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Today Natalie (Mrs. Lacey's daughter) came to school. Natalie is a trained netball coach and is training to be a children’s nurse. In the morning she talked to us about being a nurse and about our bodies. In the afternoon she taught the children some netball passes and they all had a try at scoring a goal. 

4/3/2020 In Forest School today we collected lots of items from the field and sorted them into groups. We discussed whether these items are natural or man made. We also looked at the mud on the field, measured the mud to find out how deep it is and made muddy welly prints on paper.
Yesterday was St.David’s Day and to celebrate at school the children came dressed in the colours of the Welsh flag and we also had a visit from a theatre group that told us 3 Tales From Wales. The children all looked fantastic. they rally enjoyed the plays and listened and participated really well. Da iawn plant 😀.
Today is Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). We tried some Scotch pancakes and some different toppings. We tried honey, syrup, lemon and sugar. We learned the meaning of Lent and heard the story of Jesus In The Wilderness.   
This week in Forest School we collected sticks and stones and we used the sticks as tens and the stones as ones. We made numbers using the sticks and stones. e.g. 31 (3 sticks and 1 stone.) The children were really good. This helped support the work we are doing in maths in class. At the end we had competitions to see who was fastest at making a given number.
Today is Wear Red Day. We are raising money for charities that help children with poorly hearts. All the children in Class 6 look fantastic. Da iawn Dosbarth 6. heartheartheart
4.2.2020      Today we had a visit from Emma (a fire safety officer) who came to talk to us about the dangers of fire, things to do to try to prevent fires from happening and what to do in the event of a fire. She brought in some clothes and a helmet for some children to try on. She talked about the 999 number. The children listened very carefully. Emma told us how important it is to use chargers safely. She said we must always put items to charge on a hard surface and we must NEVER charge them overnight. Mr. Williams did not know this and always puts his mobile on charge overnight. Emma said please, please do not do this. Items should be put on charge for a maximum of 2 hours. Thank you Emma. Mr. Williams has learned an important lesson.


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This week is International Schools' Week and we we all learning about Uganda. We have been finding out about the country, the flag and facts about the animals and the landscape.


In p.e. we have been doing dance. We tried some ballet, then some disco and then some tap dancing and a little bit of break dancing. We looked at a clip from You Tube to watch people in Uganda doing a traditional dance and then we tried to copy .


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Today it was out turn to take Assembly.  It was all about Santes Dwynwen (the patron saint of love. It is her special day tomorrow 25th January.) The children didn't read their lines, they had learned them off by heart and they were amazing. We also sang a Welsh folk song caslled Ar Lan Y Mor. BENDIGEDIG Class 6.

This week we have been listening to  a Bible story about a storm. The children worked outside with Mrs. Parker to act out the story and used instruments to make sounds and music to go with the story.


In P.E. we have been pretending our bodies are made from plasticine and "morphing" into different shapes. It was great fun but hard work and trying to morph a partner was even trickier.


Happy New Year (Blwyddyn Newydd Dda). I hope you had a very good Christmas and very best wishes for 2020. Thank you very much for the gifts Mrs. Parker and I received, they are very much appreciated. 


 This week the children have been busy writing their Christmas news, drawing electrical items (our new topic is Livewires), using the I pads, reading and typing in the E Learning Plaza. We have also been using the Poplet app on  I Pads, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. In Guided Reading this week we read a Welsh book about food. A very busy week 

To all the children in Class 6 and their families:


Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


From Mr. Williams and Mrs. Parker.

19.12.19     Today some children from Hawarden High School choir came to perform to the Year 2 children. They sang some Christmas songs, did some Christmas readings and played some instruments. They were excellent and the Year 2 children listened really well.


This morning we had a visit from M and M Productions who performed "Scrooge." It was EXCELLENT. The children loved the jokes, the singing, the costumes and the scary parts. They also liked it when Mrs. Parker was taken to the front to dance. Well done children for super listening and well done Mrs. Parker for amazing dancing. smiley

13.12.19 What a lovely day. The children performed at The Church of The Holy Spirit. The performance was excellent and Mr. Williams was so proud. The children used loud, clear voices and the singing was beautiful. Thank you very much to parents for making sure the children looked so good in their costumes.


It was also Christmas Jumper Day. WOW!!! Don't be look good.


Today we had our Christmas lunch at school. It was delicious. We also had our last Christmas performance rehearsal at school. We performed to the children and staff in Year 5 and 6 and they were really impressed. 

Today we had a visit from Coverdale Puppets. The puppeteers used the puppets to tell the story of The Nativity. They were fantastic and the children really enjoyed the show and sang along with some songs.

