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Today we celebrated all the birthdays for children up until August. We sang 'Happy Birthday' to everyone in class. We also sent a message to the children who are in isolation and have a birthday in the following months. Wishing you all a lovely day!


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English homework: 16.3.20

Your homework today is to create your own character for a story. Think about what your character looks like, their talents, what they like to do, how they may react to other characters.

Draw your character using the template and then write notes underneath it to describe your character with as much detail as possible.

13/03 Maths Homework- this week the home work is it to add cm and m through problem solving. The children need to complete 5 questions of their choice from the sheet but can happily do more if they wish.

Class Assembly (13.3.20)

Today we performed our class assembly to the rest of the juniors. It was all about the festival of Holi and also about the coming of spring. We all spoke very clearly with our ‘big’ voices. Mrs McLellan and Miss Ogden were very proud of us! 

Netball Skills - On Thursday we practised our netball skills with Natalie. We had great fun!

Homework: 9.3.20

It is our class assembly on Friday, so your homework is to learn the lines you have been given.

Please continue to read and practise your new words on Spellodrome.

Our Celtic Trip

On Thursday, March 5th we visited Groundworks in Wrexham to take part in a Celtic day. We did lots of exciting activities including spear throwing, making thumb pots, weaving, designing shields and building a wattle and daub wall. We even sat inside a roundhouse! We had great fun dressing up as Celts and painting our faces with blue war paint. Didn’t we look scary? 🙂

Celtic Trip - Thursday, 5th March

Just a little reminder about the trip tomorrow. We will be leaving school at 9.15 a.m. and will return by home time. The children will need:

Old warm clothes - some of the activities are outside and quite messy so please don’t wear ‘best’ clothes.

A warm waterproof coat

Wellingtons or sturdy boots/shoes (in a bag)

A packed lunch ( no glass bottles please)

The children will have the opportunity to have their faces painted in the Celtic style. Please let me know if you don’t want them to participate in this.


Tales of Wales

On Monday the Pandemonium Theatre visited school to perform the play ‘Tales of Wales’. We had great fun watching them perform three Welsh tales. Here are a few photographs taken on the day.

English Homework: 3.3.20

Your homework today is to practise your handwriting. Copy the sheet you have been given in your neatest handwriting and return your book by Thursday, 5th March.


There is no written homework tonight ~ it will be sent home tomorrow and will need to be returned on THURSDAY, 5th March.

Please continue to read at home and learn your new spelling list. Your new list will be on Spellodrome.

Homework: 24.2.20

You will need to research information about swimming. Find out about the different types of swimming strokes and about safety in and around the pool. This information will the be used in your English lesson on Wednesday morning.

Half Term Holiday

What a busy half term we’ve had! Have a lovely week off with your family and have lots of fun. 

Mr Swede has set a TTRockstars challenge between classes 7and 8. Please use the program to add your score to the whole challenge. This is a great way to practise your tables. 🙂

Keep using Spellodrome also. There won’t be a new list on Monday so you have another week to practise last week’s spellings.

Have a lovely week off, stay safe and I will see you back in school on Monday, 24th February.

Please note there will be no PE tomorrow (13.2.20). Thank You!

English Homework for Wednesday 12th. 


In class we have been reading 'The Hodgeheg'. This Wednesday we will be looking at 'Road Safety' and how to write instructions, to keep us safe when crossing the road. 


For your homework, I would like you to do some research on how to cross a road safely. Bring this research to school on Wednesday to help with the instruction writing. This can be completed in the English homework book.

English Homework: 3.2.20

Proper Nouns are special nouns ~ they are the names of people or special places. They always have a capital letter.

Write a boy's names, a girl's name, a country and a company or brand for each of the letters on the sheet. There is room on it for you to add more letters of your own.

31/1/20 The homework this week is to group and add money together. Check the sheet for examples.

English Homework: 27.1.20

We have been learning how to use to, two and too. Look at the examples below (to remind you about them) and then write sentences of your own using each of the words. Write 4 sentences for each word and return your work to school on Wednesday, 29th.

Homework 24/01/20. This week's homework is to answer the six questions on fractions shown below. The children have also been asked to do a little bit of research based on Uganda for next weeks international schools work. If they could do this in their Draft books please.

