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Welcome to Class 5

Just a few little reminders - 


P.E Days - We have P.E on a Tuesday and a Friday, please make sure P.E kits come into school on a Monday and then they will go home on a Friday. If any trainers or P.E kits are needed during the week then please feel free to pop in for them or remind your child to bring them home. 

If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure they are removed on PE days.


Reading books - Reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday, please aim to read with your child every night. Remember, now we are in Year 2 there is a lot more emphasis on comprehension, therefore, your child may be asked to read their book more than once. We will start to send reading books home on Monday 9th September. Please ensure reading books/diaries are in school every day as we hear your child read at different points during the week.


Homework - We will continue our Learning Logs in year two and they  will be sent home on a Friday each week and need to be returned on a Thursday. 

Daily reading is expected and also Spellodrome. In regard to Spellodrome, if your child gets 1000+ points in a week then they will be awarded a DoJo and a MASSIVE smile from Mrs Marten! If they get between 500-999 points they will get a BIG smile. If they get less than 500 DoJos then unfortunately they will lose a DoJo! We are currently setting up the new Spellodrome classes so don't worry, your child cannot complete it just yet!


Forest Schools - Fortnightly - please see school website for timetable, our first session is on Wednesday 18th September! Children can come to school in forest school clothes, please send your child's uniform into school that day in a bag! Please remember a clean pair of shoes too!


As in year 1, the children will have a 'continuous snack' time, this means that they can have their snack during any part of the morning when they would like it. Unless your child has paid to have school fruit this half term, please send them into school each day with a piece of fruit to eat for their snack.. Please label all snack containers.


Water bottles - Children will need a water bottle to have in their classrooms, please make sure it has their name on. We will fill them with fresh water each morning and send them home on a Friday. Please return bottles to school the following Monday.


Hot days - please ensure your child is sent to school wearing suncream and that they bring in a hat with their name on! Likewise on colder days a warm coat and hat is recommended!


Clothing - Please could you ensure all clothes are labelled clearly.


This year at Ewloe Green, we are trialling a new cursive handwriting scheme. The document below shows the formation animals we will be using and rhymes that we will use to assist the children to learn and remember the correct letter formation. We will be teaching the children a letter a week in the order of the letters on the document. This half term we will begin by working through the 'ladder' family. 


Thank you for all your continued support! Please remember to ring, email or catch me at the door with any concern/comment no matter how big or small. 

My email address is -


Mrs Marten



Week beginning 16th March 2020


This week we are becoming more familiar with the story of the Great Fire of London. We have read the story and have researched events too. We have worked on making notes about the most important part of this historical event. We have also thought about the things we would bury in an emergency and thought about what may happen to various materials if buried underground. We have planned an investigation using our discovery dog and made our predictions, giving reasons for our ideas. 


In maths we have been exploring quarters and halves and have designed and made some delicious pizzas! We have talked about how many quarters make a half and how many quarters make a whole. We have explored some online fraction games which you can explore below. 


We have talked about the importance of handwashing and have all been making a huge effort to keep us safe, we appreciate all the support you are giving us with this. 


We have been continuing to explore the story of Holi and have thought about the important roles parents play. We have discussed and wrote about what we would do if we were Mum and Dads! We have explored to story of Holika and Prince Prahlada and have skectched some great pictures of Holika. 


In art we have explored the artist Josie Russell who explores fabric material to create art work based on landmarks around Wales, more pictures to follow. 


In P.E we have been continuing our work on throwing and catching, exploring using various types of balls and bats! We have also been measuring the distances thrown too!

Why not keep fit with your family using the keep fit videos below...

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Star of the Week - Friday 13th March 2020

This week Isaac is our star of the week. Isaac has been trying super hard with his reading both at home and at school. He is a delightful boy and has been a super talk partner this week. Isaac is very thoughtful and helpful towards his friends and his teachers. Thank you for being the super boy you are Isaac!




Week beginning 9th March 2020 - No forest schools this week


This week we are super busy bees with lots of reading, maths and spelling challenges going on! 


We have been completing vertical subtraction sums this week, remembering to line the tens and ones up really carefully and always looking at subtracting ones first!


We have been exploring temperature and reading thermometers, thinking about counting up in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have been reading number Welsh words to 100 and writing matching number figures. 


In language we have continued our work on rhyming words and have been creating some very special surprise poems. We have also been reflecting on our year 2 journey so far, thinking about the parts of school we enjoy most and what we feel we do well in and can improve in. 


