to school on Monday, 26th November.


Please go on Spellodrome and read some of your reading book.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley


Homework: 19.11.18

Please make sure you go on Spellodrome to practise your new spellings. Also, continue to read your book.

Year 4 display of work completed during focus week about ‘Remembrance’.

Reward Playtime!

Well done to all year 4 pupils for winning the extra playtime this week for their good behaviour over the last two weeks at dinner time and on the playground. Both Mr Price and Mrs McLellan were very proud of you all! Carry on setting this great example!

Maths Homework: 16.11.18


Your homework this weekend is all about quadrilaterals. We have been learning about them in our maths lessons this week. Read the sheet below very carefully and complete the shapes on the sheet you have been sent home with. 

Remember to use a ruler when drawing the shapes.


Return your homework on Monday, 19th November.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley


HOMEWORK: 9.11.18

In preparation for our new topic about The Tudors, please find some interesting facts about them. These could include:

  • who they were,
  • when they were alive,
  • what they were famous for,
  • what they wore and ate,
  • what hobbies they liked to do.


You can write these facts in your English homework book or on the computer.


You should write at least 10 facts about the Tudors.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Biome Montage: Half term homework

Your task over the holidays is to create a montage about a biome we have studied this half term. A montage is a piece of art made up of words and pictures. You can use pieces of paper in different colours to form the background and then glue pictures cut from magazines, newspapers and computer images on top. Your montage should also have words associated with the biome. Add any of the Welsh words we have used if you can remember them.

You have been given a piece of A3 paper to complete your homework on. Make sure your name is on the back before you hand it in.

Pupils from previous years have really enjoyed this work ~ hope you have fun too!

Below are some examples of montages completed in previous years.

Choose from one of the following biomes:-





Examples of montages about a biome.

Homework: 19.10.18

In preparation for our work on Remembrance after half term, your homework is to find 6 or more interesting facts about World War One. 


If you search for information on the internet, type in 'Facts about World War One for children'. This will ensure you are using websites suitable for children and you will be able to understand them.


You can write your facts on a piece of paper or present it digitally. Please make sure it has a title and underline it.


Also, keep thinking about what you would like to learn about World War One. If you think of a good idea, please let me know.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Homework : Monday 15th October

We have been developing our understanding of non-chronological reports and are starting to gather the required information needed to produce our own reports on the African Savannah.


Your homework this week is to research facts about an animal from the African Savannah and create a fact file / spider diagram with your findings. This information will be used next week when we start our non-chronological reports.


An example of a fact file of the African Hunting Dog has been shared with you. 

With it being Digital Competency Week - extra points to those children who can present their work digitally smiley


Please return your homework on Wednesday 17th October.


Maths Homework: 12.10.18

This week we have been looking at subtraction in our maths lessons. We have been learning how to use decomposition when subtracting. 


Complete the work in your book. Remember to set each calculation out correctly in column form. There is an example on your sheet to show you how to set your work out.


Remember to use a ruler to draw lines.


Always remember the rule ! 'More on the floor, knock next door to get 10 more!'


Return your homework on Monday, 15th October.


Please make sure you have been on Spellodrome also.


We will be using Lego Movie Maker next week as part of our Digital Competency week. If you have any plastic animals which would be found in the African Savannah, please could you bring them into school so we can use them to make our movies? Thank You!


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Forest School tomorrow, Thursday 11th October.

Come to school in your forest school clothes and stay in them all day so no need to bring school uniform.

Monday 8th October - Homework

Jack Sargeant AM & Mark Tami MP Christmas eCard Competition 2018


Please ensure that your entry is on A4 paper and is able to be scanned (no glitter or 3D objects).

All designs are to be outlined in fine liner where possible and coloured in well.


The use of the welsh language would be great -

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


On the reverse of your entry please include your full name, age and school.


Hand in date - Friday 12th October




Maths Homework: 5.10.18

This week we have been practising column addition including adding decimals. Your homework this weekend is to complete the calculations in your book. Take care to set your work out accurately in columns. Make sure the decimal points 'line up' with each other. Below are two examples for you to follow. Please remember to draw the lines with a pencil and ruler!