Well we are ready for our school fayre. We have been so busy baking and decorating biscuits, making tree decorations and getting a candy cane game ready. PHEW! We hope lots of people come and buy, buy, buy so we make lots of money. laughlaughlaugh 


29.11.19 Today it was our turn to take assembly. Tomorrow is St. Andrew's Day so our assembly was all about the history of St. Andrew. The children said their words really well, clearly and loudly. At the end we all listened to some bagpipe music and tried some traditional Scottish dancing.
26.11.19    We had a visitor in Year 2 today, Alice. Alice works for the Cats' Protection League. She talked to us about how to look after our pet cats. She told us what they need to eat and drink. She showed us how cats can be microchipped and told us about a little cat she helped rescue when it wasn't being cared for properly. At the end of the session Alice said she was really impressed ho well the children sat and listened.  
22.11.19 We were very lucky at school today. We had special visitors. Key Strings. They are two men who came to talk to us about musical instruments and how they work. They told us about the history of some music and they taught us some new words- timbre and pitch. They played lots of music for us and some children even had a chance to play with them. They were BENDIGEDIG.
Today (20.11.19) in Forest School we have been using natural objects (leaves and twigs) to double and halve. We also wanted to find out if the tallest people have the largest footprints. It was all good fun and a great way to learn. smiley
This week we have been busy doubling and halving numbers. In the corridor we tried to double the spots on a ladybird. The children have been busy making junk models too. We also had our flu shots. Not an injection but a squirt up the nose. It didn't hurt and the children were really brave. 
                             Children In Need 2019

This week we have been thinking about Remembrance day. On Monday we had a two minute silence and Mr. Manford played "The Last Post" on the cornet. We have been writing acrostic poems and have produced a lovely display that not only shows poppies but also helps us to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also had a debate "Should children have to go to school?" Very interesting. smiley Our new topic is called "Locomotion" and we have started a new display, showing things we already know about the topic and things we would like to learn. 


We are also learning how to divide. We have been dividing by 2. We know that if you divide by 2 and there is 1 left over that must be an odd number. We are learning an Odd and Even rhyme. You might want to practise it at home.   

2 4 6 8 zero even numbers you should know.

1 3 5 7 9 these are odd all the time.


Today we had a great day at Techniquest in Wrexham. We did lots of science investigations, found out about the jungle, learned about light and dark, walked through a mirror maze and used different construction kits to build models. You can see how one boy from class has built a model of the Houses Of Parliament. The guides at Techniquest said the children listened really well and answered lots of questions. Da iawn plant, you all get 5 Dojo points. laugh

Today (7.11.19) we had a visit from Food Standards Agency. They put on a play to tell us about the importance of washing our hands properly before eating. They also told us how important it is to clean the area where we prepare food and how we should store foods properly in order to make sure we don't get poorly. The children liked seeing the characters in the play and remembered a lot of information.
Today (6.11.19) in our Forest School session, Mr. Price (Forest School Leader) lit a fire and we all toasted marshmallows. He had a long talk to the children about safety around the fire, how to enter and leave the fire circle safely and how to sit correctly on the log seats and kneel correctly when toasting the marshmallows.the marshmallows were DELICIOUS and Mr. Price was very impressed with how well the children listened and their behaviour near the fire.
As part of our topic "All Creatures Great And Small" Nicky and Kerisa and Maggie the dog from Village vets came to talk to us. Maggie was so  good, she even let all the children listen to her heart beat through a stethoscope and then let some children put bandages on her. 
We are learning some French words and phrases in Year 2. Today we have been learning J'aime (I like) and Je n'aime pas (I don't like). We tasted mango, blueberries, pomegranate and lime and said J'aime or Je n'aime pas.
22.10.19 Today 2 ladies from NSPCC came in to talk to the children about speaking to an adult they trust if someone is hurting them. They talked about adults we trust at school and adults we trust at home. They also told us a very important phone number.  Childline: 0800 1111
This week we are learning to count in 2s 5s and 10s. We went to the amphitheatre and tried to find the numbers tat go in each pattern.
P.E. was great today. We used the apparatus in the hall. We had a talk about safety and then we climbed and jumped safely. We hope you enjoy the action shots. laugh
Today in Forest School we have been building shelters for an animal and using tally charts to collect data about the number plates on the vehicles in the school car park.

Today we had a special visit from "Pop Project." They come to school each year to plat pop music from the past. The children sang along and danced too. The children loved it. When they came out of the hall they said it was GREAT. They loved singing "walking on sunshine."


Today we read a story called "You're Called What?" by Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson. (Thank you Gwyneth for bringing the book to school). The children loved hearing the weird and wonderful names of real creatures. The children asked if we could put the names of these animals on the whiteboard so they can use the internet to find out more about them.


Secretary bird      Cockapoo     Monkeyface Prickleback   Pink fairy Armadillo   


Blue-Footed Booby   Ice Cream Cone Worm   Shovelnose Guitarfish    Blobfish   Winkle 


Bone-Eating Snot Flower Worm    Tasselled Wobbegong     Aha ha wasp     Fried Egg Jellyfish



10.10.19 Today was a special day at school. We dressed in yellow to support "World Mental Health Day."The children looked fantastic. We read a story called "The Huge Bag of Worries" and talked about the things the children in class are worried about.
This week we are looking at money. We have been looking at different coins, sorting them and trying to make amounts in different ways. Outside we have a shop where the children have been playing, using coins to buy items.