We have enjoyed having Natalie in this week. She is training to be a children's nurse and has hold us all about the super powers nurses have! She has also taught us some wonderful netball skills. 




Please remember to explore some of the games below this week.

Star of the Week - 6th March 2020


This week Paige is our star of the week with 16 DoJos. Paige is such a creative little girl and is always making the most wonderful models. She is a great character in our class and always makes us smile.

Paige is very helpful and has the most amazing manners, she is always brightening up our class with her sunny smile when she walks in a room. 

Paige is always so kind and is a lovely friend to have. She reads so much at home and has made amazing progress. Thank you for being a super star Paige!


Week beginning 2nd March 2020 - forest schools on Wednesday


This week we are really starting to think about our new topic of materials. We have been thinking about what we know about materials and about what we want to learn and how we will learn about the things we want to find out. 


We have been continuing our work on poetry and have been spelling words and thinking of our own rhyming words to match. We have also been thinking about instruction writing and have been writing instructions about how to get changed for P.E. We have also been completing our Spellodrome assessment challenges this week.


In numeracy we have been adding two two-digit numbers using column/vertical addition methods. We have also been guessing Mrs Marten’s number by the clues she has given, perhaps play a game similar below. 


We have enjoyed a very special Tales from Wales performance this week, learning all about traditional stories from Wales. Some of us got involved too which was great fun!


In PE we have continued to work on rolling balls and have really enjoyed a variety of rolling games. We have also continued balancing beanbags and balls on bats, thinking about early tennis skills.


We have continued to explore picture cards showing scenarios. We have thought about how we would react and respond to the scenarios which we will use for our assembly on Friday. We have also read the story of the Good Samaritan and thought about how characters in the Bible story reacted and responded. We also continued to create our own prayers, using our five fingers for ideas.


We have loved forest schools this week. We have used mud and natural materials to make our own pancakes - we were not brave enough to taste them! We have also explored perimeter and used PicCollage to record perimeters of outdoor objects!

Jesus You're My Superhero

Star of the Week - 28th February 2020


This week Lyla-Brooke has 19 DoJos! She has been a super kind friend this week, as she always is. Lyla-Brooke is a super helper too and always helps to keep our class and corridor spotless clean and tidy. Lyla-Brooke is super artist and a wonderful little writer who always tries her very best. Lyla-Brooke has a wonderful sense of humour and makes us all giggle. We are so lucky to have her in our class. 

This week we have been having a handwriting and art competition throughout our school! We are pleased to announce that Isabelle won our art prize and Katelyn won our handwriting prize. Da iawn girls!

Week beginning 24th February 2020


This week we have a very important Donaldson Week and have been looking at traditional stories from Wales. Our focus story this week is King March. 


We have been creating acrostic and rhyming poems using the story as an idea and have been drawing what we though King March looked like. We have explored a map of Wales and have been identifying significant places in Wales on a map. 


We have recapped body names in English, Welsh and French and created our own self portraits thinking about how we would look with animal facial parts. 


We have looked at the names of Kings in the Bible and sorted them in alphabetical order. 


We have talked about secrets and discussed the differences between safe secrets and sharing secrets. We have enjoyed the story a Huge Bag of worries and talked about what we can do with our worries. 

We really enjoyed our pancake day in school and ate some delicious pancakes with toppings too! We found out about the different traditions throughout the UK. During P.E we really enjoyed our very own pancake race!







Star of the Week - 14th February 2020


This week Amelia is our star of the week for the second time! Amelia is always such a helpful member of our class and can be relied upon to complete any task perfectly. 

Amelia is always smiling and has gives her all in everything she does. She is such a happy girl who strives to please all around her. 

Thank you Amelia for being such a wonderful girl, enjoy your week off and remember I am super proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too!

Week beginning 10th February 2020 - Forest school week


This week we are super busy bees.

We have been exploring different ways of making two digit numbers, thinking about partitioning numbers into tens and ones, e.g.


40 + 7

30 + 17

20 + 27

10 + 37

0 + 47

We have found all of the possibilities.

We have been recapping counting in 5's to 100 using post it notes independently! 

We have been exploring our role play shop and have been using coins to find amounts. We have been focusing on using multiples of 10's, e.g. 30p+20p+10p = 60p

In Welsh we have been playing bingo and have enjoyed recognising numbers to 20 and saying them ourselves. 

We have been creating 'kindness hearts' thinking about the characteristics of a great friend. We have also created our own Valentine's cards for people who we care about. We have used I love you in Welsh and French...