Could all sponsor money be sent into school ASAP please?

Many thanks


Have a lovely weekend! smiley 

Moel Famau - Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Homework - 1/10/18


'Clean Up Clwyd' - Poster Competition (Hand in date - Friday 5th October)


Please design a poster about 'Stop Throwing Litter'. Keep in mind what impact throwing litter has on our environment.

Maths Homework: 28.9.18

Please complete your homework on the sheet and glue it into your book. Remember to write the date and underline it.


Nant BH

If you are interested in our residential trip to Nant BH, please sign up as soon as possible. It really is a great trip with lots of fun activities!


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Homework: 24.9.18

Please read your reading book and go on 'Spellodrome' tonight.

Maths Homework: 21.9.18

Today's homework is all about rounding numbers. Fill in the answers on the sheet and glue it into your homework book. Remember to write the date, underline it and return it to school on Monday, 24th September.


Forest School: Thursday, 27th September

Forest school will start on Thursday so remember to come to school in suitable clothing. (Remember boots or wellies and a waterproof coat)



You have all been placed into groups and your spelling list is on Spellodrome. Please use the program as often as possible. The more you use it, the easier the spellings will become and you will hopefully remember them.

Rewards!  1000 points = 1 merit, 4,000+ points = 2 merits.


Thank you for signing up for our sponsored walk, we have had a great response with many children wanting to participate. It should be a great day - now all as we need is dry weather (so keep your fingers crossed!)

Have a lovely weekend! smiley


Moel Famau Sponsored Walk: 3rd October 2018

Today the children have been sent home with a sponsor form for the upcoming sponsored walk up Moel Famau. If you would like your child to take part in this activity, please sign up on the gateway ASAP as we need to know how many children will be taking part and how many buses will be needed.

It should be a great day out and hope as many children as possible can take part.

Many thanks!

English homework: 17.9.18

Read each sentence carefully to see where the capital letters and full stops need to be written. There may be two sentences in each one so look carefully. Correct the sentences on the sheet THEN copy them into your homework book in your neatest handwriting.

Remember to write the date and title and underline both.

Return to school on Wednesday, 19th September.


Please return all flu forms ASAP.


Don't forget to cover English and Maths homework books if you haven't done so already.

Homework: 14.9.18

Today you have been sent home with your Maths and English homework books. Please complete the maths sheet and return your book to school on Monday.


Whilst your books are at home, please cover them with wrapping paper or sticky backed plastic. This will protect the covers from becoming scruffy as they will be in and out of your school bags throughout the year. Don't write on the front of them as I will give you a label to stick onto the books on Monday morning.


Flu forms reminder!

Please return the flu forms as soon as possible. Thank  you!


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Welcome to Class 9

Tuesday, 4th September 2018


Welcome back to school! I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and had lots of fun! I also hope you have enjoyed your first day in year 4. It was lovely seeing you all looking so smart in your new uniforms.


Below is a list of all the things we talked about today:



PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Please come to school on a Monday morning wearing your PE kit. Bring your uniform in your bag as you can get changed into it after the PE lesson.

Leave your kit in school on Monday night so it will be ready to wear for the lesson on Tuesday.



Monday: English homework is given out and returned on Wednesday.

Friday: Maths homework is given out and returned the following Monday.



We are continuing to use Spellodrome this year. Your login details are glued inside your homework log. Please ensure  you use the programme for 10 minutes each day. You will receive 1 merit for 1000 points and 2 merits for over 4000 points.


Multiplication tables:

Keep practising your tables each week. Remember to make it fun ~ use TT Rockstars to help you! Your login details are glued inside your homework log. You will have regular check up tests.



Bring  your reading book into school each day with your homework log. Your reading target this half term is to read at home at least 3 times a week. You will receive 1 merit if you have read 3 times during the week and you have had your homework log signed.



 We will let you know the dates closer to the time.


Forest School:

You will be informed about the day once the timetable has been sorted.


For further information about the topics we will be studying this year, please look in the parents section for 'curriculum topics'.

  • Ewloe Green Primary School, Mold Road, Ewloe, Flintshire, CH5 3AU,
  • 01244 532569