Today we had our Harvest Festival. Mr. Slatter came to talk to us about Harvest in Israel. We sang "Cauliflowers Fluffy" to him. The children brought in some foods to share with people in our community who do not have as much food as us. The tables in the atrium were full of food that had been donated. DIOLCH YN FAWR.

2/10/2019   It was Forest School time in Class 6 today. We went outside and warmed up by splashing in the puddles and walking in the mud. Great fun. That's what wellies are made for laugh.

Then we did some bark rubbings and sorted things we found on the yard into natural materials and man made materials. The children were really good at this. Some of the children even found a couple of spiders to look at.

Well done to all the children who scored 1000+ points on Spellodrome this week. Those children all got a dojo.
This week we are learning about measure. We are estimating and then measuring objects in class, using rulers and centimetres. Outside we are measuring short and long items and are using metre rulers and trundle wheels.
We are also looking at pet carriers. Last week each group designed a pet carrier and this week we are making them. We are also carrying out a science investigation to find out which material would be the best to put in the bottom of a pet carrier. We need to know which is the most absorbent. We are using puppy pads, tissue paper and a nappy. The children are trying to predict which will be the best.

Just a few little reminders - 


P.E Days - We have P.E on a Tuesday and a Friday, please make sure P.E kits come into school on a Monday and then they will go home on a Friday.


If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure they are removed on PE days.


Reading books - Reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday, please aim to read with your child every night. Remember, now we are in Year 2 there is a lot more emphasis on comprehension, therefore, your child may be asked to read their book more than once. Please ensure reading books/diaries are in school every day as we hear your child read at different points during the week.


Homework - We will continue our Learning Logs in year two and they  will be sent home on a Friday each week and need to be returned on a Thursday. 


Daily reading is expected and also Spellodrome. In regard to Spellodrome, if your child gets 1000+ points in a week then they will be awarded a DoJo and a MASSIVE smile from Mr. Williams! If they get between 500-999 points they will get a BIG smile. If they get less than 500 points then unfortunately they will lose a DoJo! We are currently setting up the new Spellodrome classes so don't worry, your child cannot complete it just yet!


Forest Schools - Fortnightly - please see school website for timetable, our first session is on Wednesday 18th September! Children can come to school in forest school clothes, please send your child's uniform into school that day in a bag! Please remember a clean pair of shoes too!


As in year 1, the children will have a 'continuous snack' time, this means that they can have their snack during any part of the morning when they would like it. Unless your child has paid to have school fruit this half term, please send them into school each day with a piece of fruit to eat for their snack. Please label all snack containers.


Water bottles - Children will need a water bottle to have in their classrooms, please make sure it has their name on. We will fill them with fresh water each morning and send them home on a Friday. Please return bottles to school the following Monday.


Hot days - please ensure your child is sent to school wearing suncream and that they bring in a hat with their name on! Likewise on colder days a warm coat and hat is recommended!


Clothing - Please could you ensure all clothes are labelled clearly.


This year at Ewloe Green, we are trialling a new cursive handwriting scheme. The document below shows the formation animals we will be using and rhymes that we will use to assist the children to learn and remember the correct letter formation. We will be teaching the children a letter a week in the order of the letters on the document. This half term we will begin by working through the 'ladder' family. 


In our indoor p.e. sessions we are learning to make different animal shapes with our bodies. The shapes are called Happy Cat, Angry Cat, Pike, Crab and Scorpion. The children below are trying some of these shapes.
Today we had a lady from Dogs’ Trust who came to talk to us about how to look after dogs and some rules to think about when we are around dogs. She brought in some props to help us remember. Some children even got to pretend they were dogs.
In our p.e. session today we have been rolling balls. We had a competition to see who could roll a ball the furthest. Can you tell who won? He was able to roll a ball 31 metres. WOW!  We know it was 31 metres because we used a trundle wheel to measure.
The children have made some lovely bookmarks as homework. Today, in assembly they showed them to the rest of the Foundation Phase children. 
This week (week beginning 16th September) we have been doing a comprehension activity about looking after a hamster, we have been writing descriptions of animals, thinking about an animal we would like to have in the world to solve litter and recycling issues and we have been doing self portraits as well as typing up a description of a friend in class, saying why we think that person is special. Our classroom looks lovely, thanks to the hard work of the children and Mrs.Parker, our classroom assistant. 

We are having a really busy week at school. The children have been reading and writing numbers within 100, writing an ending to the story of Mog and the V.E.T, learning the Welsh names for some pets and in Collective Worship we have been talking about memories from Reception and Year 1. They have also been thinking about what makes their friends special and we will be typing these next week. We have also been looking at pictures of skeletons and trying to guess what animal they belong to and been thinking about the class rules. We are also starting some Spellodrome work at school and all the children now have their log in details in the back of their reading logs. The children will be able to use these from next week. smiley


Most of the children have brought back their Learning Logs and have covered them with some fantastic pictures, stickers and photos. Well done Class 6.

We are Class 6. We have settled back into school really well. We are getting used to the new routines and new things to do in our class. This week we have been doing some writing, looking at numbers to 100 and reading some new reading books. Mr. Williams is very pleased with how well we are doing and how clever we are. smiley