Je t’aime

Rwy’n dy garu di…

We have been thinking about insulators and conductors and have been choosing things in our classroom to test. We have planned our investigation thinking carefully about what we should change and what we should keep the same. 

In literacy we have been word -mashing too exploring valentine related words and seeing what other words we can create!















We have been on HWB and completed our super reading challenge this week!




Star of the week 7th February 2020 - Emily


This week Emily is our super star of the week! Emily is such a happy girl who is always skipping and smiling. She has tried so very hard to develop her reading this half term and is making amazing progress. Emily is such a kindhearted little girl who helps all her friends and children younger than her. 

Thank you Emily for being the superstar you are, we love having you in class 5!



Week beginning 3rd February 2020 - no forest schools this week


This week we have had a super busy week! We have been discussing fire safety and comparing firefighter uniforms through the years. We have really enjoyed our visit from Emma, the educational officer at the Fire Service who has taught us how to stay super safe! 

We have been using HWB lots and have really impressed Mrs Marten when answering some tricky Maths questions. In numeracy we have also explored the more than and less than symbols <> and have been thinking about larger and smaller numbers. We have also recapped counting in tens and adding multiples of 10 to find a total. 

In science and technology we have been exploring circuits and making predictions whether circuits are complete or not! We have also been sketching circuits using symbols. 

In literacy we have been completing comprehension questions and have been reading and rewriting sentences using careful punctuation and spellings. 

Don't forget we are thinking about the function of our heart this week - please remember to wear red on Friday!


Star of the week 31st January 2020 - Leah

Leah always cares about everyone in our class and she always has a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Leah always listens and follows instructions perfectly, always making wonderful choices. 

Leah always plays nicely with her friends and is brilliant at sharing. Leah has worked really hard on her handwriting this half term and she is becoming a fabulous writer. Leah loves reading too and has made amazing progress in this too!

Leah has also tried so hard in P.E developing some amazing ball skills. 

Thank you Leah for being such an important part of our class, we love having you as part of our team!



Week beginning 27th January 2020 - Forest schools this week!


This week is our international schools week and we are focusing on the continent Africa and the country Uganda. 

We are exploring the time differences between Wales and Uganda and writing the times, focusing on o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past!

We have been reading fact cards about Africa and writing questions based on the facts! We have also been reading questions about Africa and writing answers!

We have explored maps of Africa and have been learning about the compass directions, North, East, South and West. We have been finding countries in Africa beginning with specific letters!

In creative development we have continued to explore the work of the artist Andy Warhol and have been creating some fabulous African animal art work based on his style.We have also used our Welsh words to describe Andy Warhol.











Star of the Week - 24th January 2020


This week Riya is our star of the week for the second time! Riya is simple amazing and is always so kind and helpful to everyone around her. She always works hard when completing her work and is really beginning to push herself now! 
Thank you Riya for being the super girl you are and making us all so happy, you really don't realise what an important member of our class you are and how lucky we are to have you!

Week beginning 20th January 2020 - No forest schools this week


This week we are working super hard with our cursive handwriting and have been retelling the story of Jesus and the storm, sequencing and retelling the story! Children have also been thinking about the questions they wanted to ask Thomas Edison last week and have developed their digital skills by using iPads to find answers to their questions. 


We have been recapping our work on the months of the year in French and in Welsh we have used super Welsh words to create amazing Welsh sentences describing Santes Dwynwen! We have explored co-ordinates when plotting landmarks on a map on Llandwyn Island in Anglesey. 


We have been working on adding 9 and 11 to 2-digit numbers and learning our times tables, focusing on x2, x,5 and x10. We all know how to partition two digit numbers into tens and ones and becoming familiar with partitioning three digit numbers too!


We have really enjoyed exploring electrical circuits this week and have made bulbs light up and buzzers buzz just through exploring. We are also becoming more familar with the words - conductor and insulator this week, 


Star of the Week - 17th January 2020


This week our super star is Katelyn! Katelyn is the most AMAZING helper any teacher could ever ask for! She is always first to offer her helping hands and can always be relied upon to carry out any task perfectly. 

Katelyn is ALWAYS such a kind friend and she always shares. She completes her work so well and always strives to push herself. 

Thank you Katelyn for being simply amazing, we are so lucky to have you in our class!



Week beginning 13th January 2020 - Forest schools on Wednesday

During our work on P.S.E and science children have been developing their literacy skills when writing words and simple sentences to create a staying safe poster.  

We have really enjoyed exploring the Bible story 'Jesus and the Storm'. We listened to the story really well and responded well to questions. We then worked as a team to act out to story and used instruments to add stormy sound effects!

