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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Class 7

Forest Schools observational sketching of trees and flowers.


Today the children designed and made Roman catapults using lollipop sticks and elastic bands. They then went to war firing paper rocks at each other!


In forest schools today we were calculating the perimeter of things on the yard like the 100 square, the area of leaves, and exploring the Fibonacci sequence by looking for trends in the number of petals on flowers and prongs on leaves. 


On arriving at the Dewa museum we were greeted by Jenny our museum tour guide. She told us lots of interesting and 'horrible history ' type facts and showed us around the museum, making it fun.




After dressing as Celts, the children began their chores for the day which included pot and shield making and weaving.
In the afternoon we were building roundhouses and hunting wild animals.


There will be NO forest schools as we are on the Celtic trip on Tuesday.

For Tuesday the children should wear warm, old clothes as they would for forest schools as there are some outdoor activities. They will need a waterproof coat AND old trainers, wellies or boots to change in to. 

They will also need a disposable packed lunch and drink.


Language homework tonight is to write a diary entry for the half term holiday. It could be one detailed and descriptive entry or several smaller entries.


There will be NO forest schools tomorrow 05-02-18.


Language Homework

Research and present information on ONE of the following:

Celtic homes

Celtic food and farming

Celtic clothes and jewellery

Celtic entertainment.

Remember to present your work nicely with headings, pictures, borders and neat handwriting.

Homework is due in on 07-02-18.


Forest Schools 

This week we built miniature roundhouses on the mound to try to recreate a Celtic hill fort. The task was quite tricky and we didn't manage to get roofs on. The children worked hard on their houses and gained a sense of the past.


Maths Homework for this week is to revise times tables on TT Rockstars- x 5, x10, and x3. Thank you.

Happy New Year

Welcome back , I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a well deserved rest. So it's a new year and I am looking forward to all the activities we will be doing.

Language Homework this week  is to kick start Spellodrome again as this is compulsory.

The children will need to complete a 20 minute session and follow up with 5 lots of 5 minute sessions for this week. Thereafter the children should spend 30 minutes a week minimum on Spellodrome and be aiming for 1,000 points.


No homework will be set now until after Christmas. However the children should keep up with their reading and learn the 5 times table. They could also practice their handwriting and cutting skills. Revision could also be done on 2,10 times tables and on their spellings. New lists will be set on Spellodrome after Christmas.

Our DivaIi dance

Our DivaIi dance 1
Our DivaIi dance 2
Our DivaIi dance 3
Our DivaIi dance 4
Our DivaIi dance 5
Our DivaIi dance 6
Our DivaIi dance 7
Our DivaIi dance 8
Our DivaIi dance 9

Shadow investigations led to a puppet theatre performance.

Christmas jumper day.

Party day.


Christmas Fayre.

I am pleased to say that most of our high quality products were sold. The children did a marvellous job in the making stage! Unfortunately we were so busy I didn't take photos. However here are a few of our stall.

30-11-17 Maths Homework 

Tonight's homework is to be completed on the sheet. It is division/sharingand the children must check that the answer is smaller than the start number.

It is due in on Monday 4 December.

27-11-17 Language Homework 

Tonight's homework should be completed in their books and involves punctuating the sentences. It is to be handed in on Wednesday 29-11-17. 

Also have a think about ideas for our Christmas stall!


Maths homework is multiplying by 10/100.Please complete the sheet stuck in your maths homework book.

Please note there is no Forest School tomorrow (monday 27th) Uniform as normal. Thankyou.


As part of our topic on light, it would be helpful if the children could bring in a small labelled torch to keep in their trays for science investigations. Thank you.


Language homework is to complete the word search and copy out the paragraph using punctuation.


17-11-17 Pudsey Day

The children looked smashing in their pjs! They are showing their competition entries.

We all enjoyed Pudsey cakes made by Sophie's nainy, delicious!

We all enjoyed Pudsey cakes made by Sophie's nainy, delicious! 1
We all enjoyed Pudsey cakes made by Sophie's nainy, delicious! 2
We all enjoyed Pudsey cakes made by Sophie's nainy, delicious! 3
We all enjoyed Pudsey cakes made by Sophie's nainy, delicious! 4


Tonights language homework is to write a fact file about barn owls. You could include headings e.g. habitat, diet, appearance etc. and include pictures. It should be written in your own words. Please hand in by Thursday (16-11-17).


English homework

This week's grammar focus is pronouns i.e. he,she,I,you,it,my etc.The children should already have this stuck in their homework books but please let us know if any have been misplaced in transit. Thank you.

Croeso  i Dosbarth 7

Welcome to Class 7

26-10-17 Maths Homework

Please complete the worksheet in your books and practice telling the time using analogue and digital.

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art.

23-10-17 Forest Schools

We are looking at the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy and recreating art in his style with natural materials.Have a look at his work on the internet, its fantastic.If you are out and about over the weekend, please collect twigs, pebbles, leaves, conkers, pine cones or flowers that are lying about to bring into school.

Don't forget the waterproofs, uniform to change, spare shoes and wellies in a plastic bag!Thanks.

Spellodrome through KS2

09-10-17 Forest School 

Could the children bring their wellies to school in a plastic bag,please.

 This is because they have enrichment in the hall first thing.

Many thanks.


There is an exciting science competition available for the children to enter if they would like to.

Details can be found on

Closing date is Friday 6th October.


Language Homework

To confirm, the children are to write a character profile to be included in a story they will be writing in school.

The character has to be a tortoise and they can draw a picture. The profile should include: name, description, likes/dislikes, personality and qualities. They could even have a super power.



There will be no maths homework tonight as the photocopier is broken! Instead could the children please learn the 2 times tables out of order. Thank you.

29-09-17 South America in Class 7. What wonderful costumes!


In forest schools this week the children built shelters, made Autumn leaves pictures and leaf crowns.

Welcome to the juniors. Just a few things that you need to know about being in Year 3.


school bag, a small rucksack or similar to carry books, lunch boxes and pencil case;

P.E. bag drawstring type with P.E. kit and trainers;

pencil case, lead pencils for writing, coloured pencils, small ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener;


P.E. days are on Wednesday and Thursday.

Long hair needs to be tied back, please.

Earrings should be taken out or covered with plasters, thank you.



Language will be given on a Monday and is due in on Wednesday.

Maths is given on a Thursday and is due in on a Monday.

Spellings are given on Fridays.

Times tables are ongoing and we are starting with 2s. The children will need to be able to say them in order, know them out of sequence and know the division facts.

Reading is ongoing and at least 3 times a week, please.


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