English Homework: 20.1.20

We have been looking at Celtic roundhouses in our lessons. Your homework today is to find as much information about roundhouses as you can. This will be needed for a piece of work on Wednesday so please don't forget it! 

Write the information in your homework book and return to school on Wednesday, 22nd January. 

Our class assembly about happiness ~ Friday, 10th January.

Our song ‘Happiness’ by Ken Dodd.

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English Homework: 13.1.20

Today we have been learning about pronouns. Pronouns can replace the name of an object or person. Look at the pronoun descriptions sheet if you are unsure (see below).

Circle the pronouns and underline the nouns. Glue the sheet into your English homework book and return to school on Wednesday, 15th January.

PE Lesson: Thursday 9th January

Tomorrow you will be doing rugby outside. Please bring warm clothes ~ jogging bottoms, jumper etc. 


Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and are ready to get back to school and do lots of great work. This half term we will be studying the Celts ~ a super topic and looking at magnets and materials. smiley

Homework: 7.1.20

The homework today is to read and use Spellodrome. Please make sure you use the program throughout the week as well as learning them by sounding them out and writing them out.


You also need to make sure you have learnt the words and the song for our assembly on Friday. Ask someone to help you learn the words and practise them by saying them out loud and clearly. The link for the song can be found further down this page.

Homework: There isn't any!!

There is no homework this holiday ~ have a good rest and enjoy the time with your family. You have all worked so hard this term and produced lots of fantastic work!


I have put the words to our service on our class page in case you lose yours and the song 'Happiness'. Just have a little sing song ready for our service on Friday, 10th January.


Thank you so much for the lovely gifts I have received today, you are very kind.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy New year! smiley


Mrs McLellan

Class 7 Service ~ January 10th. Please keep learning your lines and practising the song, 'Happiness'.

Ken Dodd Happiness lyrics

Uploaded by 3276aj on 2014-03-27.

Nadolig Llawen i Chi Gyd

Just keep singing the first verse and chorus.

M&M Productions visited school today with ‘A Christmas Carol’. We thoroughly enjoyed their performance!

There is no maths homework today. Please continue to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 
Have a lovely weekend! 😀

Our stall is ready! We hope you like the products we have made this week.

Entrpreneurial Week

We have been very busy this week making things for our Christmas sale.

Day One: Entrepreneurial Week

Today, three groups started making the products we will sell on Friday. We had great fun sticking and glueing lollipop sticks together as well as kneading the dough for our Salt Dough Tea Lights! 

Spellodrome has now been updated! Thank You!smiley

Homework: 2.12.19

There is no written English homework this week. Please use the time to read more at home and remember to get your book signed.smiley


 Maths homework. 

Homework this week is to compete the sheet provided on using repeated addition to solve multiplication. Please can the children complete the answers in there book not on the sheet by showing the correct method, which is provided on the sheet. Thank you and hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  :) 

Class 7’s Christmas display.

English Homework: 25.11.19

In class today, we have been looking at prepositions. Prepositions are words that tell the reader the position of something.


Copy the sentences into your English book and write in the missing word in the sentence. Underline the word you have included. DO NOT WRITE THE ANSWERS ON THE SHEET.  Try to join as many letters as possible and present your work as neatly as you can. Remember to write the date and the LO: Prepositions.

Today, we had a visit from ‘Key Strings’. We learnt all about how history has affected music through the ages. It was great fun!


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Maths homework: 22.11.19

Today, your homework is to check your calculations by doing the inverse. Remember this is using the opposite calculation ~ so if you do a subtraction calculation, you can check it by doing an addition calculation.

eg       15 + __ = 23                            __ - 13 = 27

           23 - 15 = __                            27 + 13 = __


Please complete at least two sections and show all the calculations. Try to challenge yourself so don't do the easier section if you are capable of more. Write the date on your work and return it to school on Monday, 25th November.

Have a lovely weekend!

A visit from Pudsey!


Your homework today is to practise the method we have been using in school this week. Remember to show your method clearly. One and two star work has no exchanging whereas three and four star work has exchanging. Choose the level you feel you can do successfully. Please complete 2 sections.

Remember to write the date and the LO: subtraction ~ decomposition.

Maths Homework

Homework: 11.11.19

As it is 'Anti-bullying Week' in school, your homework today is to design an anti-bullying poster. Use pictures and writing to get the message across that bullying is NOT ok. Think carefully about how you can show this important message. Draw neat, clear pictures which are coloured and outlined.