We have been taking about the inventor 'Thomas Edison' and have been thinking about some questions we would ask him if he was alive. We have explored electrical safety around our home and school and created some wonderful posters. 


Children have been developing their data collection skills during our science sessions. Children have identified whether electricity produces light, sound or heat and created a table showing their findings. Children also classified the sources of electricity in a Venn diagram.

In maths we have been continuing our work on place value, partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones and have been adding two two-digit numbers. 

In French we have been learning the months of the year and the weather types - these being our focus until February half term. 

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Star of the week - 10th January 2020


Emma is a very kind friend to everybody

and she has always got a smile on her face! In class she is very funny and she always tidies up so well. Emma always creates super games and makes sure that she involves everyone in them. She completes her work so nicely and always aims so high! We are so lucky to have Emma as part of our class family!


Week beginning 6th January 2020! No Forest Schools this week


Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all of our lovely Christmas gifts. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with quality family time. 

It has been wonderful to hear about all of the Children's wonderful Christmas adventures and all of the wonderful celebrations they have been part of. 

It has been lovely hearing the children develop their speaking and listening skills when talking about their time off school and they have also developed their writing when writing thank you letters and writing about their experiences. 

In maths this week we have been exploring place value and have been partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We have also been finding doubles and halves of larger numbers by doubling and halving tens and ones. 

In P.E we have been thinking about changing shape and have been watching the 1977 Morph clips, changing our body shapes as though we are made of playdough! We have also explored football skills. 

In topic we have started to think about what we know about electricity and have thought about what we want to find out and how we will do so. 

We have really thought about our local environment and the wider World and have been talking and writing about what we can do to make our World a happer place. 

Our Christmas star of the week - 20th December 2020


Our extra special star of the week this week is Jack! Jack is always such a super boy and always follows class rules. He is a complete delight and always has a bright smile on his face. 

Jack is such a kind hearted little boy who always wants to please his teachers and his friends too! 
I am delighted with the super progress Jack has made this term, he always works so enthusiastically and shows that hard work really does pay off!


Week beginning 16th December 2019


This week we are still so busy, busy, busy with our very exciting party day on Tuesday (please remember party clothes)! This week we have been finishing off our work on our entrepreneur week, putting our tally marks into block charts, looking at our most popular items. Once again a HUGE thank you for your support. 

We have also been continuing work on ordinal numbers using Christmas objects and delicious ice cream scoops too! 

We have been exploring the Jewish festival Hannukah, comparing the festival to Christmas. We have enjoyed using nets to create a dreidel and have played the game too, developing our maths skills. 

We have enjoyed the Christian nativity story too, comparing the story to our wonderful performance of Bethlehem B and B. 

We have received our reply from Santa (in Welsh) and have enjoyed reading it and highlighting the words we recognise.

We have really enjoyed our A Christmas Carol pantomime, we had such a fabulous time and really enjoyed singing along!!! 

May we take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have shown us this term. We hope you have a magical Christmas and a very healthy and happy New Year. 

Best wishes, Mrs Marten, Mrs Tariq and Miss Chowdhury

P.S - no homework over Christmas, we would like you to just enjoy quality family time (we know how precious time is)! We will be sending one reading book home and spellodrome will be checked and new words given on Monday 6th January so all we ask is a minimum of 500 spellodrome points over the next three weeks!

A Christmas Carol 1

Still image for this video

A Christmas Carol 2

Still image for this video

A Christmas Carol 3

Still image for this video

Star of the Week 13th December 2019


Well what a champion girl our Charlotte is! Charlotte always gives her best in all she does and she is a delight to have in our class. Charlotte is one of the best ever listeners and she is so kind and caring to all of her friends. She is so helpful to Mrs Marten and Mrs Tariq too! 

Week beginning 9th December


Today we have been super busy writing our Christmas wishes in our handmade Christmas cards, some of us used Welsh and some of us used English. 

We have been on a reindeer hunt in our special winter wonderland. We have found ten of Santa's missing reindeers and wrote the order in which we found them using first, 2nd, third, 4th etc. 

We have explored an ordinal number letter challenge too!

We have performed our super Bethlehem B&B play to our friends, they enjoyed it so much and we hope you will too. 

We have been writing instructions about how to make delicious biscuits - yum yum!

We have been busy writing the letters k, b, m, p and h carefully forming them using our pre-cursive style. We have been busy readers too!

Mrs Marten is absolutely thrilled with the children's performance of Bethlehem B&B! Well done to everyone, you all sang your hearts out and your lines were all so clear!!!





Star of the Week 6th December


Now this is a star Mrs Marten is super proud of. Scarlett is our dojo champion with a massive 13 dojos!

Scarlett is working so hard both at home and at school and is excelling in her learning!

She is an absolute delight to have in our class and is the most caring and thoughtful friend to everyone in our school and class!

Keep up the hard work Scarlett, it is certainly paying off! 

Week beginning 2nd December 2019

We have been thinking about what coins we can use to make 20p and 50p as these are the prices we have decided to sell our exciting entrepreneur Christmas crafts for! We have also been recapping our learning on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's by using coins to help us. 


This week we have been so busy learning our lines for our Christmas performance next week and have been performing it with our friends in year one! 


We have put our Christmas tree up this week and have been making some decorations for it using recycled materials and have been busy using lots of glitter too!


We have been collecting data to find out which of our super ideas is the most popular, our favourite is our exciting pick the golden hoofed reindeer game! 


With Mrs Tariq we have been creating some wonderful posters and flyers advertising our products, we will be bringing them home this week to tempt you with our super crafts.


We have been continuing to think about our delicious biscuit designs and have been thinking about how to make them. We have been talking about measures, e.g grams and millilitres and sequencing pictures and writing our own sentences using our pre cursive writing and time connectives.   





Star of the week - 29th November 2019


Our star of the week this week is Cora! Cora has been awarded 20 massive DoJos and we have all given her a great big clap!

Cora has been super kind to her friends and has very good listening ears. 

She is such a caring friend and always offers to play with children, even if she doesn't really know them!

Cora is a super reader and reads so much at home and school. Her handwriting has really developed too. 

Cora has been super helpful to Mrs Marten this week and always completes her little jobs perfectly! Thank you Cora!



Week beginning 25th November 2019


This week we are beginning to look forward to Christmas! We are beginning to think about our Entrepreneur event next week and have been planning some delicious Christmas biscuits to sell! We have labelled our designs and also wrote sentences about them. 

We have thought about ways to stay safe on the road, what to wear and what to do and created some staying safe posters for our younger friends. 

During Art we have looked carefully at a bike, linked to our work on locomotion and carefully sketched drawings, thinking carefully about adding detail!

We have been super creative and have been creating some magical Christmas displays, pictures soon to follow!

In Maths we have been looking at place value, hundreds, tens and ones (units) and have partitioning two and three digit numbers really well. 



Star of the week 22nd November 2019


This week our fabulous boy is Noah! Noah has worked super hard this week to get 12 massive dojos!

Noah is very helpful around class and he is always so well behaved and has great manners. 

He is great at sharing with us and is a brilliant friend to have as he always make us laugh! Noah is always so polite. Noah plays nicely outside with his friends!

Week beginning 18th November 2019


During our investigation exploring heat making balloons rise, children conducted an experiment exploring balloon movement in boiling water and ice. Children developed their work on capacity, weight and temperature during this activity as they measured using scales, jugs and thermometers. We have enjoyed finding out about the first hot air balloon flight, writing facts about this important part of history and have been answering questions about a text too! 


Whilst making our hot air balloons in D.T, children thought about how many layers of newspapers they would need. Children explored weight and compared weight of the balloon before and after work.


Children developed their handwriting when independently wrote key words in Welsh and English, developing their reading too.  


We have been exploring doubling and halving numbers this week. Children used the provision area resources to show doubling and halving in their learning. Children used SeeSaw to evidence their work. During this maths activity children developed their collaboration work and also their spelling and reading when uploading their work SeeSaw! 


We have also really started to get in the Christmas spirit by learning our Christmas songs for our play 'Bethlehem B&B' and have been learning our lines really well too!


We have absolutely LOVED forest schools this week and have explored making instruments using natural resources. We have also compared the autumnal changes in our school environment. 



Star of the week - 15th November 2019


Isabelle is our star of the week today! She is always trying her very best and is super kind and helpful to all of her friends. 

Isabelle is a great friend because she plays with EVERYONE and she is fun to play with! Isabelle is a delight to have in our class as she always makes us smile, we are always happy when she is around. She thinks of super, creative games to play at playtimes. We really love Isabelle's jokes 

Isabelle is really good at keeping our classroom tidy and is really helpful to Mrs Marten and Mrs Tariq!  

Week beginning 11th November 2019


This week we are continuing our theme of Parliament and we have been debating whether children should HAVE to go to school! Take a look at our videos below to check out our ideas.