Return your homework on Wednesday, 13th November.

You also have new spellings on Spellodrome so please make sure you use it regularly throughout the week.

Children to choose whether they do France, Britain or Russia, we have asked they complete at least two sections. Please present it in your book they way it is on the sheet.

A Visit from the Food Standards Agency

Today we were visited by the Food Agency Standard who performed a play called, ‘Pirates of the Chillibean’. Later we took part in a workshop all about the 4 Cs - cleaning, cross-contamination, cooking and chilling! 

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Sam, Amelia, Sam, Sofia, Lucas and Josh who all celebrated their birthdays last half term! 🎂😀

Homework: 5.11.19


Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely holiday and a good rest. This term we have lots of great work to do and a new topic to learn about called 'Let There Be Light'.


This week, we will be learning about 'Remembrance' and what it means to us. Your homework today is to complete the cloze procedure about World War One.


Copy the piece carefully into your book and use the words in the box to fill in the blank spaces. This is also a handwriting exercise so I will expect you to write as neatly as possible. Form your letters carefully (think about all the practice we have done in class) and join any you feel confident about.


Return your homework on THURSDAY, 7th November.

Maths homework

For math's homework this week please see Mr Swede' page and click on the calculator with math's homework written underneath. The homework this week is a set of word problems. The children must complete the work in column addition and show this in their math books. 

Kind Regards 

Mr Swede

English Homework: 21.10.19

Your homework today is to start learning your new spellings on Spellodrome so please make sure you use the progam today and tomorrow. You will be having a spelling test on Friday, covering some of the spellings you have been learning this half term.

Please read your book also.smiley

Goodbye Daniel!

Today we said goodbye to our lovely Daniel who will be starting at his new school next week. We are all sad he has left but we want to wish him lots of fun and happiness in his class! 

Maths homework: Good afternoon parents/guardians/carers this week we were very lucky to have some tortoises in class (along with Mr Hoppy). The children had the chance to weigh and measure the tortoises, with their results being put into a table.  Their homework this week has been sent home on a sheet and they are to answer the addition questions based on their findings. They must use the column addition method they have learnt in school. 

Thank you. 

Mr Hoppy, errr I mean Swede!

A visit from Alfie and his friends!

This half term we have been reading the book, ‘Esio Trot’ by Roald Dahl. It is about a tortoise called Alfie. On Wednesday we were visited by three tortoises, Bolt, Lightning and Sharnatello. We weighed each one and measured them. Here are our photographs from the day!

School Photographs: 17.10.19

The children are to come to school dressed in their uniform tomorrow as the photographer will be here taking individual and family photographs. They can get changed into their PE kit in school. Many thanks!

The Pop Project visited school today! We had great fun singing and dancing! 



English Homework:14.10.19

Your homework today is to find 8 facts about how Welsh people settled in Patagonia. Write your facts neatly in your homework book. Remember to write the date. The LO is Facts about Patagonia. You need to return it on Wednesday, 16th October.

Maths Homework: 11.10.19

Your homework today is to partition numbers and then add them together. This is practising the method we have been doing in class. Please complete your work in your maths homework book, setting out each calculation clearly and neatly.


Please go on Spellodrome and TT Rockstars and read a few pages of your reading book.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

Lost Property

A pair of girl’s navy blue leggings and a pair of white ankle socks with a bow on the side have been left in class 7. 

English Homework: 7.10.19

Your homework today is to continue working on adjectives. Using the homework from last week 'Adjective Alphabet', choose 8 adjectives and write a sentence for each one . Try to write interesting sentences with more than one adjective,

eg The big, heavy parcel was delivered to the wrong house.


Your work needs to be returned by Wednesday, 10th October.smiley

Maths Homework:

Following on from the work done in class this week, double and half the numbers on the sheet. Do two of your own numbers too! Pop the sheet in your book and return it to school on Monday, 7th October.


Please remember to go on Spellodrome and practise the 2 times table. Practise saying it quickly out of order and then doing it backwards, 

eg. 12 divided by 2 = 6,   20 divided by 2 = 10


Have a lovely weekend!smiley

English Homework: 30.9.19

Your homework today is to create an adjective alphabet. Think of an interesting adjective for each letter of the alphabet. If you can think of more for each letter, add those too!