We have been thinking about Remembrance Day and have been reading the story 'Remembering - the story of a soldier'. We have created poppy wreathes using our handprints and have been counting in 5's. We have also been creating some wonderful acrostic remembrance poems. We have also created our own medals for soldiers!


In maths we have been looking at halving and dividing by 2 and also recapping our work on counting in 2's. 5's and 10's!


We have explored Sir Isaac Newton and the work he did and have explored colour when making our own Newton wheel. We have explored transport in the past and present and discussed how transport technologies have evolved and developed.


In music we have explored the composer Tchaikovsky and enjoyed 1812 Overture, reflecting on how the music makes us feel!

For statements - All children should HAVE to go to school

Still image for this video

Another super video

Still image for this video

Against statements - All children should not HAVE to go to school

Still image for this video

Another super video!

Still image for this video

Star of the Week - 8th November 2019


This week Leo is our champion boy yet again! Leo is always so well behaved and is such a kind boy! He always completes his homework challenges and is the most amazing listener! Mrs Marten is delighted to hear that Leo isn't just trying really hard at school but at home too!

Thank you Leo for being so wonderful, you really are a credit to your school and family!

Week beginning 4th November - Forest schools on Wednesday but please could we have wellies in school all week!


This week we are really enjoying our Parliament Week and have enjoyed learning all about the story of Guy Fawkes and how he tried to kill King James I!

We have enjoyed exploring the construction of the Houses of Parliament and have also created our own group Big Ben's in our outdoor environment.

In maths this week we have been cracking codes and using our thinking to solve picture and addition problems. We have also been working in our groups and have been solving problems to create bonfire pictures.

We have really developed our writing this week with a real focus on punctuation. We have retold the story of the Gunpowder plot and also created some wanted posters looking for Guy!

We have explored the equipment Guy Fawkes may have used when he was alive and compared equipment which we use today!

We are really looking forward to our visit from the Food Standards agency - please see below for a trailer link! We are also really excited for our Techniquest trip on Friday too!

We have really enjoyed helping Mr Price create a bonfire during forest schools. We enjoyed eating toasted marshmallows too! Yum!


Friday 25th October 2019


Wow - we have had a triple dojo champion kind of day! Today three children have got the same amount of DoJos. Harri, Cora and Leo are all in the lead and they are all so super, we cannot choose one as our champion!


As a class we have made the decision to 'roll over' our DoJo points to our first week back after half term. So let the race commence...

Monday 21st October 2019


What a busy last week!! This week we have been exploring multiplication in maths and have been starting to use the x symbol and the term 'sets of'. We have been using our body parts when exploring multiplication, e.g. three children have two ears, 3 sets of 2 = 6, 3 x 2 = 6.  We have been looking at the x5, x2 and x10 tables, exploring the patterns of same numbers in each tables. We have used the outdoor learning areas to find number cards and build the x tables - x2, x5 and x10. 


In literacy we have been exploring nouns, verbs and adjectives! We have also looked at labelling and have labelled the parts of a dog using words and arrows! We have really enjoyed writing questions to ask our school vet when they visit us for a chat on Thursday!


In topic we are exploring the Hindu festival Diwali and have really enjoyed finding out about how people celebrate Diwali. We have enjoyed making lanterns as part of the festival of light and also followed instructions to make the Diwali treat 'Halwa'. 


In preparation for the change in time next weekend we have been talking about how to stay safe at night and have explored which colours we should wear in the dark to ensure that we can be seen. 

Star of the week 18th October


This week our amazing star of the week award goes to Leo! Leo has a fabulous 13 dojos for working so super hard!

Leo is our star because he tries his very best in all of his work and he is very kind to all of his friends. 

Leo is such a great friend to have because he plays with everyone so nicely and always remembers to listen extra carefully. 

We are so pleased that Leo is part of our fantastic class, thank you Leo for all you do!

Week beginning 14th October - Forest Schools this week


This week we are being so super busy as it is our Digital Competency Framework (DCF) focus week and we are really focusing on using I.T in our learning. We have been logging onto hwb and have been emailing each other, creating branch diagrams and also creating bar charts. Feel free to log on at home too and explore the website in any way you wish! 


We have also been exploring the song 'Four Seasons' by Vivaldi (see below for you tube link). Feel free to listen to this at home and perhaps draw a picture of how the music makes you feel!


We have been sketching real life looking pets this week - thinking about taking our time and really thinking about line and colour, our creations are just super!


In Maths we have been exploring subtraction, thinking about the various words for subtraction (take away, less than, counting back) and we have been using numicon and number lines to help us. 


We have been looking at ways to keep safe online and also talking about the reasons why we keep our personal information private!


On Tuesday we had a special visit from "Pop Project." The children sang along and danced too, especially to the song "walking on sunshine."






Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons Budapest Strings Bela Banfalvi, Conductor You can get the exact album I have here on Amazon: (affiliate). Here are the times for the specific movements: Spring 0:00 Summer 10:31 Autumn 20:59 Winter 32:48 I hope you love this recording! It is my favorite one I've heard yet.

Friday 11th October 2019


This week our super duper star of the week is Jac! Well done Jac, as always you have been amazing this week! Jac is always so kind to his friends and teachers. He has tried really hard with his handwriting and is making fabulous progress. Jac always lights up our classroom and his friend's think that his smile is super special. Jac is very helpful around class and has gained a massive 24 DoJos this week. Jac has been very determined to be our DoJo champion this week - well done Jac, we are all so thrilled for you and count our lucky stars we have you in our class!

Week beginning 7th October 2019


This week we are busy exploring money! We have looked at purses with values on up to £1 and found different ways to find amounts. We have also been linking in our money work with our Welsh work on fruits and have been buying fruits in Welsh and finding out how much they cost altogether! We have also enjoyed handling money in our newly created cafe/shop. 


In language we have been super story writers and have been making up our own stories using our own pets and settings. We have also been looking at character names and have been creating our own character profiles, using adjectives to describe characters. 


We have really been exploring pet care this week and have sorted statements into what we should and shouldn't do! We have also been thinking about how we should keep healthy and happy thinking about what we should eat and our personal hygiene routines.


We have been recapping our work on instruments and have been sorting instruments into sets - percussion, brass, woodwind and string. Our harvest songs have really put us in a happy mood - why not sing them at home using the links below!


We have also been looking at fruits in Welsh and have created our very own word searches this week and have been talking about the fruits we like and dislike in Welsh!


Brush Your Teeth | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Get the Super Simple App for iOS! ► When's it's time to brush your teeth, we have the perfect tooth brushing song for you! Sing along with "Brush Your Teeth" from Super Simple Songs! Listen to Super Simple Songs on Spotify: Listen to Super Simple Songs on Apple Music: Or, just ask your smart speaker to play Super Simple Songs!

Harvest Samba

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Cauliflowers Fluffy | Paintbox | Vegetable | Harvest | Kids Song | Made by Red Cat Reading

You are watching ""Cauliflowers Fluffy"" a super fun colour and vegetable song for teaching harvest, created by Red Cat Reading. Sing, dance and play to kids favourite nursery rhymes!

Star of the week - 4th October 2019


Thomas is our super star of the week this week and Mrs Marten is mega proud of him! He is always such an amazing friend and he shares all of the time. 

Thomas is very helpful around class and he makes us all laugh and smile. He has worked hard to keep our classroom very tidy!

Thomas has the most beautiful handwriting and he is a super little artist! 

Thank you for being such an important part of class 5 Thomas!



Week beginning 30th September 2019


This week we are looking at measure/length! Children have loved exploring the outdoor learning environment and estimated the length of objects. Children talked about whether a ruler, metre stick or trundle wheel were the best things to use to measure. We developed our ICT skills as children then used pic collage to create a learning story of what they measured.

We have really enjoyed developing our French this week, this being an area Mrs Marten is really developing! We have been speaking and writing about pets using... 

J’ai…..   (I have)          

Je voudrais… (I want)

In literacy we have been looking at our super story mountains from Mog and the V-E-T and we have been using these to build our own stories, remembering careful handwriting, punctuation, to use connetives and adjectives and we have really wowed Mrs Marten by using some speech marks too!

In P.E we have been continuing our work on bouncing balls and creating our gymnastic shapes too, perhaps you can show your big and little people at home some of your moves too!

In Science we have been thinking about writing up our investigation, thinking about the materials which would be best used for a pet bed, thinking about absorbency!

We tested -

tin foil


paper towel

puppy pad


Please remember to keep reading your lines for our assembly on Friday! Mrs Marten knows you will be just amazing!!!

Star of the Week 27th September


Congratulations to Imogen who is today's star of the week! This week Imogen has been such a super girl in every way! She has read so much at school and home and has really pushed herself, completing so many super challenges! 

We are so lucky to have you in our class, thank you for being amazing!

Week beginning 23rd September


What a fabulous week (so far)! We have continued to explore the story 'Mog and the V.E.T and have been matching sentences from the story to pictures! We have also organised these story events into beginning, middle and end and have used a story mountain to show structure. We have also enjoyed acting out the story in our nature garden. 