Write your answers on the sheet and return to school on Wednesday, 2nd Oct.

Maths Homework: 27.9.19

Choose either task one or two and try to find as many combinations as possible using either 3 or 4 digits. Try to push yourself so if you have chosen task one, have a go at the first set of numbers on task two. There are quite a few combinations on task two so challenge yourself to find as many as possible. Remember to present your work neatly.


Go on Spellodrome and TT Rockstars as well as reading your book at home.


Have a lovely weekend!smiley


English Homework: 23.9.19

Your homework today is to work on past and present tenses. You can fill the sheet in and glue it into your book. Your work needs to be returned to school by Wednesday, 25th September.


Your new list has been given out today for you to learn this week. Please make sure you go on Spellodrome for a few minutes each day. Remember! This is part of your homework for this week.

PE Days

In order to gain as much time as possible for our PE lessons, the children will come home in their PE kit on a Wednesday. They should come into school on Thursday morning in their PE kit ready for their morning lesson. They will then change into their uniform after the lesson.


English Homework: 16.9.19

Your homework today is about nouns which we have been working on in school. Follow the instructions on the sheet then glue the chart into your homework book. Remember to write the date and underline it. Your homework is due in on Wednesday, 18th September.


Your Spellodrome list is now available for you to learn. Please ensure you go on Spellodrome on a regular basis. This is homework and we will expect you to gain at least 500 points during the week. If you get 1000 points you will receive one merit and over 4000 points will gain you 2 merits. Dots will be given out if you do not complete this homework. DO NOT go on Spellodrome Live ~ just keep playing the games linked to your list.

Maths Homework: 13th September

Your homework today is to practice the place value skills we have been learning in class. Please find these on Mr Swede's class page under the heading Math's homework (click on the calculator). The children can choose whether they feel confident to do section A, AB or ABC.

Remember one digit per box.  


Please cover your book with sticky backed plastic or wrapping paper in order to protect it. Don't worry if you haven't got anything to cover it with yet but try to do it over the next couple of weeks.


Your homework needs to be completed and returned to school on Monday, 16th September.smiley

English Homework: 9.9.19

Your homework today is to write the nouns in the sentences. Please DO NOT write on the sheet. Write the sentences including the nouns into your English homework book.

Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Please cover your book with sticky backed plastic or wrapping paper in order to protect it. Don't worry if you haven't got anything to cover it with yet but try to do it over the next couple of weeks.


Your homework needs to be completed and returned to school on Wednesday, 11th September.smiley

First forest school!!! Collecting nouns.

Friday, September 6th


It has been a super first week back and you are all settling well into the junior routine, da iawn! I know some of you are feeling tired so have a good rest over the weekend and 'recharge your batteries' ready for next week! smiley



P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please, could long hair be tied back and earrings be taken out or covered with plasters (you will need to bring your own) for health and safety, Thank you.



We are continuing to use Spellodrome this year. Your new spelling lists should be ready for you on Monday, 16th September so don't worry about Spellodrome this weekend.  When we start to use it again your login details are glued inside your homework log. Please ensure  you use the programme for 10 minutes each day. You will receive 1 merit for 1000 points and 2 merits for over 4000 points. Remember, this is homework so we will expect you to complete it.


Multiplication tables:

Keep practising your tables each week. Remember to make it fun ~ use TT Rockstars to help you! You will have the opportunity to create a new avatar this year so have fun designing a new one!



Bring  your reading book into school each day with your homework log. Your reading target this half term is to read at home at least 3 times a week. You will receive 1 merit if you have read 3 times during the week and you have had your homework log signed.


Forest School ~ Monday, 9th September

Please come to school in your Forest School clothes (you can stay in them for the whole day). Remember to bring a change of shoes. Bring wellies if you want to but also bring a pair of trainers or shoes for inside the school.


Well done for a great first week! Have a lovely weekend!smiley


Welcome to Year 3!

I hope you have enjoyed your first day in the junior department and the little nervous butterflies you had in your tummy this morning have now flown away! 

I will put lots of information on this page over the next few days so keep looking to see what has been written.



Our PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday so don't forget to bring your kit into school tomorrow (4th).


Have a little read tonight and bring your reading book and reading log into school tomorrow!

Have a lovely evening and I will see you tomorrow!smiley