In maths this week we are exploring adding and finding missing numbers to complete a number sentence. We have used numicon to help us. We have linked in French with our data work from last week and have been developing our knowledge of French pets and creating a range of tally and bar charts on our own. 

In topic we have been super busy! We have been thinking about absorbent materials and have been planning an investigation to find out the best material to use for a pet bed! We have also been working hard to plan our design for a pet carrier, thinking about the range of materials we could use.  


In P.E we have been recapping on our Welsh verbs, e.g. jump/neidio when playing our animal games. We have also been recapping our gymnastic shapes. 

Star of the Week - 20th September


Today our star of the week is Amelia!

Amelia is star of the week because she is very helpful. She got 16 DoJos! Cora

Amelia is nice because she shares toys with everyone. Olly

Amelia likes to play with her friends, she is kind and gentle. Emma

Amelia is helpful and always tidies up well. Noah

Amelia always tries her very best and is super at spelling! Harri


Thank you for being such an important part of our class Amelia, you really have sparkled like a star this week!


Week beginning 16th September


We have been super super busy this week! Spellodrome is now ready to rock and roll. Remember as part of your homework you must get 500 points each week - Mrs Marten will check the points on a Monday morning! If you get 1000 points or more you will be awarded with a dojo! Mrs Marten will monitor progress carefully over the next few weeks so may make them trickier if you find them easy!!!


This week we have been focusing on data in maths and have been creating bar, tally and carroll charts/diagrams based on pets. We have also been looking at colours and recapping numbers in French. 

In Welsh we have been thinking about the pets we like and dislike. 

In literacy we have been reading all about how to care for hamsters and have been answering tricky questions about what we have read. We have also been focusing on nouns and adjectives and been describing animals too! This week we are forming the 't' carefully. 

We have been looking at the creation story and have been thinking about how we can make our World more sustainable. We have also been creating our own animals which may help the World we live in. 

In P.E we have been rolling balls between two lines and also to a target, developing our numeracy work when adding scores. 


On Friday we are having the 'Dog's Trust' visit is so have been thinking about the questions we could ask them. Perhaps check out their website below...

Star of the week - 13th September


Congratulations Harri! This week Harri is our star of the week. Harri has worked consistently hard since his first day in year two and has really impressed his teachers! Harri has been really pushing himself in all areas of learning, especially in Welsh and with his handwriting! He has the most amazing manners and has shown such lovely kindness to all around him! Bendigedig Harri, we are so proud to have you as part of our class.

Week beginning 9th September 2019 - no forest schools this week


This week we are really getting to grips with our work on ‘All things Great and Small’. We are really enjoying exploring animal skeletons and using our problem solving skills to solve which skeleton belongs to which animal.

We have continued to think about the rights of both children and adults in our school environment and have created rules posters to ensure that our school is a happy and safe place. We have also been thinking about why we are special and reasons why our friends are too, also completing some fabulous self portraits.

We have explored alphabetical order, matching letter sounds to names.

In maths we have been reading and writing numbers to 100 and we have also ordered numbers up to 100.

In literacy we have been reading and listening to the story ‘Mog and the V.E.T, thinking about different possible endings to the story. We are beginning to explore Spellodrome in school this week and from Monday we will ask you to complete it as part of your homework too.

In Welsh children have been reading Welsh animal names and matching them to pictures.

In French we are learning our numbers to 10 and in Welsh we are learning the days of the week and also recapping dw i n hoffi. 



Star of the week - 6th September


Today our first year two star of the week is Riya! Riya is always such a kind friend and is always so helpful. This week she has really sparkled as she has listened very well at all times and followed instructions so well! She has given 100% in absolutely everything. Thank you and congratulations Riya!

Week beginning 2nd September 2019


Welcome to class 5. Mrs Marten has really been looking forward to calling you 'her class' and finally she can! 

This week we are enjoying getting to know each other and have enjoyed sharing our summer stories together! We have been busy writing our holiday news too, remembering full stops, careful spellings and finger spaces. Mrs Marten has also really enjoyed listening to you read and is so proud that you all know your letter sounds so well!

We have talked about our topic this term 'All creatures great and small' with a focus on pets! We have shared our pet stories and have started to describe pets using adjectives. We have thought about what we already know about pets and also thought about some of the things we want to learn!

In maths we have been exploring the numbers on a number square and have been thinking about the numbers which are 1 more/less and 10 more/less!

Mrs Marten is delighted to see the children forming 'i' so nicely in all areas of learning this week, especially in their Welsh writing!